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My story is now becoming all too familiar. Years of back abuse from car accidents, falls, having three kids and lifting too much for too long had led to chronic lower back pain.

One year ago, I was knocked down by a guest at the hotel where I was manager, and the pain increased tremendously. Now it never went away with spasms so severe that caused me to actually yell out. I required large amounts of pain medication just to get to work and finally took a medical leave. I had lost hope and the thought of ending my life started to surface.

I had good insurance that allowed me to see an orthosurgeon, a neurosurgeon, a psychologist, psychiatrist, two chiropractors, a faith healer, a herbologist and had an entire church praying for me. I was completely falling apart.

Then came Dr. Tong and after my first visit the improvement was dramatic. After the second I stopped taking three pain relievers and two ant-depressants with absolutely no withdrawal symptoms. After one month I was excitedly looking for a job.

However, due to insurance problems, I was unable to see the doctor for six weeks. Unfortunately, the pain returned and so did the medication. My spirits went into a tailspin and those horrible thoughts of no hope crept back.

Then, last week, I was able to see Dr. Tong. After one treatment nearly all the progress I had made came back! Which caused me to ask the doctor if this means that I would have to see him, weekly or more, for the rest of my life. He looks at me dead in the eyes and said, “No! I am going to cure you completely. You may need to see me once or twice a year, but no more.” I believe him.

Jeffrey W.

Failed Back Surgery Syndrome



I have never felt more at home and comfortable than I have at Dr. Tong’s office. Dr. Tong and his staff are very kind, courteous, and understanding. I injured my back at work. When I came to see Dr. Tong I could not turn my head. I could barely sit down. In fact, the muscles were so tight they bent 5 needles during treatments. I was hospitalized and received acupuncture, nerve blocks, and epidural treatments. What a relief they gave me! It was wonderful, and Dr. Tong was so gentle. I’m feeling much better, more freedom of movement. The pain is almost gone. Dr. Tong and his staff are a blessing!! NUMBER ONE!!

David R


For almost 2 years I have been living with back pain and muscle spasms in my back. I have gone to a chiropractor for over a year, but my symptoms seemed to get worse. I have tried many different treatments, including biofeedback. But, nothing helped. I was told that I would never get rid of my back pain because my line of work involves heavy lifting.

I saw Dr. Tong’s ad and decided to go see him. It was incredible! Only two treatments, and I feel so much better. Now I feel great! I am practically without any pain. Dr. Tong said if my pain comes back, it would be easy to get rid of it again.

Harry H


After 7 years and 61 doctors of all types, from neurologists and orthopedics, to chiropractors and kinesiologists, with almost no relief from pain, I read again, a testimonial from a patient of Dr. Tong’s in the Register. I had seen them several times, but ignored calling him. Then I decided, what’s one more doctor! Dr. Tong, in 2 weeks did more for me than all of the other doctors did in 7 years! I should have never made Dr. Tong my “last resort” doctor! I found he definitely has the knowledge, the advanced experience, and the “touch” for chronic pain problems.

Over and above his incredible ability, he has the most caring, sincere, and friendly staff I’ve ever encountered. No wonder they’ve stayed with him for years.

I thank my “lucky stars” for knowing him, and am very happy he is opening an office in South Orange County for the people around here.


Stephanie R


When I first came I was suffering from cervical dysplasia. I had cryosurgery, but the condition returned. Two months later, I had an acid treatment for the same condition. I went to Dr. Tong for lower back pain. After a couple of months of NBE treatments, my pap smear results improved to a class II. Now I am back to normal (class I). My low back condition is much improved and I have more energy also.

Elaine T


The acupuncture and injections have helped me out greatly, not to mention Dr. Tong is always there to listen to anything you have to say. I’m very glad I didn’t get the surgery I was scheduled for in January.



Now that I can tuck my shirt in my pants, and brush my hair without horrendous shoulder pain, I’m on the go, and back doing my movie work . . .

