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This is the second time in a year Dr. Tong has treated my asthma and I have to say I really thank God for him because if I didn’t find a doctor like him, maybe I wouldn’t be around these days. His treatment has given me immediate and lasting relief. It’s unbelievable but it’s true. Just one treatment makes you feel better and able to go back to work.

On December 23, my mother had a swollen left foot. When I came home after a treatment and bought magnetic insoles, I immediately gave them to my mom to try on. She could not walk and was practically crawling out of bed. In less than 30 minutes of wearing the magnetic insoles, she came downstairs and asked what I had given her. She was able to stand up and walk downstairs, and she told me her pain was going away. The following morning, the swelling came down and her pain had decreased. Since then, every time she feels pain on her ankle and foot, she would wear the magnetic insoles. In fact, she wears them to sleep, especially when it is very cold. She sleeps very well with them.

Carmelita F



For the last two years of my life, I’ve spent it at doctors’ offices. I’ve been to every doctor imaginable for pain, acupuncture and herbs, and every sickness imaginable. I went to MDs for my liver, heart, lungs, and especially my throat. None of the doctors could figure out my sickness. All I got was more medication and more scheduled appointments to see if I would get better. With all the medication and help I didn’t get better. The pain would go away for a while, then come back worse than it was before.

I’ve also been in the hospital for over a week. I was hooked up to an IV and all these different machines to keep me alive. As soon as I got out from there I got a little better, then it got even worse and worse, until the point I wanted to commit suicide.

I felt like I had a hairball stuck in my throat. I even tried acupuncture and that didn’t do anything for me. From the coughing it made me weak and tired with headaches. I would never be able to sleep. I would be coughing day and night. I was so desperate I would try everything I could get my hands on, but nothing would seem to work. I soon began to lose a lot of weight and became much skinnier. I was nothing but skin and bones literally. My chest would always feel heavy and my throat would be sore. I would never be able to breathe and talk because I would be so tired.

I felt nothing but pain for the last two years of my life. I soon lost track of life and everything around me. I was being consumed by medications and doctors. I felt like I was dying. I even bought my coffin and a space in the cemetery.

My daughter Nikki was desperate to help me get better. She wanted me to try everything. Soon she found a doctor with a very good healing percentage. It’s not like I haven’t tried anything else before, so I went to Dr. Tong to see what kind of remedy he uses. I saw a lot of people there and everybody told me Dr. Tong is a really good doctor.

I felt better with the very first treatment. I have gone to Dr. Tong for the last four weeks now and he has done more for me than any doctor has in the last two years. I no longer cough constantly, only a little at night. Also, my pains are all gone. I no longer take any medication, only herbs and supplements, which have no side effects.

Besides helping me, he is now a good friend of mine. He treats me with care and compassion. He also helped my husband, who has very high blood pressure and has had strokes in the past. His blood pressure dropped with his first treatment and he now takes 50% less pills. He has not spoken to me for many years since his stroke. Now after a few treatments, he smiles and tells jokes and has more energy. My daughter has chronic sinus problems, itchy eyes, and neck pain. They all got better after their first treatment.

I want to recommend Dr. Tong because he works better than anybody I know. Whoever has tried MD’s, chiropractors, acupuncture, and anything that doesn’t work, I truly recommend Dr. Tong. He can truly cure your pain and sickness.

Marie N.


On July 10, 1992, I came down with a sinus infection. I went to see a doctor, who prescribed an antibiotic, a cough medicine, which also contained something that would allow me to sleep, and a nasal spray. After four weeks of this drug therapy without any improvement, I went to see my first acupuncturist. He prescribed a variety of herbs, which I took for four weeks, but without any results. I went to the hospital at Kaiser by mistake. They gave me Prednisone, antibiotics, an inhaler, and the list goes on. Six weeks later – nothing. By this time, I was starting to wheeze and to not be able to breath. I returned to Kaiser and was given more drugs. This time, they admitted me. I was soon on my twelfth doctor, who after testing me, said I had allergies and prescribed more drugs and medications.

Finally, in May of 1993, I stopped breathing. The paramedics came to my house and revived me. I was admitted to Doctor’s Hospital. When I regained consciousness, I saw IV tubes all over my arm. My body felt like it had been run over by two large army trucks. I was admitted to my room on Friday, May 28, 1994 at 12:15 p.m., and discharged at 7:00 p.m. that Sunday, May 31. I left with a full load of drugs and medications. One week later, I opened my mail and saw the bill from the hospital – over $11,000 for the less than 56 hours I stayed. I thought that the paramedics were going to have to come out to start my heart again.

