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Diabetes, Neuropathy, High Blood Pressure, High blood sugar, Plantar Fasciitis

(John from Orange) – John was diagnosed with diabetes 6 years ago and eventually developed neuropathy of the feet.  He also had high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and plantar fasciitis which caused severe pain whenever he walked.  John found no pain relief  after consulting with a podiatrist who gave him cortisone shots and shoe inserts.  The patient then sought treatment from Dr. Tong and reports that there was a profound improvement in his overall energy level after his very first visit.  The pain in his feet was also relieved by 50%.  John has had 2 months of treatments in which consisted of a diet change and stabilization of his blood sugar level.

Allergies, Lupus Rash, Hives

(Bruce from Irvine) – Bruce developed a rash on face all over cheeks and eyelids about 3 weeks ago.  The ER physician ordered blood tests and diagnosed him with lupus.  The patient was prescribed a topical ointment, which did not improve his condition.  After his first treatment with Dr. Tong, Bruce was much more relaxed and even found that his vision had cleared up.  By his 3rd NBE treatment, the rash was almost 100% eliminated.  He recalled going through a similar episode 2 years ago when he received his hepatitis vaccinations.  At the time, the rash took 9 months to heal with conventional medicine.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain

(Jerry from Anaheim Hills) – Jerry has been suffering from chronic neck and back pain for 10 years.  He went through physical therapy and was put on a variety of pain medications, but neither conventional treatment forms seemed to help relieve the pain.  After 3 NBE treatments, Jerry found tremendous alleviation from the pain in his neck and back.

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