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C.C.-This 25 year old male suffered a knee injury from basketball. Despite having access to and treatments from professional trainers and physicians because of his work with former Laker Magic Johnson, he was unable to exercise for two years. NBE treatments cured his problem in four weeks.

During my senior year in college, I suffered a serious knee injury while playing on the school basketball team. I saw many athletic trainers and three orthopedic surgeons for my knee. For over a year and a half none of these specialists were able to help me. I am a very active person and because of this injury I was unable to run, lift weights, or do anything active that would cause more problems to my knee. At age 24 and being as active as I am, it was very difficult to just stop doing the things I loved, such as coaching for Magic Johnson at his basketball camps. The pain in my knee was so unbearable that even coaching became virtually impossible.

When I returned home my mother told me about Dr. Tong. I was hesitant to see him because his methods were foreign to me and I had already seen some of the best doctors in the field, but I knew I had nothing to lose and was desperate. I would have done anything to get rid of the pain. I decided to give Dr. Tong a try. After only a few treatments and two months of seeing Dr. Tong, I’m back on the court playing basketball again. I am relieved of my pain and problem in my knee and am able to do anything and everything I used to do. I don’t know how to thank Dr. Tong and his staff enough. It’s great to be running again!



I find Dr. Tong’s kind of treatment very effective.  My mother, after having an operation on her foot, was limping and nothing could help her except acupuncture.  Also, I had a pulled muscle in my back.  After three treatments, I was back to normal again.  I strongly believe in natural healing and recommend Dr. Tong’s treatment to anybody with pain.

Stela V


Note:  Ms. Viorica is the former principal dancer of the National Ballet of Romania.  She was a participant of International Ballet competitions in Moscow and Japan.  She is currently the Artistic Director of Stella Dance Company, a local ballet company in Costa Mesa.


Prajin won a golf competition because of NBE treatments.  For four years, he suffered from depression, fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration due to stress and work.   Conventional treatments were ineffective.  Two months of NBE treatments alleviated his symptoms, enabling him to win the LA-Thai Championship and a free trip to Bangkok.



I am very fortunate to able to relate to you my success with medical treatments by Dr. Yee-Wing Tong.

I first became aware of Dr. Tong about eighteen months ago when I was seriously considering the recommendation by an orthopedic surgeon to have knee replacements so that I could enjoy life without pain. I made an appointment to get a second opinion by an orthopedic surgeon and had my MRI results in my possession for that purpose.

Fortunately, I happened to be talking to a friend and related my depression in not being able to do any type of physical exercise including walking for the past nine months without measurable discomfort due to a knee problem. It was even difficult for me to sleep. I had my knee drained of fluid several times, received cortisone injections, took prescription drugs, and rested. The only change that I encountered was abdominal discomfort due to the medication. My friend shared a medical experience that he had with Dr. Tong and encouraged me to give him a try. Since knee replacement appeared to be my only option for improvement in order to return to a normal physical life free of pain, I decided that a visit to Dr. Tong would be worth my time and I had nothing to lose.

This was a weekend day and early Monday morning I phoned Dr. Tong’s office to schedule an appointment. Dr. Tong was kind enough to see me later the same week. The first appointment took almost half of one day with the questionnaires, education about his form of treatment, and evaluation by Dr. Tong and his staff

After the first visit I actually experienced some relief and anxiously scheduled a follow-up appointment for the next week. Not only did I feel some relief to my knee but I even felt better emotionally. However, I was still guarded and did not want to get my hopes up since I had been in such discomfort for so long. After my next treatment the relief was even more noticeable and I was on “cloud nine” thinking that this treatment might be for real.

On my third visit I thought that I would give Dr. Tong the real test. Since my early twenties (I am now 54) I was in a terrible automobile accident in which I had injuries that kept me hospitalized and in rehabilitation for the best part of one year. One of the injuries that never improved and continued to get worse over the years due to arthritis was in my neck. I suffered with severe headaches and a tremendous amount of discomfort that lead to a twitch or movement with my head to relieve the pain. The best gift that I ever received was going to Dr. Tong to fix my knee but to walk out with a neck that is now improved by 90%.

My wife who was skeptical about the type of treatments that I was receiving from Dr. Tong was so elated with my results that she is even going to him and receiving some benefit for a shoulder problem that an orthopedic surgeon said would probably require surgery.

By Dr. Tong’s treatments I am now able to return to a normal life and even play tennis that I had given up for the last couple of years. I began playing competitive tennis at the age of nine and won a national title when I was eleven. I played collegiate tennis and participated on the international professional circuit in which I traveled around the world and won international titles. The highlight of my career on the pro circuit was participating in the US Open and Wimbledon while reaching the quarter-finals at Wimbledon. That’s enough about my tennis but I wanted you to realize the joy and improved lifestyle that Dr. Tong has returned to me.

