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My list of complaints when I first came in were many. And after talking with Dr. Tong, I realized I had problems that I forgot I had, like breathing, since childhood. But since I always had it, I didn’t realize it was a problem! It was the same with my sinus’ and anxiety. Problems I knew I had but didn’t list were anxiety, difficulty walking freely, pain behind my eyes, poor eyesight, difficulty in retaining what I had just read (poor concentration), extreme exhaustion from exercising, sneezing attacks, cramped toes, and internalizing anger. The reason I didn’t list these is because all the other doctors said, “it’s because you’re getting older”! Well, with these treatments, it seems everything has gotten better- a lot better. Dr. Tong kept stressing that my situation would take longer to heal (cure) and it’s been frustrating that my progress hasn’t been faster. But I realize that now that the progress I’ve made under Dr. Tong’s, Dr. Qi’s, and Pearl’s guidance has been a miracle (not to them I’m sure, but to me). I believe this is my seventh week of treatment and my energy and well-being is the best I can remember in over 20 years. And possibly ever. Since most of these problems have been with me since early childhood, several weeks is fast!

I have been to many doctors, chiropractors, massage therapies, alternative types, counseling, and whatever. But this seems to leave all those people in the dust!

Gil S.


Lately, I am truly feeling better than I have in a long time since I contracted CFS in 1990. I have reached a milestone in what I pray is a recovery from this debilitating illness. I have one man to thank for; he is Yee-Wing Tong, M.D.

Anyone who is healthy cannot know what a horrifying roller coaster ride this illness is. It affected my well being in so many ways, and the pain varied in intensity and moved about almost day to day. Prior to finding Dr. Tong I had been to several specialists, a cardiologist, an orthopedist, a gastroenterologist, an allergist, and an infectious disease specialist. Each ran batteries of tests, costing close to $15,000, none of which produced an impairment which they could address. The infectious specialist ran several tests only to conclude that mine is a textbook CFS case. However, he neither tried to cure the CFS nor reduce the pain so that I could continue to function. The allergy tests were also negative. I had developed severe pains in both hands to the extent that I could no longer write without shaking violently, or could hardly use either hand, or lift things. I sought help from a neurologist, who ran several electro-muscular tests and a MRI scan. Again, those tests were negative. His assessment was that I had developed carpal tunnel syndrome, but did not provide any therapy. Since I was also seeing Dr. Tong at the time, I sought his help. Within two weeks his NBE treatments relieved most of the pain and allowed me to continue my work.

Though I attend CFS workshops, have changed my diet and take nystatin to rid myself of candida, gulp down a variety of herbs and vitamins designed to help repair my immune system, and have adjusted my lifestyle in compliance to CFS demands, I know that Dr. Tong’s treatments are largely responsible for my improvement. I am no longer disoriented, my daily headaches have subsided, my joints no longer ache, my throat is no longer dry and tight, my arrhythmia has fainted to nonexistence, my energy level is up, as are my spirits, and my various muscle pains are diminishing. After living with CFS for nearly 27 months now, I feel human again.

Robert C

I became very ill with the flu, bronchitis, enlarged thyroid, sore throat, and infected sinus. I was diagnosed with Epstein Barr Virus and was told that there was nothing to be done. I was later told that my symptoms suggested CFS: low grade temperature for over 6 months, continual sore throat, extreme exhaustion, swollen glands, and inability to concentrate on work–I could not work half days for 2 weeks. I have had to rest on my lunch break and was unable to resume my exercise program due to extreme fatigue. Even before this episode of illness I have had various spells of illness. I have gone to a chiropractor for over 8 years, I have gone to several medical doctors who took numerous costly tests (heart, lungs, upper and lower G.I.), I have been hospitalized 2 times (pneumonia and ulnar nerve transplant), I have gone to the emergency room 3 times (possibly allergies), and I have been treated by a holistic doctor for 3 years, yet I obtained no relief from any of these. Since going to Dr. Tong, I have had many improvements. My energy level has increased greatly to where I have resumed my exercise program and I no longer need to rest during my clearer period. Many of my body aches have gone. My sinuses are clear and I have had no headaches like before. My concentration has also improved.

