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Stomach Bleeding, Anemia, Hepatitis C, Edema, Esophogeal Reflux, Itching, Gallstones, Vertigo, Diarrhea, Cramps, Difficulty Swallowing

(Barbara, see RS #55 10-27-01, RS #57 11-10-01, RS #64 1-19-02, from Orange County, CA) – Follow-up interview. Suffered from a myriad of problems including bleeding from the stomach, anemia, hepatitis C, edema in the legs, feet, and abdomen, esophageal reflux, itching, gallstones, vertigo, diarrhea, leg, feet, and finger cramps, and difficulty swallowing. On 8/8/01, her hemoglobin (Hb) went down to 2 and she had a 16 pint blood transfusion. It went up to 8.8 but started going down again to 4 by 9/29/01. After treatments with Dr. Tong, her Hb went back up again to 8.7 on 11/10/01. Now her Hb is up to 9.5. The bleeding in her stomach has completely stopped, much to her happiness, as her doctors wanted to take out her stomach and bypass it to her liver by running a tube down her neck. Side effects of this operation include suicidal tendencies and memory loss. Her hepatitis virus has calmed down and she now has no problems swallowing. Her energy level has increased dramatically and she is not as stressed. This is after only 2 months of treatments with Dr. Tong.

Severe Inflammation, Mycoplasma Pneumonia

(Dave, see RS #58 11-17-01, RS #61 12-15-01) Experienced inflammation in his joints for 16 months. He had difficulty getting up, had a stiff neck for 15 months and lost 30 pounds. He went to see a doctor outside of his HMO and test results found that he was positive for Mycoplasma Pneumonia. He had to go through a heart specialists in order to get referred to an infectious disease specialist. His heart specialist diagnosed him with colon cancer after looking at his blood tests despite the fact that he had no symptoms of colon dysfunction and without a biopsy test! He took Vioxx for one month, which has only give him temporary relief of his joint pain. As of 11/17/01, he has had 3 treatments with Dr. Tong. The pain in his joints did not allow him to take a bath for a whole year. Now he can put on his pants, he can move, and his neck is not as stiff. He can now lift his legs in and out of his car. His depression has improved and he started immediately on Dr. Tong’s wellness program with homeopathic remedies and whole food supplements.

Jerry – (from San Diego, CA/ Retired) – Concerned about bioterrorism and is looking for ways to prevent disease from bioterrorist threats.

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