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Gil (from Huntington Beach, see RS #12 12/9/00 PI 7/13/99 PI 1/28/00)
Feng Shui – Dr. Tong explains the principals of Feng Shui and dispels misconceptions of mysticism and religion associated with the ancient Chinese practice. Three months ago, he and his associate helped Gil with Feng Shui for his business. Gil noticed positive changes in his work after making the necessary changes in his office. His sales increased, he expanded his business by doubling his employees, and he has noticed better working relations with his accountant.

Back Pain – (Derrick, wife Julie, see RS #16 1/13/01, RS #84 8/3/02 still off all her medications for sinusitis) Derrick suffered with back problems from an injury since 1992. Treatments with Dr. Tong have relieved his pain. Feng shui has also helped Derrick and Julie – Julie received a promotion in her job this year, Derrick has been able to cope with problems at his work more smoothly, and their son, who is autistic, is sleeping better and has had better progress in school.

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