I then heard about a Dr. Hwang in Garden Grove, who is professor of Chinese Medicine, and went to him. By that point, he was doctor number 17. He said what everyone else had already said, that I had a sinus infection. He treated me with herbs and acupuncture. My case was so serious that he suggested I see a student of his, Dr. Tong. That same night, I saw Dr. Tong on his cable television program, so I went to consult with Dr. Tong one day, bringing along a box of drugs. He just shook his head and said “When I am through with you, you won’t need any of these.”

I started treatments from Dr. Tong on June 30, and of course, I expected to get cured in a couple of visits. I really did not realize how many channels were closed up solid. I would get the acupuncture and then the injections. Unfortunately, acupuncture alone is not enough. It can not do what the injections do. After about ten treatments, I started feeling something I had not felt in two years – life was starting to come back into my body. The sinuses got better and slowly my lungs started improving. Within two months, I was able to reduce all my medications, including the steroids.

Unfolding my problem is going to take time, so I must have patience. As things get better in one area, another problem area shows up. Thank God, Dr. Tong has the tools to handle whatever unfolds. I am so thankful that we have someone that still has compassion for the patient and the knowledge of the human body.


I have been treated at Long Beach Memorial, St. Mary Long Beach Community and more extensively by the V.A. Hospital. I have been to Scripps Clinic in La Jolla. My wife has called 911 several times and once I was on life support for a long time. This being someone who never smoked. After all this experience, I have found the treatment everywhere the same–load the patient with prednisone and send him home.

I went to Dr. Yee-Wing Tong in the latter half of 1993. After 3 weeks I couldn’t believe the results. My breathing completely changed for the better and I was free of phlegm. From 60mg/day of prednisone, I have reduced the intake of this drug to 5mg/day and look forward to stopping it completely.

Douglas B

I was admitted to the hospital in 1984 for asthma. Unable to breathe, I was placed on oxygen, large doses of steroids, and breathing medication. After a week, I was discharged with the steroids and breathing medication. I was still gasping for breath, and had gained over 60 pounds from the steroids.

I called Dr. Tong. After one treatment, I walked out of the office able to breathe without gasping for air. After 4 treatments, I no longer take steroids and breathing medication. I can breathe freely. I owe my life to Dr. Tong.

Gayle V


Due to my 13 year old son’s asthmatic condition, he has been on antibiotics about once or twice a month since he was 3 years old. By age 10, the Amoxicillin no longer was effective and he required Augmentin to get results. He had never had “just” a cold, for it always went into bronchitis or worse.

This began a long, serious search to find alternative methods to help his immune system. I found some things which did help some, but his immunity was still down. When he caught something, it always meant more antibiotics.

As a fifth grader, he got Herpes Simplex I. It settled on his left eye. We didn’t know if he might go blind as the sore spread closer to the retina. Thank the Lord it did not. The ordeal was great even with an ophthalmologist trying his best.

This background is important because it adds to the miraculous results he’s received from Dr. Tong. He first saw Dr. Tong with a recurrent left eye Herpes infection, as well as a full blown case of bronchitis. His chronic rhinitis was also involved. He was a mess. The antibiotics were Zovirex for his eye and Augmentin for the bronchitis, nose spray for the rhinitis, plus using his usual Proventil with the nebulizer.

Dr. Tong convinced me there would be immediate results with this procedure, and if I didn’t see any, then I could fill the prescriptions. This procedure was so different that I was hesitant to let my son go through it.

Everything Dr. Tong promised came about and my son did not take any medications! A miracle! First the nose improved, and with the second appointment, it was clear. Only a chronic rhinitis sufferer can appreciate the relief! He has always breathed through his mouth and has had to retrain himself to close it and let his nose do it’s job.

The eye dramatically improved at first. Then it got worse, but following the second treatment, it steadily improved till clear. YES!! The serious bronchitis vanished without prescription drugs, as well-another first for him!

I will share another wondrous healing. My son awoke with huge blotchy hives all over his body after not feeling well the night before. His throat felt scratchy and mouth swollen. Doctor #1 prescribed benadryl to be followed with cortizone. We saw Dr. Tong before using the benadryl, and the intense red color of the hives began to fadebefore we left the office! His all over body stress seemed to ease as well. By the next treatment, the hives had almost faded away and were gone soon after. He did take the benadryl chewables, but Dr. Tong’s treatments had him feeling better much more quickly than the 10 day prognosis from the other doctor.

I know all this may be hard to believe, but it’s absolutely true. Dr. Tong has found a way to truly help my son and others who have suffered for years in a way that no other doctor has been able to do. Thank you, Dr. Tong!

