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I came to Dr. Tong February 25. I limped into his office with a walker and a leg brace. I could hardly walk, and the pain was so bad, constantly, even with all kinds of pain medication.

At age 72, I started having back pain and pain in my right side and leg. I had diabetes for many years (approximately 25 years) which I had no trouble with pain all these years till July of 1996. I washed my car one-day, and afterwards I developed severe lower back and leg pain.

I went to Dr. P… and he gave me medication for pain, without any relief. Then I had to go to the hospital and the pain was so bad I was unable to stand it. He had many tests ran and none showed what was wrong. He even called other doctors in, like Dr. B…, who took more tests and thought I should have my leg amputated and before the year ended he thought I’d have to lose the other leg. I also had Dr. D… run many, many tests and still no one could help me. Even though I kept telling each doctor I was diabetic, but they said that had nothing to do with it. Then my right foot dropped. I couldn’t move or control it, it made me fall frequently and hurt myself.

I had been in two different hospitals for 13 days and treated by 9 specialists, each one telling me they couldn’t find what was wrong. After all the painful tests they sent me home with no improvement and unbelievable pain day and night. I tried acupuncture eight times. I even went to San Bernardino five times a week with someone to drive me back and forth, and went into a hyperbaric chamber for 45 minutes each day, and spent $8000 and unbelievable number of treatments. It didn’t help.

Then the last doctor I went to said it was so bad he would be amputating my right leg. By the end of the year I would lose the left leg. I told him, even if he was a specialist, I didn’t need him for a doctor–nor did he need me for a patient. I left his office thinking of only one thing–I must do away with myself because the pain was so severe and I knew I couldn’t expect living with such awful pain nor the loss of my legs.

The tests and drugs prescribed for me were so many I can’t name them all, plus many, many X-rays. I had a myelogram, a discogram, and etc. I was given Mexitil, Elarul, Lortab, and numerous other drugs, plus my diabetic medications. I was in such a pain and my blood sugar was out of control, I can’t tell you how wonderful life is now that Dr. Tong has treated me.

The lady I work for found Dr. Tong and asked me to please come and see him. Thank God I listened. He told me from the very first visit that I would not lose my legs, and with his treatments, I would walk without a walker or a cane, and he said the pain would go away.

I have to say Dr. Tong has kept his word. I cannot praise him enough. I am so thankful I came to Dr. Tong for my treatments. For the past two years, I walk great without the brace, cane, or walker, and no more pain in my leg and hip and back. And, last of all, I still have both my legs.

Also, my diabetes was cured by Dr. Tong’s treatment. I have not needed my diabetic pills for the past two years. My blood sugar stays quite normal, even though I must be honest that I do not always follow Dr. Tong’s dietary recommendations. Before his treatments, my blood sugar levels were 180-200 or more with the two pills prescribed by other doctors. Now it is 100-120, and goes up to 140-150 when I have really indulged on my diet.

I am back now August of 1999 but, it’s because of stress concerning my life and I’m sure he will help me get rid of this also.

Daisy B.


I first sought out Dr. Tong for treatment of pain and burning in my feet from diabetes. The treatments proved so successful that they were extended to other chronic ailments, including hypertension, a stiff and sore shoulder, and hemorrhoids, for which I had considered surgery.

Prior to seeing Dr. Tong, I could hardly walk a half block. Now, I jog 5 miles daily. The treatments, together with proper diet and exercise, has me on the road to recovery. I am now maintaining normal blood sugar and blood pressure without taking any medication. The results are truly remarkable.

Marche R

Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension

** Stroke, diabetes, hypertension Robert is a 70 year old man with a history of more than 15 years of hypertension and diabetes, both of which were poorly controlled using various medications. He suffered a strokein 1980. In spite of conventional remedies, including aggressive physical therapy, he had difficulty ambulating with a leg brace, ankle support, and a cane. Moreover, over-dependent of the cane caused flare up of arthritis of the hand unaffected by the stroke.

The first NBE treatment alleviated most of his multiple bodily pains. Continued therapy eliminated the need of the leg and ankle brace. Medication for diabetes, hypertension and pain were all discontinued. His blood pressure and serum glucose have been normal for the past year. He is able to walk 1/2 of a mile and perform some house chores such as washing car and yard work, activities which he was unable to do prior to NBE therapy.



May 31, 1998

Diabetes seems to be under control – not quite down to normal. Have discontinued diabetes pills. Watching diet an daily exercise along with treatments works well.

Walter S.


I have pain all over my body for a long time. I am also a diabetic. I was so painful that I cannot sleep or eat. I cry every night. All other doctors only gave me pain medicine that made me more sick. Dr. Tong was the only one that has helped me. My pain is 90% better. I hope I can continue to see him until I am 100% better. I do not want to take anymore medicine and go to the hospital for 1 month for the medicine reactions.

