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Gary C. Pt is a fire fighter who herniated a disc in a lifting accident 7 years ago.  He consulted an orthopedic surgeon who treated him with physical therapy, anti-inflammatories, and pain medication.  He was on physical therapy for 5 months and after that was pain free.  The orthopedic surgeon told him to restrict his lifestyle and activities, which he did not, and he subsequently continued to injure his back.  He has had 3 major setbacks with his back with constant low back pain and anything he does exacerbates his pain (sitting, standing, or lifting).  He tried acupuncture and chiropractors, which did little to help him and was basically living on Ibuprofen. Gary came to see Dr Tong.  After the 1st treatment, he was in no pain and no numbness.  He went on to carry his normal lifestyle.  He was able to play golf with only a little pain, but not nearly as much pain as before.  After his 2nd treatment, he virtually had no pain at all.  90% of the pain was gone.  He felt comfortable and felt like he could do anything again.  After the 3rd week, he played 36 holes of golf 2 days in a role and had very little pain without having to stay in bed all day and without any medication.

Patient also had a trigger finger that was stiff and painful.  After the 1st treatment, he had mobility in his finger again.  After 2 days, the stiffness came back, but the mobility was still 50% improved.

Seven years of constant aggravating pain was essentially eliminated with one NBE treatment. The patient was able to compete in a golf tournament after his second NBE treatment.

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