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In 1984 I had a triple bypass surgery and after that I had severe chest pains caused from nerve damage, we assumed. However, after Dr. Tong gave me an x-ray, we found that three of the five wires that were holding my sternum together were broken. Dr. Tong told me at the time that with acupuncture and his treatment, he could relieve all of this pain. I told Dr. Tong that I did not believe in that kind of stuff, that I never had anything like acupuncture. He convinced me to try it one time…. After taking one treatment from Dr. Tong, I had no pain when I left his office…He told me that in five treatments, I would be okay. As I recall, I only had four of those five treatments, and I never had chest pain again.

Now I’m being treated again by Dr. Tong. In 1987, I had another triple bypass surgery. Between 1984 and 1987, I had numerous mild heart attacks. They kept me under anesthesia too long to repair my heart damage and make the other three bypasses, which caused me to have a case of sugar diabetes…I didn’t take my medication properly or do anything that the doctors told me to do because I did not believe that I had diabetes. However, I wound up with damaged nerves in my legs. I came to Dr. Tong and he said that he could fix my problem. I came to Dr. Tong scooting, not walking…Now I walk good. I’m not completely finished with his treatments, but they are working and I’m not taking any medication.

Don H

Note: Patient did not follow up with more treatments, nor follow our recommended nutrition exercise and stress reduction program. He also continued to smoke. Consequently, He needed another bypass three years later. The treatments in 1987 lasted six months. The patient quit smoking and changed his lifestyle. He was able to return to normal functioning capacity.


In 1989, I began to have some problems, and one morning I had a heart attack. I was taken to a hospital, which could not help me and was then transferred to a crisis center, which could handle me. I woke up nine days later, implanted in my left shoulder, with a new heart called a pacemaker. I got along fine for a few years, but the doctors had me on a lot of medication. I ended up on 17 different pills a day. As time came into the fifth year, I began to get a little bit groggy, not myself (had three heart attacks).

A friend of mine recommended me to see Dr. Tong. I am seeing him today, and what he has done for me is rather incredible. In 2 1/2 months, I have gone from 17 pills a day to no pills a day. The thing that is important about that is, the medical profession told me that if I stopped taking my medication, I would die within 24 hours. This was a very serious thing because if I got on a plane to New York and forgot my pills, the doctors said I would have to take a plane and come back to get the pills. That’s how serious it was to take these pills every day.

Well, under the treatment of Dr. Tong, I no longer take any pills; I am down to zero. I am feeling absolutely perfect! My health is good; my ability to function is absolutely positive. The treatments here have done wonders for me. I am taking herbs every dya, which are doing a great deal for my body and I’m getting acupuncture also…When I got out of the hospital, they had told me that there was a 50% chance that I would die in the next 30 days. Well it’s six years later and I’m under the treatment of Dr. Tong. I’m feeling great and I’m looking great.



When I came to Dr. Tong, I had very bad headaches, a bad heart, and bronchitis. He has helped very much.

I was taking 160mg of Inderal a day for my heart, 80mg of quinadine, 120mg of persantine, and pain pills for my headaches. He has taken me off all the pills except 40mg of Inderal. I hope to be able to keep coming to him until I am completely cured.

Carl L

Coronary Bypass

I have silent ischemia!  It is so silent no one knows they have it.  This is the disease so many young athletes drop dead of.  Usually the only symptom is a heart attack and it is a fatal one.

I have never given much credence to fate.  Foolishly, I thought I could control my own.  I think we have a lot of control over our lives by the choices we make in life.  Yet it is far more complicated than that and there is so much of our lives over which we have no control.  This is a startling thing to realize.  Nevertheless it is fact.  This is the one phase of my life I have struggled the most with.  I want my old life back.  I want to be in charge of it and control it.  I do not want to be controlled by the fact that I have heart disease. This in no way undermines the miracle that I am alive to write about it.  The wonderment of the circumstances overwhelms me, and I shake my head in amazement at the chain of events. I have  a guardian angel looking out for me that has guided my every step.

Late one evening my heart began to beat irregularly.  While there was absolutely no pain connected to this, it was very frightening and very disabling.  I called the paramedics.  After a quick look they took me immediately to the hospital.  At this point, along with the irregular heart beat my blood pressure was 220/180.

