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In following the guidelines of my insurance company, Great-West Life & Annuity, to be an active participant in making health care more affordable, I chose Dr. Joseph Longnecker who is a CCN Preferred Provider. I was suffering severe pain in my feet and legs for six months. They were so painful I could hardly walk. He ran many blood tests and could not find the cause. After he could not help me he gave me a referral to see Dr. Tong.

After 15 treatments from Dr. Tong my legs were much better and the swelling had gone down. In addition, Dr. Tong treats the whole body so he can treat the cause and not just the symptoms. In doing this he was also successful in treating cancer (Basal Cell Carcinoma) on my nose, which I was told by Dr. Bailey, also a CCN Provider, that I would have to had to have plastic surgery on my nose. He would cut out the cancer and do plastic surgery to repair, which involved grafting skin from the forehead to flap on the nose. The area was too large to allow a patch. The cost of surgery and time off from work could be prohibitive. Thanks to my current treatment I will not have to have this surgery or require the expense necessary for it.

I do have pictures showing the stages of the cancer as the scar and fall out. With Dr. Tong’s treatment, the cancer on my nose fell out 6 times and now has healed with normal skin, no scar or abnormal cancer tissue. I have improved so much that I am currently attending Yoga classes two nights a week. With added improvement, I hope to add Tai-Chi. With continued medical benefits I feel my treatment will be successful.

LaVerne S



On October 16, 1991, Chanah was diagnosed with breast cancer – a 10 cm. tumor in the left breast. Around December 1991, the doctors at Scripps Clinic in La Jolla, California, where she received most of her initial treatment, discovered 6 metastases to her spine.  Her initial treatment involved 5 doses of FAC as induction chemotherapy at Scripps, high dose chemotherapy and peripheral stem ce11 transplant at the City of Hope Medical Center in Duarte California (Dr. Stephen Forman is her doctor there – phone # 818-359-8111 Ext. 2403), and maximum dose radiation to her left quadrant at Scripps Clinic.

Chanah remained in remission for four years until she began showing symptoms last November. On February 6 this year, both of her ovaries were removed by Dr. Kathryn McGonigle at City of Hope, as both were malignant with breast cancer. Dr. McGonigle said there were numerous micrometastases throughout the pelvis that she could not remove.   Since then, the following treatments have failed to reverse the disease: megace, the HER2 monoclonal antibody (which actually did reverse the disease for approximately 4 months, but has failed since), and taxol. Her latest CA 29.27 count is 1,900, and there have been metastases to two bones discovered in her last bone scan.

Currently, her oncologist is Dr. Thomas Shiftan, of Oncology Associates. He can be reached at 619-637-78S8. When I pressed Dr. Shiftan for his estimation of Chanah’s prognosis, he said that, absent a miracle, she is likely to live only 6 to 12 months. In other words, he considers her a terminal patient. He said if we are “lucky,” another chemotherapy might possibly extend her life another 6 months. On the other hand, the wrong one could end it sooner, and there is no way to know.

My wife has vomited approximately 2,500 times in our marriage. It is pitiful, and her suffering is beyond description, and my own suffering watching that and being the support for her is considerable.  She has been on TPN for 2 months now. She cannot drink any liquids at all, and she can eat very little solids without vomiting it out completely. Occasionally she could eat a little bit of oatmeal, about 1/5 bow1 at the most.

We went to Dr. Tong for help. She needs immediate help to relieve pains that she has in her back and in her pelvic area. More importantly, Dr. Tong’s synthesis of anesthesiology and acupuncture represents “experimental medicine” that could offer a long shot for a real improvement in her condition. We understand this is experimental and that there are no guarantees.

Dr. Tong began treating Chanah on Friday, October 25 and saw her again on Monday, Oct. 28 before she began an alternative treatment as Hospital Santa Monica in Rosarito Beach, Baja California.

Before she saw Dr. Tong, she could barely walk, and then only with assistance and less than the equivalent of 2 city blocks. Her energy level was so low that she was barely able to speak, and speaking was such an effort that she did not want to speak, she had back pains (around the kidney areas). Worst of all, she was so weary from treatments that she was on the brink of losing her will to live and instead was beginning to talk about dying in comfort.

His treatment on Oct. 25 had the following effects on Chanah: even before she left his office, she could speak in a normal voice with strength and resonance. She could walk on her own back to the car, and her back pains disappeared.  Later that night and all through the next day, she was in extreme pain from the shots that he gave her. She is needle-phobic and tenses up to her own detriment from shots. I was up with her most of the night. She honestly had nightmares about the next treatment. She was not able to eat much during that time. On the other hand, she was still able to speak normally.

