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Before Laura was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, she was very active and played many sports since the age of 4.  Her symptoms first started in her late twenties and it escalated to the point where she had 7-8 falls a day. She had to use a wheelchair to get around because she kept falling. She consulted many doctors but all they wanted to do was to prescribe her steroids. Rather than taking steroid medication, Laura came to see us for NBE therapy. After her first NBE treatment, she did not have another fall for over a year.

Laura was also told by her physicians that she was not able to get pregnant due to her thyroid problems.  But after a couple of NBE treatments, she found out the great news that she was finally pregnant at the age of 40. Her physician performed a genetic screening test due to the high-risk pregnancy, and the results came back with her risk factor better than a healthy 26 year old.

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