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“I had sciatic pain in my leg where it joined my Gluteus Maximus for two years. Being extremely athletic, I was devastated that at 29. I could no longer continue my normal activities. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, and a back specialist and all had expensive tests they suggested. Each had theories, but none offered any relief, and all told me to quit exercising indefinitely. After 6 weeks of treatments with Dr. Tong, I’m back doing aerobics, riding bikes and driving for hours without pain. I consider myself 90% cured, two or three more treatments and I’ll be 100%. I carried the magazine clipping about Dr. Tong and his treatments for over two months, too nervous and pessimistic to call. I write this so that others won’t wait as long. Thank you Dr. Tong!”


Carrie D.

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