Sally B


For the last two years of my life, I’ve spent it at doctors’ offices. I’ve been to every doctor imaginable for pain, acupuncture and herbs, and every sickness imaginable. I went to MDs for my liver, heart, lungs, and especially my throat. None of the doctors could figure out my sickness. All I got was more medication and more scheduled appointments to see if I would get better. With all the medication and help I didn’t get better. The pain would go away for a while, then come back worse than it was before.

        I’ve also been in the hospital for over a week. I was hooked up to an IV and all these different machines to keep me alive. As soon as I got out from there I got a little better, then it got even worse and worse, until the point I wanted to commit suicide.

        I felt like I had a hairball stuck in my throat. I even tried acupuncture and that didn’t do anything for me. From the coughing it made me weak and tired with headaches. I would never be able to sleep. I would be coughing day and night. I was so desperate I would try everything I could get my hands on, but nothing would seem to work. I soon began to lose a lot of weight and became much skinnier. I was nothing but skin and bones literally. My chest would always feel heavy and my throat would be sore. I would never be able to breathe and talk because I would be so tired.

        I felt nothing but pain for the last two years of my life. I soon lost track of life and everything around me. I was being consumed by medications and doctors. I felt like I was dying. I even bought my coffin and a space in the cemetery.

        My daughter Nikki was desperate to help me get better. She wanted me to try everything. Soon she found a doctor with a very good healing percentage. It’s not like I haven’t tried anything else before, so I went to Dr. Tong to see what kind of remedy he uses. I saw a lot of people there and everybody told me Dr. Tong is a really good doctor.

        I felt better with the very first treatment. I have gone to Dr. Tong for the last four weeks now and he has done more for me than any doctor has in the last two years. I no longer cough constantly, only a little at night. Also, my pains are all gone. I no longer take any medication, only herbs and supplements, which have no side effects.

        Besides helping me, he is now a good friend of mine. He treats me with care and compassion. He also helped my husband, who has very high blood pressure and has had strokes in the past. His blood pressure dropped with his first treatment and he now takes 50% less pills. He has not spoken to me for many years since his stroke. Now after a few treatments, he smiles and tells jokes and has more energy. My daughter has chronic sinus problems, itchy eyes, and neck pain. They all got better after their first treatment.

        I want to recommend Dr. Tong because he works better than anybody I know. Whoever has tried MD’s, chiropractors, acupuncture, and anything that doesn’t work, I truly recommend Dr. Tong. He can truly cure your pain and sickness.

Marie N.

I had been to three internists, 2 ENT MD’s, and a chiropractor over a three year period. They told me that I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. There was no cure and I would have to live with it. I was exhausted all the time, had few nights that I slept all night, joint and muscle pain, sore throat, sinus problems, cough and general flu-like symptoms all the time. I went from a full time to a part time job.

After the first visit to Dr. Tong, I had more energy, slept all night, had no depression, no sore throat, or weakness. The flu-like symptoms are entirely gone. I have some sinus problem but it is getting better all of the time. My skin looks much better. I have less wrinkles. My hair has more life and color. I am so grateful to have found Dr. Tong. It is really a miracle. I am working on more exercise and better nutrition. I highly recommend this kind of treatment.

Thelma F


I have received your letter on June 2, 1995, and frankly it surprises me. I have been a customer of Blue Cross for some time. However, it took very little time to decide my treatments are not medically necessary.

I’m seeing Dr. Tong for severe sinus conditions, commonly called chronic fatigue syndrome. Before I started treatment it was difficult to work a full day without feeling very week and tired. My problem was so bad I was considering checking myself into a hospital. As a last resort before I did this, I decided to visit Dr. Tong. Before this time, I have seen several doctors and none was able to help!!!!

Dr. Tong started me on nerve block and triggering point injections. This not only helped me with the pain, it also began to help my symptoms for the first time in my life. His philosophy for treatment may not be in your mainstream of thinking; however, this treatment has began to give me a new lease on life.

Since seeing Dr. Tong my conditions have improved. However, I still need some more help to clean up this condition. I do not want this lack of treatment  to make me vulnerable to future health problems.

I know insurance companies need information to determine benefits. I hope this letter will satisfy that need. Please inform me as soon as possible so as to enable me to continue Dr. Tong’s treatment. If you deprive me of these treatments, I have no choice but to seek hospitalization, legal counsel, and the insurance company will be held liable for all the physical and emotional stress and trauma this denial has caused. I have paid my premium and Blue Cross in turn should fulfill their promise and pay for their coverage they provide.


