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Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Depression, Anxiety

(Jeanne from Laguna Niguel) – Diagnosed with fibromyalgia, arthritis, depression, and anxiety last year. Consulted regular doctors, alternative doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and psychologists. Prescribed Zoloft for depression, thyroid pills, hormones, pain pills (Flexoril), gradually needed heavier and heavier doses for relief. Less than one month of treatments with Dr. Tong has turned her into a different person. She has increased energy, can garden and clean out the cupboards. She also has no more depression. One treatment also eliminated her palpitations.

Chronic Neck Pain, Asthma, Phlegm, COPD, CTS, Dizziness, Prostate Cancer, Kidney Removed

(Jerry, see RS #20 2-10-01, RS #24 3-10-01)  Jerry is much improved. He is on less medication, has less pain, no dizziness, he is stronger, has better balance, and has gained muscle in his legs. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer in Dec 1999 where his PSA tests were up to 19 and underwent Lupron shots every six months. Side effects from the Lupron discouraged him from continuing this therapy. Now after 3 months of treatments with Dr. Tong, his cancer has remained dormant. His last PSA test was down to a 1. He also recently started learning Tai Chi, which has given him more strength and made him much calmer.


(Claudia, see RS #39 6-30-01, RS #44 8-4-01, RS #54 10-20-01 from Colombia) – Diagnosed with arthritis two years ago. Was on drugs such as Prednisone and Daypro for the pain. She became very tired from the pain and also had cold intolerance. Her first treatment 3 days ago increased her energy greatly, reduced the intensity of her pain, and she is less cold now. She has dropped all her arthritic medication (Celebrex).

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