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Cirrhosis of Liver, Abdominal Pain, Low Back Pain, Diabetes

March 8, 1999

After the first treatment, I was able to take deep breaths.   Breathing was shallow before.  Pain in abdomen where hernia is located has subsided and my stomach is softer.  My wife and daughter immediately noticed a great change in my disposition.  They said I was my old self, “talking,” “smiling,” “joking.”  I usually would wake up in the mornings, shower, eat, then lay back on the couch and fall asleep.  I have not done that.   I have more energy.  I am taking less water pills for my swelling.  When we came home after my first session with Dr. Tong, later that evening our daughter said to me, “How are you feeling?” I turned to her and smiled.  The entire evening when she saw me I was smiling. She finally said, “Are you high? Did the doctors give you drugs? You sure look and act like you’re on drugs!”

March 15, 1999

Before coming to Dr. Tong for treatments, I was taking 2 types of diuretics for the edema.  Now, I have completely stopped one diuretic and I have reduced the dosage of the other diuretic.  I have more energy, and my older daughter noticed my skin coloring.  She said it looks less yellow and more pink in color.   This is my second week without leg cramps and the second week I have not taken Flexirel, a prescription drug to help my leg cramps.

March 17, 1999

I am still able to breathe deep.  I had some swelling in my legs and stomach so I started the Lasix again, but I am still taking less diuretics than before Dr. Tong started treating me.  I continue to have energy that I didn’t have prior to Dr. Tong’s treatments.  I believe I will continue to get better with Dr. Tong’s treatments.  If four treatments have helped me, think of how I can feel over a period of time!  The staff is the greatest.  They are caring, clean, helpful, and they have a great sense of humor!  They listen – I do not feel rushed.  All my questions and worries are answered.

March 22, 1999

Today is treatment #5.  I continue to breathe deeply and with ease.   I am able to get up from a lying/sitting position without hesitation.  My energy continues to improve.  I am not as tired as I was before my first treatment with Dr. Tong.  I am not as cold; my electric blanket is set at 4 now instead of 7 or 8.  My wife says I am like a heater.

Uterine Fibroid, Abdominal Pain, & Arthritis

I started seeing Dr. Tong June of 1992. I started having problems with my body. My leg was having pain where I couldn’t go up or down stairs without being in pain or going to the bathroom when I go up stairs. When I go down stairs I went to the bathroom. My leg was very weak. I was thinking I would need help later going up and down. I try to walk and exercise to make my leg much stronger and get rid of the pain. A friend told me about Dr. Tong and I figured what do I have to lose. When I saw my friend at work and he told me about Dr. Tong I was feeling like my body was falling apart. Short-winded, nerves, and tension headaches. I don’t know exactly what happened to me, but since I was seeing Dr. Tong, everything is so much better. I feel a lot better. I also have so much faith in Dr. Tong that if I could continue my treatment he could solve my problem. I am getting results. I feel the pain every now and then if I move incorrectly, but not as often as before. My head is not aching, hot or cold. A little sore, but not until I touch it.

Betty D.

Abdominal Pain, Asthma, Endometriosis, Back and Shoulder Pain

It’s been many years since I was able to sleep at night without getting up 5 to 15 times with so much pain and pressure on my shoulder back and insides. For once only after two weeks of treatment, the pain has gotten so much better. When I walk for short distances the pain is not so bad on my back, bladder and ovarian. One night I slept until the morning without getting up. That’s a miracle. It was a wonderful feeling and now with all the trouble I’m having. I know there’s hope for me. Thank God for creating natural healers as Dr. Tong and his assistant.

Paula M.

Back, Neck, & Abdominal Pain, Depression, Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When I first came to you, I came for pain in back, neck, chest breathing, abdominal pain, lump in throat pain in kidney area and depression.

I last took a medical class medical care – terminology and body systems and medical front office in 1985. I could not continue with school as I became to ill mentally and physically. I had not been able to function properly since this time. From 85-87 I was having B-12 shot from my other Dr. Dx- Pernicious anemia – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, chest pain, back pain, could not sleep, was afraid to eat so many foods upset me. My first visit to Dr. Tong M.D. was August 23, 1989. Within three weeks of my first visit I had enrolled back at medical school full-time. One school class in the morning and one in the afternoon. My depression gone. One injection only – 1 visit only and my G.I. tract problem – irritable bowel syndrome cleared up and did not bother me again. I had this problem for 15 years. After the accident on 10/11/89 my stomach problem returned. My back pain eased and got better with every visit. My breathing completely improved at the time of accident, and was no longer bothering me. I lost approximately 15 lbs. in weight, swelling in my internal organs abdominal – GI stomach went down. I lost 8 inches in my waist measurement, and I can now wear clothes that fit, prior to this it had been uncomfortable to have anything tight around those organs, because of my sensitivity and not feeling good.

Once Dr. Tong started treating me, with his therapies, diet, exercise, concern I had improved tremendously and I felt that it wouldn’t be too long before I would only be paying him a maintenance call. Before the accident, my back was only bothering me a little in T4 only. Apart from this the only other problem my breast were a little sore. Colitis which comes and goes and Dr. Tong had just started to treat me for this.

Jackie B.

Back and Abdominal Pain, Food Intolerance

Dear Dr. Tong,

I have gone to many doctors over the past nine years trying to get some relief from the constant pain in my lower abdomen and back. This all started after a surgery in 1990. There appears to be a blockage in my intestines and eating causes great pain there.

After your treatment and physical therapy my stomach is softer and free of the “knots” there. The back is better also. The therapy has enabled me to begin eating more foods and not limit myself to a liquid diet.

I hope I can continue the therapy as I know this is only a beginning and it is going to take more time before my body stabilizes so eating and elimination become a normal process again.

Before coming to you, various doctors tried many different pills to try to get my system functioning properly again. Nothing worked. There was still always the pain even when the constipation was helped with a laxative. It is such relief to finally find a doctor who can help me, Dr. Tong. You give me hope for a return to good health. Thank you for caring.


LaVeta S.

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