Thanks a lot Dr. Tong



After the first treatment, I was able to take deep breaths.   Breathing was shallow before.  Pain in abdomen where hernia is located has subsided and my stomach is softer.  My wife and daughter immediately noticed a great change in my disposition.  They said I was my old self, “talking,” “smiling,” “joking.”  I usually would wake up in the mornings, shower, eat, then lay back on the couch and fall asleep.  I have not done that.   I have more energy.  I am taking less water pills for my swelling.  When we came home after my first session with Dr. Tong, later that evening our daughter said to me, “How are you feeling?” I turned to her and smiled.  The entire evening when she saw me I was smiling. She finally said, “Are you high? Did the doctors give you drugs? You sure look and act like you’re on drugs!”

March 15, 1999

Before coming to Dr. Tong for treatments, I was taking 2 types of diuretics for the edema.  Now, I have completely stopped one diuretic and I have reduced the dosage of the other diuretic.  I have more energy, and my older daughter noticed my skin coloring.  She said it looks less yellow and more pink in color.   This is my second week without leg cramps and the second week I have not taken Flexirel, a prescription drug to help my leg cramps.

March 17, 1999

I am still able to breathe deep.  I had some swelling in my legs and stomach so I started the Lasix again, but I am still taking less diuretics than before Dr. Tong started treating me.  I continue to have energy that I didn’t have prior to Dr. Tong’s treatments.  I believe I will continue to get better with Dr. Tong’s treatments.  If four treatments have helped me, think of how I can feel over a period of time!  The staff is the greatest.  They are caring, clean, helpful, and they have a great sense of humor!  They listen – I do not feel rushed.  All my questions and worries are answered.

March 22, 1999

Today is treatment #5.  I continue to breathe deeply and with ease.   I am able to get up from a lying/sitting position without hesitation.  My energy continues to improve.  I am not as tired as I was before my first treatment with Dr. Tong.  I am not as cold; my electric blanket is set at 4 now instead of 7 or 8.  My wife says I am like a heater.


I first came to Dr. Tong in October 1993. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy in November for a fourth stage uterine prolaspe. I had a lot of pressure and discomfort from my bladder. I had to get up every hour at night to urinate, or I would lose control and wet my pants. I had to bend over the toilet with my hands on my knees to empty my bladder. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, I had significant relief from my bladder problems. After five treatments, my uterus was back inside, and I was able to control my bladder, sit on the toilet normally, and sleep for eight hours without going to the bathroom. My uterus has remained inside my body for the last five months. Dr. Tong has taught me that proper rest and stress reduction all keep my energy level up and keep my uterus in. It fell out again when I was ill, but I was able to bring it back inside with proper diet and rest. Now I know I will never need the hysterectomy that I was scheduled for before I came to Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong has also helped me with my diabetes. After one month of treatments, my blood sugar dropped fifty points and my cholesterol forty points.


My name is Vivian M. and I’m a diabetic.

I was diagnosed is the summer of 1971. At that time I was given orinase. Then in the early 80’s the doctor put me on insulin NPH U 100 18 units a day. As the years went by my feet were getting numb. By 1986 when I retired from teaching, I moved to California where a doctor diagnosed my problem as vascular profili and wanted to operate. I declined to do that. By this time I was up to 40 units of humulin N insulin a day.

Then I started having more problems with my feet and decided to check with a podiatrist. He fit me with orthotics of which also helped my back. My bunions were getting very painful so that I spent two years having them removed. By this time I ended up with a toe that had a disintegrating joint. Another operation! Only this time the medication didn’t get to the problem, but 5 days in the hospital took care of it.

Then last winter my blood glucose shot up as well as my weight. I was also having trouble with my hands. Buttoning clothes and tying my shoes were getting difficult. That’s when I finally put my problems into Dr. Tong’s hands. Every time I have a sore throat, a cold, or flu, I get a treatment and it goes away. It even helps my singing.

Later on I noticed feathers of floaters in my left eye so Dr. Tong treated me once and they disappeared and haven’t reappeared.

A couple of weeks ago, I had an accident at home where I ended up with a fracture of one of my toes. The podiatrist put a cast on for a week. The next week he put on a smaller one as he could see improvement in healing. I told him that Dr. Tong was treating it for circulation. He wanted Dr. Tong’s name and address, because it was healing so well he wanted to refer some of his patients. His patients had tried everything else so that they could get some relief from the treatments.

With Dr. Tong’s Eastern and Western treatments, acupuncture, diet, and exercise since April 21st, I no longer suffer with arthritis and sinus. The circulation in my hands and feet are much better as well as the blood glucose level. Besides losing 35 lbs., I have decreased my insulin from 40 units to 10-15 units a day.

I feel good about myself!


Vivian M.


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