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Severe Knee and Hip Pain, Heart Attacks, Breast Cancer, Allergies

(Marie, see RS #61 12-15-01, from Glenwood, CA) – Former school teacher who has been confined to a wheelchair for ten years because of severe knee pain and hip pain. She also has a history of heart attacks for which she has taken heart medication for 10 years, and a history of breast cancer, allergies, a hernia in her stomach, chronic cough with phlegm, hair loss, and skin cancer in her ear. Before coming in to see Dr. Tong, she could not walk without her wheelchair or walker. After 4 treatments with Dr. Tong, she has noticed significant improvements in her health. The brown spots on her skin have disappeared, the phlegm in her throat is gone, and waxy deposits in her ear are coming out. For the first time in 10 years, she can walk without her wheelchair and walker around her house. She is now off all her heart medication, her hip pain has disappeared, her throat has cleared up, the itching in her back has been gone since her first treatment, and the swelling in her ankles and arms have decreased. It is also the first time in 20 years that she can now turn over in her bed. She has also noticed weight loss as her clothes are getting looser.

Arthritis, Back Injury

(Claudia, see RS #37 6-9-01, RS #39 6-30-01RS #44 8-4-01 ) Her arthritis has been cured by Dr. Tong, please listen to past shows. She has been off her arthritis medication for 5 months, the Rh factor in her blood is now negative, after positive Rh for 7 years. The nodules and ulnar deviation in her hands are now gone. However, she injured her back two weeks ago from riding on a roller coaster. She went to get a massage, which did not help. She was in severe pain and could not even get up on the treatment table. After one treatment from Dr. Tong, her pain is completely gone. She also experienced stress from the World Trade Center on 9/11. She became unusually impatient with her co-workers and her husband, as well as herself. She felt over sensitive, angry, frustrated, and became depressed and sad from the incident. After a treatment from Dr. Tong, she is feeling emotionally better and is dealing with her stress better. Her depression and anger are gone.

Depression, Anxiety/Fear, Sleeping Difficulty, Anger, Right Knee Pain, Esophageal Reflux, Allergies, Heel Pain

(Joyce from Realto, Ca) – This dental hygienist suffered from depression, anxiety/fear (especially at night), sleeping difficulty, anger, right knee pain, esophageal reflux, allergies, heel pain, and thinking too much. She tried vitamins and herbs, and tried to avoid drugs in the past. However, nothing helped. After Dr. Tong’s treatment, her depression left immediately, and she could sleep through the night without going to the bathroom and she feels rested in the morning. Her sore knees from a pulled tendon has also improved greatly.

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