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I began treatment with Dr. Tong 3 months ago for pain in my knee, food allergies, low energy, lack of concentration, and fungus growth in my toenails. My knee pain was becoming acute and began to affect my ability to play basketball and even walk.

At this point I have no more pain. My energy has risen and at 35 years old I experience playing the best basketball of my life. My sensitivity to food has decreased. I no longer get an upset stomach, gas, or lethargy from eating certain foods. My craving for sweets has lessened. Mental concentration has increased. I remember more details and am more focused. I sleep better and even dream better than before. The fungus is disappearing from my toenails, where it has been for years. I actually have two new, healthy toenails where the old ones fell off. I experience less anxiety and nervousness now. As an added bonus, the wart I had on my left hand for years has completely disappeared.

I do not understand why Dr. Tong’s therapy works. I just know that it has helped me immensely. It is lucky for me that I did not have to go through years of ineffective “traditional” treatment, drugs, or possible surgery. I feel sorry for those who have not discovered Dr. Tong. They could have saved so much time and money and enjoyed their life more.

I had gone to supposedly “progressive” allergies years ago but got nowhere, even though I invested a lot of time and money. With the NBE treatment, I do not have to undergo lab tests, grueling rotation diets, endless “endpoint” allergy testing, or receive the antigen injections which I did every three days for two years! Thank you, Dr. Tong!!!

Craig W.


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