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

It seems lately, that I am truly feeling better than I have in a long time since I contracted what appears to be Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) a year ago. It feels like I have reached a milestone in what I pray will be a recovery from this debilitating illness. I’d like to thank you for your help.

As we have discussed, others who are healthy cannot begin to know what a terrifying roller coaster ride this illness is. It affects my being-ness in at least six different ways, and the points of pain vary in intensity and move almost day to day. I have been suffering from extreme muscle fatigue and joint pains all over my body. I also have severe headaches along my forehead, brows, scalp, and the area where my spine and skull attach. My spine feels weak and painful. I also have continual cramping in my chest, intestines and the lower stomach region. All the muscles of my legs and arms are so weak and in pain that any physical activity makes them even more sore and weak. I am always tired and often fall asleep at work in the middle of the day. Strangely enough though I can’t fall asleep early and when I do sleep I awake more tired in the morning than when I went to sleep. Prior to finding you I had been to my family doctor, and several other specialists. They ran a battery of blood, urine and stool specimen tests, even allergy tests. The doctors said the tests revealed nothing functional that they could link to my pains and tiredness and suggested I had CFS… but they could not help.

I believe your treatments are responsible for my improved well being. Resultant of two weeks (four treatments) of your nerve block injections and electrical nerve stimulation treatments, I feel much better, have a little more energy, some of the machines has subsided, and do not fall asleep at work. Most importantly, I am able to continue to work. As such, I’d like to continue our sessions. Please communicate with my insurance company asking them to support continued treatments so I can get well. Let me end this by saying THANK YOU for your help.

Brandon C.


I thank God for a meeting of Dr. Tong and my youngest son in Acupuncture Herb class. My son was so impressed with Dr. Tong that he encouraged me to seek treatment with him last summer by giving me a copy of the Dr.’s newsletter.

At the time I belonged to an O.K.. which did not accept Acupuncture anymore, although they had at one time if they were an M.D. I knew Dr. Tong was an M.D. and had called my O.K.. about, and they would not accept. Then I turned 65 this past year and inquired about Medicare’s acceptance and was told it was O.K. I was familiar with acupuncture, but not Dr. Tong’s nerve block. By this time I had become so depressed with pain and medications that friends thought I vas being anti-social. They were concerned, as was my family. I had told my Allergist, who was treating me for environmental allergies and tested me for food allergies, that I thought everyone should die at 65. He thought I was kidding, I’m sure. He was so amazed at the change in me when I visited him after 2 treatments with Dr. Tong that he encouraged me to go on.

In order to get me there my son had driven up from Capistrano, I’m sure he thought I would back out, and taken me himself for the 1st treatment. Up to this time I had been taking various medications for pain and spasms that I really did not feel safe driving at busy times of day, and my activities were very curtailed, except for the essentials of groceries etc. I was very impressed with Dr.’s staff and their efficiency and friendliness. Then when I met Dr. Tong, with his ready smile, I was immediately impressed and at ease. He began by diagnosing a 33 yr. old chronic ailment which I felt was a “pinched nerve” from the removal of a non-malignant breast tumor surgery. It had been diagnosed by our Family Dr. and my GIN as related pain from a hiatal or diaphragmatic hernia, which was found in X-RAY. Dr. Tong injected the area with his NERVE BLOCK, and miraculously the spasms left. At that point I had reached the point of taking antacids which were prescription, but the spasms had persisted, and I had to take medication for that, and for sleeping, and was on a limited diet for the hernia and the food allergies.

At the age of 45 I had undergone an emergency hysterectomy followed by abscess and Vein Stripping, which vas not very successful, had become used to drinking hot water for breakfast and only water with my meals, and was very tired of hospitals.

Then began a syndrome of Neuromas in my left foot, accompanied by inflammation in the neck area following a fall down a stairway and over a few things during which I had suffered a fracture in the left foot. That was diagnosed as hairline. Then came the cortisone injections and medication and exercises in the shower–I finally got into the Jacuzzi and steam bit with the chronic pain persisting. That is when I went to a chiropractor whose treatment was long and drawn out because it resulted in irritating the hernia and pinched nerve and I was put on his “stretching machine”.