Delanie C.


Dr. Tong,

I had a scheduled appointment with Dr. Rubin yesterday. It was a follow-up to a visit a week ago in regard to my lung problem.

At the end of the checkup and conversation, he turned back as he started to leave the room, and said – –

“I have never seen anyone improve with treatments the way you have responded to treatments from Dr. Tong.”

Dr. Rubin had been treating me with antibiotics; cough suppressants; some sort of pulmonary machine that involved about a 20-minute treatment to help me to breathe better. But we were just not getting enough response from this after several weeks.

You had wanted to start to work on this problem earlier, but I wouldn’t let you. You had been helping me so much with a severe trigeminal neuralgia problem; had already been interrupted on a couple of visits when my poly peripheral neuropathy problem worsened. By this time though, I knew you were right and the coughing was making my head pain worse.

Thank goodness you are giving me treatments 3 times a week. If I understand correctly, those “painful” injections you give to me have helped & are helping to improve the circulation to the lungs. Then the acupuncture is used by your associates in that field. One of them has been creating a special formula of herbs just for the particular phase of my lung problem at that time. You prescribed antibiotics for another 5 days. The interesting part of that was in the timing of when to take them – approximately one hour after sipping a small cup of the herb mix.

You explained things as we went along. So, if I understand correctly, your injections were to clear the blockage in the channels or pathways to the lungs; thus then and only then could the acupuncture be more effective to help keep it open; enabling the warm herb mixture to do its job to keep the channels open for the antibiotic to get to the area it was prescribed for. My only job in all of this was to follow instructions and rest – rest – rest.

My reward for that was that I was able to attend my only Grandson’s high school graduation on 6/16/94. I had the stamina & strength to enjoy not only the ceremony, but to eat dinner with him and the rest of my family at a lovely restaurant on the water.

I have to thank Dr. Rubin for referring me to you. I had been to neurologists, a physical therapist, and a few other internal doctors for multiple medical problems. Most of the chronic problems I had learned to live with, but then a couple of problems became so painful I couldn’t handle it. I had only known Dr. Rubin for about 8 months, but he had exhausted his ways to help me with those. I knew he was very selective in whom he referred his patients to.

Dr. Rubin is a former Professor of Harbor General – UCLA; he has been published; he has gone into private practice as a Family Practice Physician, specializing in Internal Medicine, Nephrology 8 Hypertension..

When he mentioned my improvement with your treatments, I know he was referring to the whole time he has known me. I had so much pain through last year that he had never had an opportunity to see and talk to the “real me”. Now, I can enjoy my visits with him.

Thank you for your empathy, sense of humor, honesty, but above all – your courage to use your God-given talent and skill with treatments that are not taught in medical school – in conjunction with western medicine.

I need both you and Dr. Rubin. The members of your staff are a reflection of you, and make all of us feel like part of your medical family.


Charlotte R.



I am glad that Dr. Godes called Dr. Tong. I had a severe pinched nerve. I could not walk. I went in on a wheelchair and I walked out after just one treatment by Dr. Tong. Later on, I asked Dr. Tong to also treat my breathing problem. I had metal poisoning from my job. I needed to use oxygen every night for years. After 3 treatments, I no longer need to use oxygen anymore. It is so wonderful. I can now go to the mountains without my oxygen. I highly recommend Dr. Tong for anyone.

Alicia S.


To be more specific, the areas of CFS problems that have most benefited me by Dr. Tong’s treatment are dry eye and mouth and a cough which had persisted for several years. Fibromyalgia, generalized arthritis, sleep disturbances, and sciatic pain. The terrible fatigue has improved to a great degree, and I am functioning at a higher level. I no longer spend much of my time as a “couch potato”. I must add that I have been to Scripps Clinic and been evaluated by three specialist in different areas of expertise as well as many other examinations including two visits to an otolaryngologist and barium swallow, but with no diagnosis or relief from the persistent cough. After treatments from Dr. Tong, the cough has completely disappeared. I have natural ears for the first time in seven years. Dr. Tong diagnosed “dry eye syndrome”. Also dry mouth that had made it necessary for me to carry water at all time is very much improved.

Dorris R.


My menstrual cramps are 75% better, sinus problem is 50% better, constipation is 100% better, back pains are 50% better, and asthma is 75% better. Noticed improvement immediately.

I want to continue treatments because progress towards 100% recovery is within a few months.

Mary S.


