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Severe Knee Injury, Neck Pain

(Larry, see RS #1 9/9/00,#261 9/19/09 PI 8/31/99 from Newport Beach, CA) – This former Wimbledon contender consulted several doctors including orthopedic surgeons who recommended knee replacement surgery for a severe knee injury from tennis. He could not play tennis for a year, went to physical therapy for strengthening exercises, had his knees drained four times (which continued swelling each time), had cortisone injections, and was put on medication, all to no avail. After consulting Dr. Tong, he was back on the tennis court in a matter of weeks. In the past, Dr. Tong also treated Larry for a wrist and neck problem from an auto accident 25 years ago. His wrist bones fused, greatly decreasing mobility and his neck was in constant pain. With Dr. Tong’s treatments, he has gained flexibility in his wrist and has experienced an 85% improvement in his neck pain. Recently, Larry suffered from severe arm pain from tennis, which was 95% improved after one treatment. This allowed him to compete and win in a national tennis tournament in Arizona, something that he would not have been able to do with an injured arm. Dr. Tong has also treated Larry’s whole family with positive results.


Inflammation of the Joints, Mycoplasma Pneumonia

(Dave, see RS #60 12/8/01, RS #61 12/15/01)- Caller – experienced inflammation in his joints. He had difficulty getting up, had a stiff neck for 15 months and lost 30 pounds. He went to see a doctor outside of his HMO and test results found that he was positive for Mycoplasma Pneumonia. He had to go through a heart specialist in order to get referred to an infectious disease specialist. His heart specialist diagnosed him with colon cancer after looking at his blood tests despite the fact that he had no symptoms of colon dysfunction and without a biopsy test. He took Vioxx for one month, which has only give him temporary relief of his joint pain. He will be consulting Dr. Tong next month.


(George, see RS #52 10/6/01, RS #55 10/27/01 from San Diego, CA) – Follow-up interview. George was diagnosed for ten years with emphysema (used to smoke). Consulted 5 different doctors, 4 of which were pulmonary specialists, who told him to learn to live with it because there is no cure for emphysema. Complaints included shortness of breath, chest pain, difficulty in smelling, difficulty in walking, couldn’t lie down without trouble breathing. He also had sleeping problems and had to take oxygen or inhalers to sleep. His energy level also decreased significantly from the disease and his weight dropped from 192 to 168. After his first visit with Dr. Tong, he could walk and breathe better, he could smell what he was breathing, he had no chest pain, and slept for 2 and 1/2 hours without waking up that first night. After his second treatment, he walked all the way down the building without having to catch his breath. He has become a completely new person, with energy, vitality, and his depression has lifted. He has now had 12 treatments with Dr. Tong and he has cut down half of his inhalers for emphysema. He has completely cut off his internal medication. Now George has the energy to exercise on the treadmill and the oximeter reading of his oxygen content has increased from 84% to 92%.

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