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Doris (caller) – Husband has kidney problems and is a candidate for a transplant.  Dr. Tong explains the host vs. graft concept, where human bodies reject foreign objects, and how restoring qi or energy to the kidneys is the key to fixing his problem.  Her friend has been diagnosed with progressive supra nuclear palsy.  Symptoms include degenerative neurological disorder, loss of balance and speech.

High Blood Pressure, Arrhythmia, Diabetes, Thyroid Nodules, Neck, Shoulder, and Knee Pain, Sleep Apnea, Carcinoma, and Depression

(Edith, from Laguna Hills) – This retired housewife has seen Dr. Tong for 2 weeks after complaints of high blood pressure, arrhythmia, seven years of diabetes, thyroid nodules, neck, shoulder, and knee pain for one year, sleep apnea, and carcinoma in the skin, and depression.  She was on insulin for her diabetes, her systolic blood pressure was 220 (on medication), and her blood sugar was over 220 on insulin.  After her first treatment with Dr. Tong, she stopped all her medication and lowered her insulin from 44 units to 25 units.  Her blood sugar dropped to between 120-140 and her blood pressure has stabilized at 130/80-85.  Her knee pain is now gone.

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