Sunday, Oct. 27 was a very good day for her. That morning she ate 6 apple blintzes (a pastry), which is more food than she had eaten for at least three months. It was probably more food than she eats in a “normal” week or even two weeks. She also drank 1/2 bottle of water, something she could not do for two months. That day she took a drive and a walk, though it did tire her out. Nevertheless, the fact that she felt like doing that is indicative of progress.

On Monday, Oct. 28, she had her second treatment with Dr. Tong. This treatment was much easier for her than the first one. The most notable effect of the treatment was a definite jump in her will to live. Since then she has returned to fighting for her life, which she had stopped doing before his treatments. She asked me to move quickly to get her to the intensive treatment at Hospital Santa Monica, to be followed up by Dr. Tong’s treatments afterwards. Additionally, she is able to walk better and stronger than before.

Chanah still has a long way to go and she is still in serious danger, but I feel that at least this path offers her a chance at survival with none of the horrible side effects of chemotherapy. I thank Dr. Tong for his help and pray that Chanah will be an amazing success story among many for him.

Jay B. A.


I want to thank you for your treatment of my Squamous Cell Carcinoma on my head. As you know, I was scheduled for a third operation on November 21, 1995 by a dermatologist and I didn’t want to go through the pain and suffering and seventeen more stitches. It was amazing that with a few of your treatments, my head had cleared up and there was no evidence of Squamous Cell Carcinoma.

Richard E. T.



Progress Report:

10/6/93-1st visit – Nausea – No appetite – No sleep
10/7/93-2nd visit- Same
10/8/93-Home – No change – Extremely tired
10/9/93-Home – No change – No energy – Short of breath
10/10/93-Antibiotic – Home – Fever, sweats – No energy – Tired – Hearing loss
10/11/93-Antibiotic – Home – Fever, hearing loss – Sweats – No energy – Nose bleed
10/12/93-No Antibiotic – 3rd visit – Appetite returned 6 days after 2 treatments) Ear clogged – Treated for fever and sweats
Sight seems to be weak.
10/13/93-4th visit – 6 PM Herb PM Temp 99 degrees – Feel energy
10/14/93-AM Temp 98 degrees – Energy and appetite returned – Eye clear – Gained 3 pounds – Only saw Dr. Tong, no other                  doctor.   No medications.  1 PM – need rest for office visits – Hearing returned.

You gave me my appetite back.  I don’t know if I’m happy about that.   I’m eating and eating. I might get fat now.  You’ve cured my 102 degree fevers, nausea, and stopped my shortness of breath. I breathe normally again.

I believe that your treatments, along with my strong belief in God, has built my low immunity to a strong high. My immune system was depleted due to intense radiation and chemotherapy, all of which was needed to combat my lung cancer. Not only have you helped me rebuild my immune system with your needles–I also cannot deny your great sense of humor, all of which helped me during a most devastating time in my life.

Eve M


I am writing you to request your consideration in helping me obtain additional Medicare benefits. Recently, my pain management physician, Dr. Yee Wing Tong, has informed that Medicare benefits have changed. I am only allowed one visit every ten days. My doctor has informed me that I need a minimum of at least two visits per week to obtain maximum beneficial treatment for my conditions.

I have an expanding Hemangioma, that is a benign blood tumor, but mine is rare…it is growing, making my tongue swell and grow and also my neck underneath my jaw. It creates intractable pain. I am also afflicted with constant headaches that develop into migraine headaches which in the past have required many hospital emergency room visits to stop me from throwing up and to stop the torturous pain. Recently, I have also been diagnosed with endometriosis.

Dr. Yee-Wing Tong has been treating my conditions for about one year now. His treatments have helped me in dealing with the overwhelming amount of pain that I suffer on a daily basis. Dr. Tong has been the only doctor that has significantly reduced the severity of pain and reduced the need for emergency room treatment. The other doctors that I have seen prior to Dr. Tong, only ordered expensive, multiple ultrasound tests, MRI Scans, Cat Scans and never addressed a possible curative approach. Multiple emergency room visits and multiple hospital stays are more expensive than the treatments that Dr. Tong provides me. Dr. Tong’s treatments have also reduced my need for such emergency services, which in the end ultimately saves money. I noticed an increase in emergency room visits when the new Medicare, once every ten day policy, went into effect. I have more pain therefore I have had to seek emergency aid more frequently. No treatments may keep me away from hospital stays or emergency room visits completely, however I feel in the long run if I am allowed to have treatments Dr. Tong recommends it will save money and add to the quality of my life by relieving a greater amount of the pain I endure.

