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Upper Respiratory Disorders – Asthma, Allergies, Bronchitis, Nasal Polyps

Vil (from San Francisco) – Suffered from 10-15 years of sinus and allergy problems, which became worse in the last two years. He had nasal polyps removed last year, which provided temporary relief. The sinus infections and polyps recurred within 6 months after surgery. His condition also did not respond to herbal or anti-biotic treatment. He came to us from San Francisco before a second scheduled surgery. One NBE treatment completely relieved his sinus congestion and post-nasal drip. The patient continued to feel improvement of his symptoms from this one treatment. He also no longer snores and feels that his polyps are shrinking.

Jessica – (see RS #220 6-7-09 #345 10/5/13 #357 3/15/14) Had 10-15 years of asthma and sinus problems. She also suffered from problems with acne, fungal infections, knee pain from a skiing injury, and low back pain. The first NBE treatment dramatically improved her sinus condition. She has not needed any medication for the past four years and has not had one asthma attack since her initial visit. She has learned to scuba dive and plans to become an instructor.

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