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“During my senior year in college, I suffered a serious knee injury while playing on the school basketball team. I saw many athletic trainers and three orthopedic surgeons for over a year and a half, none of these specialists were able to help me. Because of this injury, I was unable to run, lift weights, or do anything that would cause more problems to my knee. At age 24, and being as active as I am, it was very difficult to just stop doing the things I loved. When I returned home, my mother told me about Dr. Tong. I was hesitant because I had already seen some of the best doctors in the field. After only a few treatments and two months of follow up visits, I’m back on the courts playing basketball again. I am relieved of my pain in my knee and am able to do everything I used to do. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Tong and his staff enough. It’s great to be running again!”

Carl C.

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