It’s thanks to you my shoulder feels so good I can now punch that doctor who wanted to put a knife to it.  You showed a lot of courage to take care of me, a doctor’s wife, but you did, and I’m grateful . . .

Eve M.


I have failed to mention the really amazing thing that happened to me since I’ve been treated by Dr. Tong. I broke my back in a motorcycle accident in February of 93 and again in November of 94, compression fractures of 1st time l-2 in which I had a back surgery and 2 plates and 4 steel screws installed. The second time I had a compression fracture of L-3. No surgery was needed since I already had plates in that spot. So for the past couple of years I’ve had a very weak back I couldn’t lift anything over 20 pounds. By the end of every day I would walk “hunched” over. I would go to bed with a very stiff back. My very first treatment with Dr. Tong I could bend over and touch my toes with no stiffness, no pain and I had the best night of sleep I’ve ever had in years.

Dr. Tong has turned my life around. I’m no longer taking any prescription drugs and I can move around without pain. Soon I will have beaten my bowel disease.

Thanks, Doc.

James M.


I could sit down and write a book on what Dr. Tong has done for me. My life has gotten back to a living lifestyle instead of an everyday painful one. I was literally thinking about calling Dr. Kovorcian to help me be pain free by ending my life. I cry when I hear Dr. Kovorcian has ended another life because of chronic pain. I was in chronic pain and I’m still alive, because of Dr. Tong. I was always looking for a way to be out of pain but could never
find the right method. I found the right method when I saw Dr. Tong on cable. I thought to myself what do I have to lose. Just the day before I heard of Dr. Tong, I was going to drive off the bridge in my 4 runner because I was in so much pain. That’s what I have to lose is my life.
You couldn’t ask for a better lifestyle then mine, but I was always in chronic pain. When I went to see Dr. Tong for the first time he asked for a brief history but I believe that was only for insurance purposes because when he started doing his treatments, I was amazed how exact he knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Tong read me like a book. I couldn’t believe he was telling me exactly all the different things I was doing wrong to harm myself.
Simple things that everyone knows about but doesn’t want to stop. Smoking, Drinking, and mostly eating wrong. Dr. Tong helped me through all the pain of when I wanted to stop all these bad habits. But you don’t realize these everyday things causes so much pain. My periods were a mess, they were so erratic. One month my period would be 17 days since my last period and then I would have a period 2 months later. Dr. Tong regulated my periods and now I’m on schedule. I think the most amazing, terrific and stupendous thing Dr.
Tong did for me was immediately cure me of my herpes or cold sores in my mouth. I would suffer for weeks. Believe this or not but with one treatment by Dr. Tong he took care and cured and completely rid one cold sore at a time in seconds and yes I just wrote seconds. I also believe that he can cure genital herpes in seconds with the same treatment. I call Dr. Tong “Dr. feel good” because of just what that sounds like, Dr. Tong makes you feel good. My life is now back on track again because of what Dr. Tong has taught me. He taught me how to feel good. I thought I knew everything but he analyzes your specific body and tells you what to do to feel good and move on with your life in a healthy, happy, loving, satisfying lifestyle.
I wish I could give Dr. Tong an Oscar for his life work, but he is no actor, he is real and here to take care of anyone that chooses to go see him.
I chose to go see Dr. Tong when my arm was so bad that I couldn’t move it anymore. I went to three doctors to check out my problem the third doctor said he could do exploratory surgery because he really didn’t know what was wrong and he thought the first two diagnosis were wrong. That made me think there was someone else that was the root to my shoulder pain. When I initially went to see Dr. Tong with my shoulder pain he told me what the root of my problem was and it wasn’t that I had stretched the ball joint out in my shoulder. I am very grateful to this day to Dr. Tong because I didn’t go through the unnecessary surgery for my shoulder. Basically the cause of my pain was my everyday health habits that were bad, very bad. If you do chose to go see Dr. Tong and listen and do everything he tells you to do you can be cured like me and free of everyday illness.