If you have assumed you are seen more quickly when brought in by the paramedics, it is not true.  It was probably two hours before this rude, arrogant, demeaning man who called himself a doctor came into the room,  He very unconcerned asked “now little lady what brings you by here this evening?”  Realize, I am hooked up to a heart monitor which is highly irregular and my blood pressure is still 220/180.  By this time it was 2:00 a.m.  Did he really think I had decided a ride in an ambulance to check out the emergency room would some how brighten my life?  He removed the oxygen, telling me I did not need it. I tried to explain, I was having difficulty breathing.  Why are we subject to this kind of rudeness and incompetence?  These doctors are paid, no questions asked, no matter how badly they screw up.  Here this asshole was in charge of an emergency room.

I felt I had a serious problem and needed help.  I could not function with this erratic heart beat.  He did order a chest x-ray which told him nothing.  He thought, I might have the early stages of congestive heart failure.  I do not know what infinite knowledge led him to this diagnosis.  In other words he was guessing and could not make an accurate diagnosis.  Yet he saw no reason to keep me overnight and run more tests to determine what was causing this.  Just to make sure it was not serious or even dangerous for me to be walking around.  I am not sure if this was due to insurance or just incompetence. I suspect both.  My heart had not stabilized so I had to ask for something to regulate my heart as I could not go home in this condition.  Being led to believe there was nothing seriously wrong with me I returned to my job the next day working ten hours a day.

Not being comfortable with this doctor or his diagnosis I went by the hospital and picked up the EKG’s from the monitor and my chest x-ray.  I had worn a Holler monitor for twenty four hours which recorded all the irregular heart beats.  I was never contacted or sent a report on this test, never given any suggestions as to what I was to do for this condition. All I received was a bill from this arrogant doctor for $550.00 for a five minute check up.

Being an avid keeper of my health, I knew none of this was normal.  I was not overly concerned but it nagged at me.  I continued to work ten hours a day and go about my normal routine.

Once in a while I would have an irregular heart beat although it never went into arrhythmia again.  Still I had enough symptoms to warrant more testing. If doctors would just listen to the patient they would learn what is happening.  Where the pain is and what is going on that is so different in our body. After all we are the ones that live in these bodies and are the most in tune with them.  Oh no, they have been to medical school and are far smarter than the patient.

I had an appointment with another specialist at this time for a totally unrelated problem.  I was still working my ten hours a day and going about my normal routine.  The doctor looked the tests over and thought to be on the safe side I should have a treadmill test.  The testing began.  For the next six weeks I had every test available for the heart.  Some of them twice. None of these expensive sophisticated tests showed any major blockage.  One technician showed me the pictures of my heart and assured me, it would show the blockage if there were any. Nor had they picked up any arrhythmia during all this testing.

When the tests were completed, I was told, the only way to be sure there was no blockage was to have an angiogram. This is the first, oldest and most reliable test around.  I have to wonder how much money is saved by doing all these other tests first.  To say nothing of the six weeks it took to conduct them and the fact that I was still working ten hours a day. Any of which could have killed me. Oh well, whoops!

In days passed, you would have been admitted to the hospital, had all these tests done under a safe environment especially when the heart is involved.  I have to wonder how many lives are lost under this new system.  We have nothing to say, this is how the system works and we must live within the system. It is not about the best health care we can receive. It is about money,  Big business and big money.

The angiogram was scheduled.  I was not overly concerned. Both my parents’ families all lived into their eighty’s and ninety’s.  I am still carrying my genes around with me.  She is my mother, ninety one years old and ticking like a clock. Her father had lived to be one hundred years of age.

How often do we actually pursue a vague problem. Even more important, how do we find a doctor who will go that extra mile to look?

The next morning the angiogram began.  About fifteen minutes into the test I felt the panic in the doctor.  Emergency help was requested over the intercom.  The doctor said, “My God, woman you are working on ten percent of your heart.”  You have one hundred percent blockage. on the left side and ninety percent on the right.  I remember nothing more until I woke several hours later in a strange place being sure a freight train had run over me.  No one can imagine what a shock something like this is.  You go to bed one night fine.  When you awake your life is forever changed.  My chest had been opened and I had been given a triple bypass surgery.

