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Rudy. The colon cancer was initially treated with surgery and chemotherapy, which caused the loss of all his teeth, nausea, and a myriad of other symptoms along with a stroke. Both the surgery and chemotherapy only addressed the symptom of the cancer, but not its cause. The untreated factors resulted in the recurrence of the cancer in the lung three years later. The patient absolutely refused to have chemotherapy because of his prior experience.

This patient came to us with chest pain, shortness of breath, and copious amounts of mucus and sputum. All these problems were greatly alleviated within the first two weeks of NBE therapy. His CEA of 28, prior to NBE treatment, dropped to 19, 16, and then to 12. The patient stopped treatment for four weeks due to financial problems. The symptoms of chest pain, coughing with blood, and shortness of breath reappeared. Further NBE treatments again cleared his symptoms. Unfortunately, he was forced into sporadic treatments because his HMO refused to pay for them. His CEA rose to 20. See testimonial by the patient under cancer category of case histories.

Cancer is not an easy disease to treat. This is one of our less difficult cases, partly because of the patient’s active participation in taking nutritional and lifestyle changes. However, this patient cannot afford the nutritional and homeopathic supplements, which would greatly improve the chance of remission for his cancer. It is unfortunate that HMOs and insurance will pay tens of thousands of dollars for harmful and toxic therapies, but not for inexpensive, effective, and alternative therapies.

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