I am fearful that the current Medicare cuts and the upcoming Health Care Reform Package and Medicare cuts will only cost me my health and welfare and increase my suffering to a progressive state.

I will appreciate your consideration in the matter. I have previously written to Congressman Stephen Horn of the 38th Congressional District of California who has forwarded my inquiry to Medicare.


Lauren M. F.


I had suffered agonizing back pain for years, with the pain radiating down both legs. This condition caused lack of sleep and mobility, extreme depression, and the inability to function on a daily basis.

After trying with little or no improvement chiropractic, physical therapy, St. Judes Hospital Pain Clinic, various medications and exercises, I went to Scripps Clinic for evaluation and diagnosis. This included a CAT Scan, MRI, and other procedures including steroid injections in L-4 and L-5, where there is a bone spur pressing on the sciatic nerve. They did not help.

Spinal surgery was recommended by Roger Thorne, M.D., an eminent orthopedic surgeon, who prognosis was that the pain would increase. Just before scheduling the surgery, I heard of Dr. Tong, and as a desperate measure, thought it wouldn’t hurt to investigate.

A miracle occurred and Dr. Tong has kept me pain free with his pain management treatments. I can sleep through the night, and have shown improvement in all areas of my life. I have severe osteoarthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoporosis and many other “problems of aging”, including erosive esophagitis, hiatus hernia, ulcerative colitis. I also had X-rays, Barium swallow and two visits to an otolaryngologist, all with no improvement. After several treatments by Dr. Tong, the cough has completely gone. In fact every area of my life has shown improvement. Dr. Tong has saved a tremendous amount, of money on spinal surgery and other futile treatments, which would have been incurred over the years.

My husband Kai Ronholt, expired January 25, 1993 of inoperable esophageal carcinoma stage 3. He was unable to eat or drink without extreme discomfort. The recommendation of the tumor board at South Coast Medical Center was simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation, and eventual stomach feeding tube. He declined these useless agonizing procedures. He continued to be treated by Dr. Tong for pain management in the area of the cancer. Dr. Tong’s treatments extended the quality of his life for 5 1/2 months, including 3 weeks in Hawaii, swimming in the ocean and enjoying life. He had no pain, and walked into Dr. Tong’s office as late as seven days before he died in my arms, in his own bed, peacefully and with dignity.

You must consider the money Medicare saved on futile treatments and hospitalizations for my husband. In addition, to his death at home, when he could no longer even swallow his own saliva, consider how different my husband’s and my lives would have been without Dr. Tong’s expertise and caring. Also, consider the huge cost savings of spinal surgery and other treatments gained by Medicare.

Dr. Tong has my gratitude and respect forever. Please use our money where it will most benefit the most patients.

Very truly yours,

Doris R


In 1995, I was operated on for colon cancer by Dr. Rislin.  The surgery was successful and was followed by chemotherapy.  As a side effect of the chemotherapy, I lost all of my teeth.  I also suffered a stroke which resulted in right hemiparesis in the next two and a half years.

Before I came to see Dr. Tong, I was having severe coughs frequently.  At one time, I even noticed that I coughed up blood in the phlegm.  An X-ray was taken and cancer tumors were discovered in my left lung.  I didn’t want chemotherapy so I decided to come see Dr. Tong and started receiving his treatments.  The severe coughing and spitting were eliminated within 2 weeks.  The CEA level was first determined to be between 28.  After my treatments with Dr. Tong, it went down to 19.   Within a month, the score came down markedly to 16.  The last time it was measured, it has dropped down to 12.8.  I’ve been taking herbs and supplements continuously for the last 6 months.  I had lost weight through a strict diet program.   In the last 7 weeks, I have already lost nearly 8 pounds.

I stopped treatment for 3 to 4 weeks because of financial problems.  During this time, I started coughing up blood in the phlegm.  My CEA level increased from 12.8 to 20.8 again because I couldn’t see Dr. Tong due to Medicare problems.  When I finally came back for those treatments, the symptoms stopped within 2 treatments.

Overall I’m feeling great now.  My lung tumor seems to be disappearing gradually.   I’m no longer coughing severely.  I’ve just taken a blood test and am anxious to see more improvement of my condition when the result come out.

Rudy W.


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