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Difficulty Walking from Injury, Polypharmacy, Depression

(Mary retired) – Formerly worked in retirement home. Witnessed many over medicated people in her work and has been opposed to doctors medicating patients. Her son, 36 years old, has never been vaccinated and he has a clean bill of health. Her daughter, Diane, was in an auto accident 10 years ago, resulting in severe back pain, arthritis, and depression, leaving her disabled for 10 years. She sought conventional medicine initially, which left her with numerous pain medication and anti-depressants. She was on so much medication that she was sleeping 18 hours a day. At one point, she overdosed and was taken to the ER having only a 5% chance of living. She survived and has been trying to get off her medication for some time now. She came to see Dr. Tong 2 weeks ago. After only had 4 txs, she has almost dropped all her medications. She has quit smoking, she is no longer depressed, and her pain is much better. Prior to her treatments with Dr. Tong, she had to use a walker. She hasn’t used the walker since her treatments with Dr. Tong.

Mary took a very hard fall and pulled her groin muscles. She had much difficulty walking. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, she is walking normally. The constant itching from her rash is also slowly improving. Mary attributes her youthful appearance and good health to her avoidance of drugs, her careful diet, and the use of natural remedies.

Severe Knee and Hip Pain, Breast Cancer, Allergies, Fluid Retention, Edema, Hernia, Chronic Cough, Hair Loss, Skin Cancer

(Marie, see RS #54 10-20-01, from Glenwood, CA) – Former school teacher who has been confined to a wheelchair for ten years because of severe knee pain and hip pain. She also has a history of heart attacks for which she has taken heart pills for 10 years, and a history of breast cancer, allergies, fluid retention, a hernia in her stomach, chronic cough with phlegm, hair loss, and skin cancer in her ear. Before seeing Dr. Tong, she could not get up from the treatment table because of the pain in her knee. For 20 years she could not turn over on her back. Her legs became severely bent from lack of use. Conventional doctors practiced the same routine with her for 20 years. The specialists weighed her, took her blood pressure and gave her pills. Now, after receiving treatments from Dr. Tong, she can use her legs and exercise. The swelling in her ankles are gone for which she has to buy smaller sized shoes. She does not get tired or sleepy in the afternoon anymore. Her entire body is no longer edematous or puffy. Her clothes are looser from losing 15 pounds from 5-6 treatments. She has become very sharp, and her itching is completely gone (an improvement seen after 2 treatments). Marie experienced all these improvements despite having only 3 treatments in 2 months because of Medicare limitations.

Severe Inflammation

(Dave, see RS #58 11-17-01, RS #60 12-8-01) Experienced inflammation in his joints for 16 months and has been virtually bedridden during that time. He could not take a shower or baths for one year because of the intense pain in his joints. It was extremely difficult for him to move and wash himself because his arms were so painful. He has now had 6 treatments with Dr. Tong, and his pain has diminished considerably. He can now take a bath, his itching is now disappearing, and the burning in his eyes is also improving. He can now lift his legs up which was very difficult for him in the past making it impossible for him to even put his pants on. The inflammation in his joints is completely gone now and his weight has stabilized at 140 pounds. He is on Dr. Tong’s wellness program of whole food supplements and homeopathic remedies, which is giving him renewed strength and energy.

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