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Shoulder Pain, Decreased Range of Motion

(John) Played softball and golf for years, developed excruciating shoulder pain, lost range of motion, could not lift weights, or even comb hair. Went to orthopedic surgeons, sports medicine specialists, took MRI’s, X-rays. Found tendonitis in rotator cuff and was recommended arthroscopic surgery. Declined surgery and lived with pain for 2 years, received occasional cortisone shots which only temporarily relieved pain. After 4 NBE treatments, he had complete range of motion and could lift weights again. Wrist injury from Tae Kwan Do was also improved from NBE therapy. Patient can now sleep deeper and his energy is greatly increased.

Back Injury, Knee Pain, Depression, Endometriosis

(Donnie and Lisa, see RS #26 3/24/01 PI 1/13/00) – Follow-up interview, Donnie suffered from a back injury and knee pain after training for pro football with Oakland Raiders. He declined recommended knee surgery. NBE treatments with Dr. Tong has greatly increased his strength and alleviated his depression from not being able to play football. He can perform squats and leg presses again without pain but increased strength.

Lisa suffered from endometriosis 2 years ago, where she bled for 3 months straight. Underwent six surgeries and was later recommended a hysterectomy, which she refused. NBE treatments have restored her hormone balance and stopped the bleeding. Recently, Dr. Tong treated her for a severe sinus and ear infection that she was battling for 8 weeks with medication. After one NBE treatment, she could breathe 90% clearer, her ears drained, and her sore throat was eliminated.

Feng Shui – Dr. Tong explains the principals of Feng Shui and dispels misconceptions of mysticism and religion associated with the ancient Chinese practice. He and his associate helped Donnie and Lisa with Feng Shui for their new home. The couple has noticed positive changes in their lives such as renewed strength, a new job offer, a greater sense of peace and calm, and better relationship with each other.

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