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Anger, Back Pain, Prostatitis

(Henry from La Habra, CA) – Retired, used to work at telecommunications company, which was a very stressful job. He was short-tempered and housed a lot of anger within him. He was also fearful, because doctors told him that he might have prostate cancer. He has had 4 treatments with Dr. Tong. His anger is lessening and his back pain is gone. Dr. Tong has also been working on his prostatitis. Before he had to get up 2-3 times a night to go to the bathroom, which irritated him, because it was difficult for him to go back to sleep after waking up. Now he rarely gets up during the night. Dr. Tong explains that it is the Kidney energy that controls the reproductive system, bladder, and lower back, providing energy and circulation to the area. By restoring it’s function, Henry’s symptoms are diminishing. At this point Henry’s PSA is 5.4 We will follow-up on his test results later.

Parkinson’s Disease, Indigestion, Constipation, Low Energy, Low Back Pain, Cold Intolerance, Right Arm Bursitis, Fatigue, Depression

(Belen, Henry’s wife) – Diagnosed with Parkinson’s and suffered for the last 6 years from shaking, rigidity, indigestion, constipation, low energy, low back pain, cold intolerance, right arm bursitis, fatigue from standing or walking, hiatal hernia, and depression. In the last five years, her Parkinson’s symptoms have progressed and she did not take any Parkinson’s medication because of severe reactions to the drugs. She was stressed, tired, tense, and was getting progressively stiff. Her tremors, shoulder pain and stiffness were also getting worse. She has had five treatments with Dr. Tong and she feels 90% improvement in her pain. She is more relaxed and can do more chores around the house. She has less anxiety, depression, and she is less cold now. Her indigestion and constipation are much better. She has a lot more energy and still gets tired, but not as bad as before. Dr. Tong explains that every symptom is connected and he is treating her whole body instead of treating each symptom. He feels that science does not need to conduct experimental Parkinson’s procedures such as taking out part of the brain or using drugs that affect dopamine levels in the brain because these are only two aspects of what may be causing the symptoms. Hence treating the whole person is key to curing this disease.

Chronic Fatigue, Pain, Emotional trauma

(Sandra, see RS #29 4-14-01) – from San Diego, flight attendant currently on disability for the last 5 years. After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she was symptom free for two weeks. Dr. Tong has been helping her with chronic fatigue, pain, and emotional issues. Most of her pain is now gone. Her chronic fatigue and emotional issues have been more difficult to treat. Dr. Tong explains that her diet plays an important role in this process. She states how difficult it is to pull together and to eat wholesome healthy foods. The bottom line is that Sandra is looking at her emotional problems now and is paying more attention to her spiritual life and becoming mentally aware of what is happening to her. After the 9/11 World Trade Center tragedy, which hit very close to home for Sandra, she realized that she has gotten a grip on her emotional life. She works for United Airlines and nine people who were on that plane worked in the Los Angeles base that Sandra worked which signifies that she had a chance of being on the flight that hit the WTC if she was working. Even though these events affected her personally, she feels much stronger physically and spiritually. She did not fall into a deep depression that normally would have overcome her, in light of this personal catastrophic event. She has become more prepared for situations in life and she feels her mind is clearer and stronger.

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