I was sent home in four days, barely able to move, with two bags of medicine,  I had five different inhalers to help me breathe better,  I had so much medicine I had to write it down each time I took it so I could keep it straight.

Even though the surgery saved my life and I am forever grateful to be alive.  I had no quality of life,  I kept trying to tell the doctors that I still had irregular heart beats, They told me they had fixed me and all was well.  Then why didn’t I feel fixed?

They labeled me a cardiac cripple, unable to accept my surgery, unable to control my emotions, unable to accept the fact that I have heart disease and all this time they are telling me I am fine.  I was even sent to a psychiatrist.  The only thing they could tell me was watch my diet and get more exercise. They have the same guidelines if you weigh 400 pounds or one hundred pounds.  I weighed one hundred thirty.  How much can you watch your diet and exercise?  I don’t smoke, drink,  drink coffee, or even coke and I always have watched my diet.  My cholesterol was back up to 310 even on a vegetarian diet. It was only 265 at the time of surgery.  I had reactions to all the cholesterol medicine, so we were always waiting for a new and better drug to be approved. More stress.

The surgeon told me if I didn’t get my cholesterol down, he would be doing the surgery again.  Now that is comforting news.

I returned to the hospital seven months later, again with arrhythmia.  Another angiogram confirmed the fact. My mammary artery used in the by-pass had already collapsed.  Remember, I have been fixed and I am fine.

You don’t realize how vulnerable you are until you come to a place like this in your life. My God where is the sanity in all this.

Sure, I was up walking around but I was not fixed and I was not fine. I just wanted one doctor to make sense when I ask a question.  You go to six different doctors, you get six different answers,  Each with a different opinion, idea and theory.  I felt like I was living in a nightmare.  Only someone who has been through an experience like this could understand. how much grief I suffered.  How much money I wasted.  How much time I spent just spinning my wheels.  I nearly ruined my life over this.  Most people believe what the doctor tells them. After this experience I realize they tell you what you want to hear.  All I want to know is what is wrong with me and can they make  it better?  It is okay they are not sure or do not know.  They have the knowledge, equipment and resources and are going to get paid.  All the patient knows is ”something is wrong.

What conventional medicine misses is the fact that we are more than parts to be repaired.  We are a whole person.  They have to know how to put the whole body back together and  make it healthy.  They are unable to do this.  They don’t make  the connection.

Finally in appreciation and disgust I was tired of being a victim.  I wanted off the merry-go-round of doctors, tests and medicine.  It had been a year and a half since the surgery. If you still have problems, you stay on the merry-go-round.

Enter Dr. Yee Wing Tong with an entirely different approach.  My guardian angel was still with me.  Little did I know that this man would offer in the way of an alternative approach.  I told him my story.  He listened to every word I said.  He took no tests, no blood work, no x-rays, and most important no bull shit.  He went straight to work on all aspects of my body, explaining that when our entire electrical system and circulation system breaks down we become ill and in pain. We must be put back together before we can be well.  He has taught me how the mind heals the body and they must work as one.  No matter what question I ask, this man has an answer. I had so much blockage in my entire body that no energy or circulation could flow through it.  No wonder I felt so ill and in pain all of the time.  It is frightening to think of the condition I would have remained in, had I not found Dr. Tong.

He works magic with his nerve blocks, acupuncture, infrared heat and electric nerve stimulation.

I suffered a major fall shortly after starting to see Dr. Tong which set me back a long way. The irregular heart beats returned. My heart and lung area had received major trauma, resulting in more blockage.  I also had cracked two ribs.  Never once did I think about going back to my heart doctors.  I knew I would be back on the merry-go-round and another hospital stay.  I went straight to Dr. Tongs office. He has had a challenge with me to say the least.  Both physical and mental.  He has risen to the challenge, above and beyond.  Every thing he has told me has come true.  I am not yet completely pain free but after only two months of treatments, herbs, nutrient supplements.  I am walking three miles a day. My cholesterol has dropped from 310 to 210.  I can breathe without five inhalers.  Even more important, for the first time in a year and a half.  I have a life.  I have hope and faith in the future at last.

