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Bowel Problems, Strangulated Hernia

(Agnes from San Gabriel Valley, Retired) – Five years ago, she went in for a physical after joining an HMO. Had blood work done and was told by her doctor that she had to go on antibiotics for a urinary tract infection, even though she had no symptoms. On the eighth day she was on the medication, she became ill and ran a temperature. She started feeling pain in her pelvic area and the doctors found a polyp in her pelvis. She also underwent surgery to have a tumor in her sigmoid colon removed. However, the tumor returned and she had chemotherapy and radiation for two months to have her tumor dissolved. The cancer treatment resulted in severe side effects including bowel problems and a strangulated hernia. She has been listening to Dr. Tong’s radio show since last spring but did not begin treatments with him until recently. Her energy is much improved and the abdominal pain from her surgery is gradually dissipating. She has had 5 treatments with Dr. Tong and her bowels are now normal. She has also noticed that since she has been on Dr. Tong’s wellness program (homeopathic drops and supplements), her skin is much smoother.

Parotid Tumor, Cysts, Abdominal Pain, Eye Inflammation, Hearing Loss, Insomnia, Anxiety, Anger, Skin Irritation

(Chris from Morena Valley) Works in the transportation industry. Felt horrible before he went to see Dr. Tong. He had a parotid tumor on the left side of his face for 4 years, cysts in his head, right abdominal tightness and pain, right eye inflammation, hearing loss on his right side, insomnia, stress, anxiety, anger, tight neck and shoulders, and skin irritation on his penis. He had an MRI done and found that the tumor was benign. However, he still felt terrible. After 2 treatments with Dr. Tong, the pain in his back and neck is much improved. He has more energy now and is more relaxed. His insomnia is better and his eyes have cleared up. The tumor, which was the size of a ping pong ball is also starting to shrink and he now feels like he can get through the week.

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