Then it was back to the Family Dr. for a diagnosis of the Neuronal in the left foot and referral to a Foot orthopedic Surgeon, the cortisone try again, and finally more surgery, followed by Staph infections for a year, crutches, and back to the arthritis syndrome, along with irritation of the stomach. I just did not realize the pain connected with foot surgery, but I could walk again and do some gardening and drive. Then came another neuroma for which the cortisone was not tried again, but the podiatrist that I went to made a special insert for my shoe with a metatarsal support built in. It finally came to more surgery because the pain was unbearable–this time in his office with local anesthesia. This was much easier, but still the after effect of being off my feet or on crutches led back to the arthritis syndrome, Physical Therapy, Jacuzzi, until my GIN said that I had High Blood Pressure and couldn’t use the Jacuzzi; at which time I went back to the hydrocolater which you boil and use for a warm wrap –by this time my back was irritated from the showers.

Through an accidental treatment of what I thought might be a callous on the bottom of the same left foot, I brought it to Dr. Tong’s attention while he was treating me for my other “problems”. It appears to be another Neuroma, and Dr. Tong and I both agree–“No more surgery” Dr. Tong says “I will be dancing again–just to be able to not go through that whole surgery, P.T. arthritis syndrome again makes me think of dancing. All this thanks also to his Herb “pills”, I have been off of the heavy pain and stomach medications occasionally Tylenol or Ascriptin, sleeping much better, have a better diet etc — still taking my Estrogen and my favorite vitamins. and, you believe that I am typing this myself, all due, I’m sure to the Dr.’s NERVE BLOCK, and his excellent acupuncturist—Dr. Qi.

I still know there were a lot of prayers which led me this way, so God Bless YOU, DR. TONG, MEDICARE, AND MY YOUNGEST SON for making this all possible.

Evelyn I.


Dr. Tong,

I am sending some information to you about the Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Conference in Albany, New York.  I am hoping you might find the time to come, as I feel you would have a great deal to contribute to the conference.

After I was treated by you, I felt like a different person.  I hope you can treat me in Albany.  If not, I will be back to see you as soon as I can.

I sincerely hope you will make this conference!  God bless you for your good work!



In May of 1983, I came down with a strange illness.  One day I was in tremendous physical and mental health–strong as a bull–and the next morning I was so weak I couldn’t function at all.  The symptoms were migraine headaches, numbness of the head, severe dizziness, photophobia, nausea, vomiting, memory loss, lack of concentration, a sense of not knowing where I was , severe pain throughout my body, fainting spells, severe anxiety attacks, severe fatigue, and then depression came along.

I had seen a total of 24 doctors, from family doctors to ENT doctors, neurological doctors, gastroentological doctors, the UCLA Pain Clinic, and psychological doctors.   Not one of them could diagnose this ailment.  There were 5 doctors who believed it was a psychological problem, but I knew otherwise.  In nine years I had 10 surgery procedures which didn’t seem to help.

In 1986, I saw one ENT doctor who also thought it was a psychological problem.   After five unsuccessful left sinus surgeries, the doctor who performed the surgeries wanted me to see the ENT doctor I had seen in 1986.  I agreed to see him once again, and he diagnosed me with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and severe Fibromyalgia.   I believed this doctor would not have diagnosed CFS if he did not come down with it himself.  In October of 1991 I was invited to a support group meeting in Los Angeles.   On this “godsend” day Dr. Yee Wing Tong was lecturing on CFS.  After the lecture I talked to him and to some of the people who he had treated for this strange illness.  They encouraged me to make an appointment.  I decided to give Dr. Tong a try.  His healing process was relatively slow in the beginning, but a few months later, I saw much improvement of my whole being physically, mentally, and spiritually.   I truly believe that I will beat this disease with Dr. Tong’s treatments in time.   In my previous blood workup, CBC, and other tests, my white blood count was dangerously low–so low that it was then diagnosed as the benign form of lymphoma.   The last test’s white blood count was in the normal range with no diagnosis of lymphoma.  Without Dr. Tong’s treatments I would be spending a lot of my day in bed being like a vegetable, so tired and very sick.

I thank the Lord for sending me to that support group meeting.  May God continue to bless Dr. Tong and his wonderful staff.  His work must continue.

Michael C.


