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Muscular Atrophy/Dystrophy, Allergies, Sleep Apnea, Burping, Sinusitis, Muscular Atrophy

Diana (RS #89 9-7-02) does product and motivational seminars for various cosmetic companies such as Cover Girl, Max Factor, and Olay. She has a 12 year history of chronic back pain and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy two years ago. She consulted neurosurgeons, 2 othopedic surgeons, received cortisone epidurals, and high anti-inflammatories, which were giving her rashes and upset stomach. She went through numerous tests, CT scans, MRI’s, nerve conductions tests, and an electromyography test. She was then sent to the UCLA Neuromuscular department where she was subsequently diagnosed with adult onset muscular dystrophy. They told her that there was no cure and no treatment. They advised her to quit her job because she would most likely be in a wheelchair within a decade. She also suffered from allergies, sleep apnea, burping, and sinusitis. She found Dr. Tong on the internet and was interested in his holistic approach to treating patients. She consulted Dr. Tong and her back pain improved after the very first visit. Now her back is virtually pain free. Her legs, in about 2 weeks, have visual improvement where the muscle has come back in size and strength. She can now go down stairs without using the handrails and she can get out of the car without using her hands to lift herself out. Everything is becoming easier for her to do and her strength is increasing day by day. She is now off all her prescription and over the counter medication (she was taking up to 4 ibuprofen/day 4 times/day). Her allergies and her sinusitis are much improved and her burping has also ceased. Diana also had many emotional problems from the past. She is now emotionally stable and had the opportunity to get these past events out of her system. She is happier, more optimistic, and is following a better diet and can now practice yoga.

Chronic Back Pain, Neck Pain/Degenerative Discs, High Blood Pressure, Fatigue, Depression, Frustration, Stress

George is from Orange County, CA.  George suffered from back chronic back problems for 15 years.  Within the last year, the pain became more chronic. His orthopedic surgeon referred him to physical therapy (PT). He had PT 3x’s/week for 4 months which helped him gain strength and flexibility, but his pain was not alleviated. He tried another physical therapist. The pain was mildly relieved, but got worse over the summer, which caused some frustration and depression. Chiropractics also did little to alleviate his pain. A friend recommended Dr. Tong. After his first treatment, he noticed a big difference in pain. Along with his pain, he also suffered from fatigue, depression, and frustration. Now after treatments with Dr. Tong, he has more strength in his back after work-outs, he is less stiff in the morning, and much more energetic. He is much more motivated, and his depression is also much improved. His frustration also caused his blood pressure to increase. It has now become normal after treatments with Dr. Tong. Changing his diet has also been very helpful. This is all after only 5 treatments.

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