Dr Tong’s treatments have greatly reduced symptoms of lactose intolerance. In addition, my chest, back pain, and neck pain have improved over 80%. With the above listed improvements I am no longer depressed. Stress management and proper diet are now the top priority since stress plays a major factor in creating the above listed problems. At this point I have reduced my medication by over 50%.
Kevin C.


I am the one who searched the state over for someone to help me with the severe pain in my neck and shoulder.  I went to several doctors including chiropractors and my own family doctor and they said surgery was the only way to help me but it would only be exploratory.  I saw Dr. Tong’s picture and address in the paper.   I drove out to his office and had treatments in his office and in the hospital which led me to almost a perfect cure.  Now, I am going back to Dr. Tong for treatment in my shoulder.  Please, if you have pain you cannot endure any more, give Dr. Tong a chance to help you.

Neva D.


Thank you for ending my long standing suffering from pain which I have endured for the past several years.  I must admit, when I first came to you for help I was extremely skeptical as to whether you would be able to help me.

Prior to coming to you I had been under the care of two chiropractors for my herniated disc.  Each was highly regarded, in fact, the last doctor who treated me was recommended to me by a friend who praised his ability.  Nevertheless, after six months of treatments I was no better off than my initial visit.  Suffering from pain so intense that I went nights without sleep while also taking time off from work, I had all but conceded that surgery would be the only cure.  It was at this time that I saw your advertisement in the paper.

As I’ve already stated I was pessimistic as to whether your methods could actually be beneficial to me.  At this point in time I had nothing to lose.  To my amazement I felt immediate relief from my pain on my first visit.  Although my following treatments were not as dramatic, the total effect has been the eventual elimination of my lower back pain.  Your treatments have allowed me to resume many of the activities I was unable to do prior to being under your care.

Once again, thanks for bringing normalcy and health back into my life.

Calvin Y.


Back in November 1997 I heard about your practice. Over the past few years I had been seriously considering your type of technique of medicine. Not so much as a last resort, but a change from what I was used too!

I have had what I consider chronic shoulder and lower back/nerve pain for the past several years. Arthritis and Bursitis are fairly common on both sides of my family. Combine those factors with an outside physical occupation in the petroleum industry, I found the need to seek the type of care you have provided me.

I have been under the care of numerous medical professionals, have been x-rayed many times, had an MRI much physical therapy and was finally prescribed anti-inflammatory medication, the latter of which resulted in two separate hospital stays for serious stomach irritation and disorders.

That was a major turning point in my life, and I decided to change the way I was living. I just wish I would have made the change sooner, but the bottom fine is “I DID IT”! After the first couple of visits to your office, the treatments I received had an immediate impact on me both physically and mentally. I am skeptical and not easily swayed or convinced of certain ideas. I can honestly say that I am now feeling much better than I have in many years!

Your manner of talking to me and asking me many things about myself, rather than talking “at” me was and is very appreciated. Your form of communication between doctor and patient I have found to be uncommon. I was somewhat surprised at what you seemed to know about me early on in our relationship. Amazing to say the least!

In closing, it has only been a few months since MY first visit, and I am quite happy to say the results have been just great. I have more back and shoulder motion than I’ve had in years. As time goes on, I expect my condition to only keep improving, I am sure it will! I would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr, Qi for the acupuncture treatments, messages and herbal remedies that have also made a world of difference to my health and well being. Along with your caring and helpful staff, they have helped to make this experience truly remarkable!

Our goal is to become “PAIN FREE”. We will achieve that goal!

Thanks again for all you have done for me!!



When my chiropractor could not help me anymore, I only had one resource left – Dr. Tong! He is the fifth doctor that I have seen. True, the nerve blocks that he gives me are excruciating, but I can go back to work and use my eyes now. I don’t have the 24-hour headache that I suffered with for more than 7 months. Prior to his treating my back, I had to lie flat in bed for 3 days when I lifted something reasonably heavy.