April 10, 1992

It’s been many years since I was able to sleep at night without getting up 5 to 15 times with so much pain and pressure on my shoulder back and insides. For once only after two weeks of treatment, the pain has gotten so much better. When I walk for short distances the pain is not so bad on my back, bladder and ovarian. One night I slept until the morning without getting up. That’s a miracle. It was a wonderful feeling and now with all the trouble I’m having. I know there’s hope for me. Thank God for creating natural healers as Dr. Tong and his assistant.

Paula M.


First I would like to stress the point that I have suffered spinal pain starting in my Cervical through the Thoracic and extending to the Lumbar Sacral areas for approximately 35 years, after having been involved in an auto accident that rendered me in a Coma for a period of three and a half weeks.

I have been examined by four Orthopedic Medical Specialist over the many years of pain that I have suffered with related to my unstable spinal condition. Dr. Curtis Spencer of the Sports Medicine Group that is related to Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. Dr. Andrew S. Frankel, M.D. Brandywine Orthopedic Associates, 486 Thomas Way, Suite 110, Exton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Samuel Kim of the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Group, Long Beach, Ca.; and finally the pain management and Orthopedic Department of the Veterans Hospital, Long Beach, Ca.

All of the evaluating Doctors concurred with my symptoms of Chronic Pain that I have endured for such an extended period time. In almost every evaluation of my damaged spinal condition, the consensus was that surgery would only increase my existing pain and compromise further the structural integrity of my already weakened spine. To quote the many examining Doctors, “Mr. LeFevre your spinal problems do not respond well to surgery.”

I have exhausted all the avenues open to me with my spinal problems, Chiropractic, Epidural Injections, physical therapy and trigger point injections administered to me other then by Dr. Tong. The trigger point injections and Epidural injections were performed in the Brandywine Hospital located in Coatesville, Pa. as well as the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. with very little relief, as well as Memorial Hospital, L.B. Hospital.

When I saw Dr. Tong on television and listened to the many Testimonials of his patients I decided to give him a chance. Dr. Tong not only has gotten me out of bed so I can walk a fair distance without my cane, but; he has reduced my Chronic Bronchitis to the point that I no longer need to rely on antibiotics. Dr. Tong’s treatments have helped my severe Crohns Disease of both my small and large intestines remarkably. Dr. Tongs treatments have improved my Meniere’s Disease to the point that it can be controlled by his expert approach to this disabling cycle. His treatments have brought my liver enzyme levels back to normal. But, most of all; he has all but corrected the debilitating stroke that I suffered approximately two years ago.

I am being treated for psychiatric problems at the V.A. Hospital, L.B. Ca. by Dr. Marvin Galinsky. He has stated that he has noticed improvement with my mental state since being treated by Dr. Tong. I realize that I could never again hold gainful employment with all my medical problems, but; Dr. Tong has given me back a quality of life worth living for.


Thomas F. L.


Dr. Tong,

The following is a brief description of Margaret’s condition prior to and during your treatment.

In Nov. 1995 she was diagnosed as having idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, her symptoms being a persistent cough and shortness of breath. She was put on the prescription drug Prednisone and started using supplemental oxygen with the use of a concentrator at home and portable tanks when going out.

With the use of prednisone the cough decreased but continued. The dosage of prednisone was increased and the cough stopped but her weight increased significantly. The cough started again and another drug was substituted, but it caused nausea and loss of appetite. That was discontinued and returned to prednisone.

By May 1998 her coughing increased. She had to urinate 3-4 times per hour. She could not walk more than a few steps without assistance, and had to use oxygen continuously. She developed severe back pain, extremely swollen ankles and feet, and a rash on legs and back. She lost her appetite and could eat very little at mealtime.

In June 1998 she came to you on a wheelchair, continuous nasal oxygen, and began your treatment on the average of 2-3 times a week. Within 3 treatments she no longer needed the use of the oxygen concentrator and portable tanks and was able to walk a little without assistance. After several months she could walk short distances without assistance. After 3-4 months her kidneys and urination was back to normal and her cough almost gone. After 5-6 months her back pain stopped and the rash cleared up. Her ankles and feet were back to normal (no swelling). Her appetite was back to normal. Her weight had dropped.

At present, after almost 8 months under your care, she is doing exceptionally well. She goes for short walks. She is receiving your treatments once every 3 weeks. She uses no prescription drugs, only the food supplements you prescribe. Please pass this information on to Medicare and GEHA. We are concerned about the arbitrary decision of Medicare to limit the number of treatments. If they had made this decisions last June, Margaret would not have recovered. She needs your professional treatment when you see her need.


Hugh S

P.S. In Nov. 1998, we moved from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach to be near you for treatment. (No small expense!)


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