So many people are being denied this alternative medicine because insurance does not want to pay for it.  Doctors do not believe in it, drug companies sure don’t want to see you use it and yet it works.  It is the only thing that does work.

Never again will I go to a regular doctor for a diagnosis of anything without seeing Dr. Tong first.

There has to be a place for chronic disease and chronic pain sufferers to go for help.  It is far cheaper than the trips to doctor after doctor, test after test, medicine after medicine and no questions asked about any of it.  If it doesn’t help. Too bad!

I don’t claim to understand how it works. All I know is that “IT DOES WORK”,  That is all that matters.


Bypass Surgery

After two (2) quadruple open heart surgeries, one in April 1981 and the last in January 1996, I was still having difficulty breathing and regaining my strength.

With treatments from Dr. Tong, “to open up the blockage,” I am now able to walk eighteen (18) holes of golf twice a week, sleep better and reduce fatigue. Treatments, together with his suggested supplemental vitamins and minerals have increased my “quality of life.”


Post Coronary Bypass, Depression, Anxiety Attacks 

**Post coronary bypass depression and anxiety attacks John is a 42 year old former workers’ compensation adjuster who suffered from angina for many years. Angioplasty was performed in 1992 and 1993 for two myocardial infarctions, but failed to rectify the problem. He underwent a quintuple bypass in 1996 which also failed to eliminate the angina completely. He developed severe postoperative depression and anxiety attacks, which were unresponsive to various antidepressants, tranquilizers, cardiac medications and analgesics. In spite of taking buspar, ativan, cardizem, lipitor, and zoloft daily, as well as seeing a psychiatrist twice a week and psychologist once a week, he was suicidal from the depression and panic attacks. In addition, he also suffered from recurrent pain from three knee surgeries in 1987, 1988, and 1989.

The first NBE therapy eliminated the angina and knee pain, and dramatically decreased the depression and anxiety. All medications were discontinued after the second treatment. Six weeks of treatments eliminated the need for psychotherapy. NBE therapy also aided in his smoke cessation to further enhance his health. Currently he is actively seeking vocational rehabilitation.



Dr Tong’s treatments have greatly reduced symptoms of lactose intolerance.   In addition, my chest, back pain, and neck pain have improved over 80%.  With the above listed improvements I am no longer depressed.  Stress management and proper diet are now the top priority since stress plays a major factor in creating the above listed problems.  At this point I have reduced my medication by over 50%.

Kevin C.


Earlier this year I contracted a persistent cold/cough and sore throat and two treatments from Dr. Tong provided total relief. Recently I developed some arrhythmia and one treatment cured the problem. Dr. Tong’s treatments have reduced both the quantity and the sight of the floaters in my eyes.

Bill B.


Since my treatments with Dr. Tong, I feel better than I have in 2 years. Before the treatments, I was a nervous mess and did not care whether I lived or died. Now thanks to Dr. Tong my life is good.

Thank you Dr. Tong and God for working a miracle on my body.

Dorothy O.


Dear Dr. Tong:

This letter is in response to your statement that my case is one that will be reviewed by Medicare evaluators. This letter is to explain from a patients point-of-view what your treatment has done to restore more function to me.

In my thirty years of practice as an Occupational Therapist, I specialized in working to re-establish motion with stroke patients and in this pursuit explored many techniques to relieve pain. The neurological condition I have, has many neurological factors as seen in CVA stroke patients. The medical profession offered only one established medication for my diagnosed condition. The neurologists stated they would work with me on anything found in medical literature that might help. This condition is most unusual, because of the reverberating tendon bone pain that has little reference literature.

My tendon bone pain begins only after awakening from sleep. Sleep induces the paroxysmal torsion dystonia and only then does the tendon bone pain begin.

You have intervened in this unusual reverberating tendon bone pain. You decreased the dystonia and therefore the tendon bone pain. The damage done by these neurological forces has been relieved by you that I am able to see increased ability to function in my daily life. In addition, my heart problems that developed according to my cardiologist from continuous low grade pain has been successfully treated by you so that the beat is now normal with no medication, and no further narrowing of the carotid arteries.