Kiem J.


Currently pursuing a diet to reverse diabetes, with weight loss, exercise program, ( I haven’t exercised in years due to my hear and arthritis and on doctors orders). This has changed since starting acupuncture and nerve blocks. Now I am able to do aerobic exercise and weight lifting. I’ve lost 21 pounds since December 1, 1991 (67 days). I ride a stationary bike 4 to 7 miles 4 or 5 times per week. At least 1/2 hour with the front wheel “braked-down” to increase the exercise value. I perspire freely for 25 minutes of the ride. My blood pressure is back to normal, and pulse rate is good! I lift dumb bells 10 pound 4 sets/40 or more reps. My knees and shoulders are almost pain free. Haven’t felt so vital in years.

I no longer take tolunase, water pills, blood pressure medication, potassium, nitrostat, motrin, voltaren etc. These medications did more harm than good. My symptoms were being treated! Dr. Tong suggested I see a doctor that he knows, a cardiologist/intern The first visit was good and the physical was complete. I go back for a complete work-up this month.

Richard W. J.


I have pain all over my body for a long time. I am also a diabetic. I was so painful that I cannot sleep or eat. I cry every night. All other doctors only gave me pain medicine that made me more sick. Dr. Tong was the only one that has helped me. My pain is 90% better. I hope I can continue to see him until I am 100% better. I do not want to take anymore medicine and go to the hospital for 1 month for the medicine reactions.

Thanks a lot Dr. Tong



When I first came to you, I came for pain in back, neck, chest breathing, abdominal pain, lump in throat pain in kidney area and depression.

I last took a medical class medical care – terminology and body systems and medical front office in 1985. I could not continue with school as I became to ill mentally and physically. I had not been able to function properly since this time. From 85-87 I was having B-12 shot from my other Dr. Dx- Pernicious anemia – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, chest pain, back pain, could not sleep, was afraid to eat so many foods upset me. My first visit to Dr. Tong M.D. was August 23, 1989. Within three weeks of my first visit I had enrolled back at medical school full-time. One school class in the morning and one in the afternoon. My depression gone. One injection only – 1 visit only and my G.I. tract problem – irritable bowel syndrome cleared up and did not bother me again. I had this problem for 15 years. After the accident on 10/11/89 my stomach problem returned. My back pain eased and got better with every visit. My breathing completely improved at the time of accident, and was no longer bothering me. I lost approximately 15 lbs. in weight, swelling in my internal organs abdominal – GI stomach went down. I lost 8 inches in my waist measurement, and I can now wear clothes that fit, prior to this it had been uncomfortable to have anything tight around those organs, because of my sensitivity and not feeling good.

Once Dr. Tong started treating me, with his therapies, diet, exercise, concern I had improved tremendously and I felt that it wouldn’t be too long before I would only be paying him a maintenance call. Before the accident, my back was only bothering me a little in T4 only. Apart from this the only other problem my breast were a little sore. Colitis which comes and goes and Dr. Tong had just started to treat me for this.

Jackie B.


I came in originally for considerable pain in my lower abdomen and left side. I had been living on laxatives for the previous two to three weeks. This was the fourth time over a period of about two years that I had experienced these problems. A renowned internist was seen on each of these occasions. Cipro was prescribed for intestinal infection. Eventually relief was obtained. After only two visits to Dr. Tong’s office I live have remarkable relief through treatments and herbs. He is now working on my tinnitus problem I have had for a number of years. I am looking forward to its relief in the near future. When I first came to Dr. Tong, I was skeptical. Now I am convinced his method of treatment is effective and cost conscious.

Clifford K.


My menstrual cramps are 75% better, sinus problem is 50% better, constipation is 100% better, back pains are 50% better, and asthma is 75% better. Noticed improvement immediately.

I want to continue treatments because progress towards 100% recovery is within a few months.

Mary S.


