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Infection, MS

(Diane, see RS #67 2-9-02, from Orange County) – Speech Pathologist for 25 years.  Her physical health was affected by an underlying infection. Doctors could not treat the infection because they could not find it.  Her temperature was always higher than normal.  Thought she had MS (multiple sclerosis).  Went to a neurologist, endocrinologist, internist, and gynecologist.  She suffered from neck, shoulder, knee pain, chronic fatigue/Epstein Barr, was tired all the time, had dry eyes and her hair was falling out.  Her doctors wrote her prescriptions for Valium, Robaxin (muscle relaxant).  Her nutritionist, a PhD found out she had toxicity in her teeth.  Thereafter, she sought a biologic dentist and had all her dental work replaced.  She improved after her dental work, her eyes seemed better, but she was still very tired and depressed.  Went through a heavy metal detox with her chiropractor.  After a few treatments with Dr. Tong, her energy has increased and her symptoms are much improved.

Dawn (caller) – Her son, 16 years old, has posterior urethra valve obstruction which was undiagnosed and did irreversible damage to his kidneys.  Does not want to put him on dialysis.

Chronic Sinusitis, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Arthritis

(Robert, see RS #48 9-8-01, RS #68 2-23-02)- Diagnosed 3 years ago with chronic sinusitis.  Was prescribed 5-6 antibiotics, nasal sprays and was on his way to getting a 3rd surgery, before his friend Diane (from above) referred him to see Dr. Tong.  He was extremely skeptical, but after the first treatment, his nose was unclogged and he walked out of the office breathing.  He also suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis in his right knee and lower back.  Today he is not taking any medication after Dr. Tong’s treatment.  His blood sugar dropped from 280 to 108, his blood pressure went from 185/105 down to 140/80.  His depression has also been lifted.  He now has a sense of well-being and has control over his health and nutrition.

Stem Cell Research Debate – Dr. Tong talks about the fallacies of stem cell research and why it is not only unethical, but will do nothing to cure diseases.

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