The cost of my weekly trip to you is great on my limited fixed income. The trip requires an extra day. It averages eight hours depending on the timeliness of the buses, Coaster, and train. The relief and gains that I have received from your treatment has made the trip and my financial allocation worthwhile.

The gains that I have made have been noticed by persons who have seen me before and after your care. The surprise that is expressed by others include remarks that involve the release of the stressed face muscles, posture, walk, and speech.

The annals of medicine have nothing to offer equivalent to those benefits of your treatments. The traditional VA medical community rejected treating my symptoms so that the condition progressed to being irreversible. Their private neurologist worked then with strong drugs to reverse the process and encouraged me to explore alternative care.

My vascular surgeon has been amazed at the decrease in his 1991 by-pass surgery scarring since you began your treatment. Those surface scar improvements are visual testimony of the interval scarring that is decreasing. The right ankle is noticeably improved. The medical specialist tests of carotid Doppler study, EKG and treadmill tests are further evidence to the internal gains.

The meniscus tear of the right knee diagnosed in 1990 started during sleep torsion dystonia. It is healing under your treatment so that surgery should be unnecessary. The external rotation of the fully extended leg of the sleep torsion began in 1984 has discontinued during your treatment. The damage to the plantar fascia from this tortuous extension required a prosthetic arch support. The fasciitis of the right foot is normalizing under your continuing care. The complication of the vein problem over the top of the first metatarsal bone makes it imperative that my arches be strong since orthopedic type shoes can not be worn.

Cortical brain activity has improved under your treatment in that my language skills are more available to me, my visual tracking for reading has improved, and writing is more fluent. Much of the improvement I relate to the decrease in the residual daytime pain that has come about from your treatment methods.

The rotation of the spine in sleep and the residual daytime tendon bone pain has decreased under yourcare. The previous damage of the vertebra is well established in x-rays and bone scan subluxation of C4,5, and 6, TS, lateral scoliosis from T10 to L3,4, and 5; and stenosis at L4 and 5. The torsion is not controlled yet so that I am in jeopardy each night I sleep. That risk I reduce by sleeping in the modified recliner chair part of the night.

Dr. Tong, you said if I had been able to come three times a week from the start, I would have had faster gains. I could not afford the travel on this limited fixed income. The benefits have accrued slowly, and I am thankful for each correction of tone that occurs by the treatment that you give. Your treatments have prevented a second heart surgery, and provided relief of constant pain.

I would be happy to be available to further any understanding of my status that the Medicare evaluators wishes regarding my perception of the benefits received from your treatment and the money it has saved Medicare.


Marjorie H.


I have had this problem of chest pain for about 18 months. In that time I was in the hospital in February the sixth 1986 for three days.

I had taken medication. Since that time to January 31, 1987 I was in the hospital for twelve days again in that time the doctors could not find the right medication to help me. The doctor told me he would recommend me a better doctor.

Dr. Tong the first visit I had with you I felt much better. After three visits I felt like I never had that disease before. I give many thanks to Dr. Tong. I also owe my life to Dr. Tong.

With Thanks

Bertha H.


To Whom It May Concern:


I am writing you to give my input on the review of payment for the services of Dr. Tong.


In July of 2009 I had a triple bypass heart surgery and was on disability until January 2, 2010. I specifically got this insurance at a great expense to me and to go to Dr. Tong for the pain relief I am obtaining.  They came highly recommended from a friend of mine whose very painful neuropathy in his feet and legs was cured.

In my case I had severe pain in my left arm, chest, back, neck, and shoulders as well as breathing problems due to Asthma. I was not able to lift anything without experiencing severe pain in my left arm. The pain is subsiding with only infrequent reoccurances. My neck, back and shoulder pain has been reduced greatly. My chest pain and breathing condition has improved tremendously and my quality of life is much bette since treatment with Dr. Tong.

Recently I had ankle swelling and pain which also starting to subside. I have been able to eliminate several drugs and reduced others while my health continues to get better.

I am still struggling with stamina issues, which I hope to resolve this year. I will continue to receive treatment on a cash basis out of my own pocket to sustain the progress i am making as my company does not offer your insurance anymore. Your prompt payment to them would be greatly appreciated.



Linda C.

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