Also, an unbelievable “side effect of this non drug treatment is the emotional stability and “good feeling” that has evolved from the treatments. I feel more mentally alert which has enabled me to make better business decisions in my family owned business. I am even in the process of expanding the business to a bigger location and adding employees to improve its capability for successful growth. I feel that I have renewed energy and a clearer mind from the treatments which have given me the confidence to move forward with good decision making.

I don’t attempt to understand the theory or what makes the treatments work, that is up to Dr. Tong. All that I know is that they work and I am enjoying life to the fullest.

Larry C.

Horseback Injury

R.I.-This 25 year old female dancer suffered from back pain due to a horseback riding injury, obtaining little improvement from surgery and three years of physical therapy. The first NBE treatment provided “75%” pain relief. She was cured after three months.

I am a dancer and teacher who suffered from a very bad horseback riding accident several years ago. I have been through surgery, years of physical therapy, medications, etc. I recovered enough from this accident to dance and teach again, but I always had some form of discomfort and was very prone to overuse injuries. During a recent rehearsal period, I developed tendonitis and subsequently sprained my ankle. The orthopedist prescribed an anti-inflammatory, however after a few weeks I was not getting much relief. Some of my students at the ballet studio recommended Dr. Tong, and although I was hesitant, I finally decided to try his treatment. After one treatment from Dr. Tong the tendonitis was almost gone and my ankle felt 75% better. Approximately 4 to 6 sessions later my ankle was completely healed and felt stronger than ever.

Subsequently Dr. Tong treated the constant pain I experienced since my riding accident, and I am now living and dancing virtually pain-free. I still have a few stubborn spots that relapse at times, but after one or two treatments they return to normal. It is a pleasure to finally be able to do what I love without the constant impediment of pain.

Now I go to Dr. Tong for anything and everything. I receive treatments for stress, acne, sinuses, etc. All my treatments continue to be very effective and my original skepticism is replaced with anticipation. I highly recommend Dr. Tong and offer him my most sincere thanks for all his help.

Rachel I.


After a month of dealing with the pain and discomfort of a sciatic nerve injury, a friend of mine suggested that I might try acupuncture with Dr. Tong.  I wasn’t sure at first but my friend was having such great success with his problems, I decided to give it a try.  Am I glad I did!  After the first treatment I was feeling so much better.  I was even able to play golf the next day with no discomfort.  There are so many things Dr. Tong can help you with.  I am anxious to recommend Dr. Tong’s remarkable treatments to one and all.

Tim C.


Five years ago, I severely twisted my neck in a softball game.  The next day I felt excruciating pain in my neck and shoulders.  The muscles in my neck were constantly tight and the nerves were frazzled causing spasms and jerky head movements.

I consulted various medical specialists who prescribed Valium, physical therapy, and neck braces.  I also saw quite a few chiropractors, who adjusted my spine.  All these methods gave me temporary relief, but the pain and stiffness remained.  I missed 14 weeks of work and was facing a life of pain and disability.

I answered Dr. Tong’s ad in the Long Beach Press Telegram.  Dr. Tong and his staff have provided me with expert and friendly medical services.  Almost immediately I noticed the pain starting to decrease.  After a few acupuncture treatments and nerve blocks, my neck has steadily regained its normal flow of movement.   Now I can play softball three times a week and feel like living again.

I am forever grateful to Dr. Tong, Dr. Qi, and their staff for assisting me on the road to recovery.  I highly recommend Dr. Tong to anyone who is experiencing pain or a disability.

Dennis D.


This was my last chance for pain relief before going to a neurosurgeon.   Since I am a doctor myself, I wanted to have the least invasive and most effective treatment.  I am very pleased with the results.

Susan S., M.D.


After seven days of skiing , my right knee became swollen and very painful.  In fact, I limped sometimes when I walked.  I decided to try Dr. Tong’s treatments.  After my first treatment, the pain ceased except when I walked or performed some type of exercise.  After three weeks of treatments, all of the pain and swelling in my knee was gone.  I have resumed my skiing and other forms of exercise with no attendant problems.  I recommend Dr. Tong’s treatments and give my thanks to him and his excellent staff for a prompt recovery.

Frank R.



I came to Dr. Fong at my mother-in law’s (who is a registered nurse) recommendation when my family doctor as out of town. An injury I received while bicycle racing was causing me excruciating pain. After missing work for a few days I really needed help fast. My first treatment from Doctor Tong helped immediately and within a month of treatments I was pain free.
I recommend Dr. Tong and his staff to back pain sufferers and others with pain related problems. He combines modern medicine with Eastern (acupuncture) practices for fantastic results.
Luke S.

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