To be more specific, the areas of CFS problems that have most benefited me by Dr. Tong’s treatment are dry eye and mouth and a cough which had persisted for several years. Fibromyalgia, generalized arthritis, sleep disturbances, and sciatic pain. The terrible fatigue has improved to a great degree, and I am functioning at a higher level. I no longer spend much of my time as a “couch potato”. I must add that I have been to Scripps Clinic and been evaluated by three specialist in different areas of expertise as well as many other examinations including two visits to an otolaryngologist and barium swallow, but with no diagnosis or relief from the persistent cough. After treatments from Dr. Tong, the cough has completely disappearedI have natural ears for the first time in seven years. Dr. Tong diagnosed “dry eye syndrome”. Also dry mouth that had made it necessary for me to carry water at all time is very much improved.

Dorris R.


I have been suffering from Chronic Fatigue/Fibromyalgia for over 18 months.  I have seen an army of Doctors and have been given a multitude of prescription drugs all of which have been totally useless.  The first Doctors I saw told me I had nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my mind, but they still gave me muscle relaxant tablets and Ibuprofen to relieve my symptoms, which they did not.

I finally heard about Dr. Tong and decided to see him.  I have had 5 visits to date with Dr. Tong and I am getting stronger by the day.  It is a wonderful feeling to get back to life as it should be lived, without pain, and I feel confident in Dr. Tong’s ability to totally cure me of this painful and debilitating disease.

Dr. Tong’s use of pain blockers, acupuncture, and herbal remedies are much more effective than regular western medical practices that are currently being inflicted on patients.

I am also grateful to Dr. Tong for introducing me to biomagnetic products.   These products have given me a great deal of relief and strength.  I have also been suffering from Tendonitis.  I love to play golf but the last couple of times I played the pain was too great to continue, and I would feel very drained of energy after a round.  Then Dr. Tong introduced me to the magnetic products.  I use the magnetic insoles and also insert the small round magnet under an elbow pad and I don’t have any energy or pain problems. The last time I played golf with my brother-in-law.   He suffers from arthritis in his left hand. I gave him a small rectangular magnet, he placed it inside his golf glove and played with a lot more ease without any stiffness and pain.

Again I wish to thank Dr. Tong and his very capable and caring staff for their help and support in helping me overcome this painful obstacle in my life, and would whole-heartedly recommend anyone suffering from pain to see Dr. Tong as quickly as possible.

Charlie W.


I have been coming to you off and on since 1991 and each and every time you have been able to reduce my pain and cure my problem.

In 1991, I came to you after seeing a chiropractor for three months for a pinched sciatic nerve. I was going three times a week for electric stimulation and adjustments, neither of which helped. My husband finally suggested that I see you because you had done so much to relieve his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After just three visits, I was able to stand up straight, and my pain was greatly reduced. It took another seven visits before the pain was all gone, and I was able to fulfill my dream to travel across the US on a motorcycle with my husband.

In 1993, I returned to you with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This time I did not even bother to go see a neurologist. The repetitive motion as a manicurist, along with being very depressed about my job, contributed to the problem. Your treatments helped reduce my pain and surprisingly also lifted my depression. It took four visits before the numbness and shooting pains began to rescind. After that it was a matter of several visits and one month off work before I had full control and no more pain. What was so great was that I did not need surgery or drugs to deal with this problem.

In January of 1995, I was in “full blown” menopause. I had hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and bouts of the blues. I was irritable, had memory loss, sleeplessness, and vaginal dryness. The skin on my face became dry and, at the age of 42, I had pimples and a facial rash. My gynecologist put me on estrogen and progesterone. I decided to go see you. You said that the hormones were not good for me because they cause the female organs to shrivel up and die. For the first month I took the hormones while being treated by you. I was afraid to go off them because of the relief they had given me. You reminded me of all the good you had done for me and that I had to trust you. So in the second month, I terminated the hormones. I was pleased that none of my symptoms had returned and my menstrual cycle had begun again. The third month I further reduced your treatments. Still, none of my symptoms have returned and I am still menstruating on my own. I am now in my fourth month and down to one treatment a week. I feel great and I am very pleased that I am in control of my body. I did go back for a three month review with my gynecologist and told him what had been happening. You can believe his response.

Tina C.


Prajin won a golf competition because of NBE treatments.  For four years, he suffered from depression, fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration due to stress and work.   Conventional treatments were ineffective.  Two months of NBE treatments alleviated his symptoms, enabling him to win the LA-Thai Championship and a free trip to Bangkok.


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