I started seeing Dr. Tong June of 1992. I started having problems with my body. My leg was having pain where I couldn’t go up or down stairs without being in pain or going to the bathroom when I go up stairs. When I go down stairs I went to the bathroom. My leg was very weak. I was thinking I would need help later going up and down. I try to walk and exercise to make my leg much stronger and get rid of the pain. A friend told me about Dr. Tong and I figured what do I have to lose. When I saw my friend at work and he told me about Dr. Tong I was feeling like my body was falling apart. Short-winded, nerves, and tension headaches. I don’t know exactly what happened to me, but since I was seeing Dr. Tong, everything is so much better. I feel a lot better. I also have so much faith in Dr. Tong that if I could continue my treatment he could solve my problem. I am getting results. I feel the pain every now and then if I move incorrectly, but not as often as before. My head is not aching, hot or cold. A little sore, but not until I touch it.

Betty D.


It’s been many years since I was able to sleep at night without getting up 5 to 15 times with so much pain and pressure on my shoulder back and insides. For once only after two weeks of treatment, the pain has gotten so much better. When I walk for short distances the pain is not so bad on my back, bladder and ovarian. One night I slept until the morning without getting up. That’s a miracle. It was a wonderful feeling and now with all the trouble I’m having. I know there’s hope for me. Thank God for creating natural healers as Dr. Tong and his assistant.

Paula M.


I caught a very severe cold in my rib muscles and back and was so crippled I was hardly able to walk, and a friend told me how acupuncture had helped her husband. I prayed about going and God really opened the door.  I Thank God for sending Dr. Tong and Dr. Qi. The knowledge and guidance of their hands to be used to alleviate pain and other afflictions in our bodies.

Thank God for Dr. Lee too.

Gracie S.


My first experience with Dr. Tong was a year ago when I started having lower back problems. Before going to Dr. Tong I was seeing a chiropractor three times a week, for three months, and during that time I saw no improvement with my lower back problems. Then I sought help from Dr. Tong. After seeing Dr. Tong for one month, twice a week, the pain disappeared and I was able to continue with my regular exercise program, riding my motorcycle, and able to enjoy life without pain.

At the present time I am now under Dr. Tong’s care again, this time to relieve the pains associated with what a neurologist claimed is carpal tunnel syndrome. I have been under his care for one month now, and have been receiving nerve block injections and electrical nerve stimulation. The combination of these treatments has been successful in restoring use of my hand and allowed me to keep working without loss of work or the associated income. I am employed as a manicurist, so when I do not work I do not get paid. More importantly these treatments are non-invasive as would have been the case with the drugs or surgery previously prescribed by the neurologist.

I feel very fortunate to know Dr. Tong. He has been able to help me without drugs or surgery, and most importantly, his treatments have allowed me to keep working. I am also one of the fortunate women to have insurance coverage through my husbands insurance plan. I do not believe I would have been able to pay for this medical treatment on my income, especially if I was unemployed due to the carpal tunnel syndrome effects.

I sincerely hope that when you set up your national health care plan, that you permit payments for licensed non-traditional medical treatments (massage therapy, acupuncture, and other prescribed treatments which deal with healing the body without drugs or surgery) such as Dr. Tongs.


Christina C.


My sister, Helen introduced me to Dr. Tong and strongly recommended him.   I was injured at work.  I couldn’t walk without extreme pain in my lower back and legs.  I had many other problems for 30 years.  I was a cigarette smoker and tried many methods of giving it up without success.  I went from doctor to doctor, the last doctor I went to 66 times.  I wasn’t getting any better, instead I was getting worse.  My sister kept talking to me to go to Dr. Tong.  So finally, I went and after the first treatment, I had no pain.  I went into the hospital for the epidural injection and feel like I am beginning to live again.  He cured me of my pain in the back and legs.  He also cured me of addiction to cigarettes.  I no longer smoke.  He helped me with all my medical problems such as my nervous stomach and chronic sinus problem.

Dr. Tong is the most remarkable doctor, I have ever gone to in  my life.  Dr. Tong, Dr. Qi and Dr. Lu, I thank God for each one of these caring remarkable people, who have really given me freedom from pain.  I can now get out and enjoy life again.  The staff is as remarkable and efficient too.  My deepest gratitude to each and every one of them.

Leone F.


I have gone to many doctors over the past nine years trying to get some relief from the constant pain in my lower abdomen and back. This all started after a surgery in 1990. There appears to be a blockage in my intestines and eating causes great pain there.

After your treatment and physical therapy my stomach is softer and free of the “knots” there. The back is better also. The therapy has enabled me to begin eating more foods and not limit myself to a liquid diet.

I hope I can continue the therapy as I know this is only a beginning and it is going to take more time before my body stabilizes so eating and elimination become a normal process again.

Before coming to you, various doctors tried many different pills to try to get my system functioning properly again. Nothing worked. There was still always the pain even when the constipation was helped with a laxative. It is such relief to finally find a doctor who can help me, Dr. Tong. You give me hope for a return to good health. Thank you for caring.


LaVeta S.


March 8, 1999

After the first treatment, I was able to take deep breaths.   Breathing was shallow before.  Pain in abdomen where hernia is located has subsided and my stomach is softer.  My wife and daughter immediately noticed a great change in my disposition.  They said I was my old self, “talking,” “smiling,” “joking.”  I usually would wake up in the mornings, shower, eat, then lay back on the couch and fall asleep.  I have not done that.   I have more energy.  I am taking less water pills for my swelling.  When we came home after my first session with Dr. Tong, later that evening our daughter said to me, “How are you feeling?” I turned to her and smiled.  The entire evening when she saw me I was smiling. She finally said, “Are you high? Did the doctors give you drugs? You sure look and act like you’re on drugs!”

March 15, 1999

Before coming to Dr. Tong for treatments, I was taking 2 types of diuretics for the edema.  Now, I have completely stopped one diuretic and I have reduced the dosage of the other diuretic.  I have more energy, and my older daughter noticed my skin coloring.  She said it looks less yellow and more pink in color.   This is my second week without leg cramps and the second week I have not taken Flexirel, a prescription drug to help my leg cramps.

March 17, 1999

I am still able to breathe deep.  I had some swelling in my legs and stomach so I started the Lasix again, but I am still taking less diuretics than before Dr. Tong started treating me.  I continue to have energy that I didn’t have prior to Dr. Tong’s treatments.  I believe I will continue to get better with Dr. Tong’s treatments.  If four treatments have helped me, think of how I can feel over a period of time!  The staff is the greatest.  They are caring, clean, helpful, and they have a great sense of humor!  They listen – I do not feel rushed.  All my questions and worries are answered.

March 22, 1999

Today is treatment #5.  I continue to breathe deeply and with ease.   I am able to get up from a lying/sitting position without hesitation.  My energy continues to improve.  I am not as tired as I was before my first treatment with Dr. Tong.  I am not as cold; my electric blanket is set at 4 now instead of 7 or 8.  My wife says I am like a heater.


RHODES - back pain
“After having a laminectomy (back surgery) and being hospitalized for 5 weeks, the cure for my pain was very temporary.

With constant pain again, I was advised to have 2 epidural blocks. The first one relieved me for a few weeks and the second one was null.

The response I got from my doctor was to test me for another surgery but I definitely refused. The response from other doctors was “learn to live with it.”

After over 2 years of pain and pills, my wife handed me an ad of “Dr Tong” and told me “you have nothing to lose and he may help you.”

That was my lucky day because after 2 treatments, I lost about 70% of the pain and was truly amazed at the outcomes.
I’ve had a total of 8 treatments and sincerely, if I knew then what I know now, I believe I would never have undergone surgery.

Thank you Dr. Tong.
Ed R.”

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