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I suffered from severe PMS symptoms and was diagnosed with adenomyosis and endometriosis by professors at USC and UCLA. I had laparoscopies and laser treatments. I tried GNRH agonists and Lupron, birth control pills and Provera, but they put me in a menopausal state with hot flashes and headaches. After this six month program, the symptoms returned. Each physician said that there was no cure and that I would eventually need a hysterectomy. They gave me pain killers that made me ill. The very best failed to effect a cure.

After receiving treatments from Dr. Tong, my pain was completely relieved. Within four months, my hot flashes, eye pain, and “floaters” were gone, and my stress level is way down. In situations where I would normally be nervous or upset, I notice that I’m calm and I don’t have any migraines! I am very happy with my results and I expect that I will not be getting a hysterectomy after all!



I first came to Dr. Tong in October 1993. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy in November for a fourth stage uterine prolapse. I had a lot of pressure and discomfort from my bladder. I had to get up every hour at night to urinate, or I would lose control and wet my pants. I had to bend over the toilet with my hands on my knees to empty my bladder. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, I had significant relief from my bladder problems. After five treatments, my uterus was back inside, and I was able to control my bladder, sit on the toilet normally, and sleep for eight hours without going to the bathroom. My uterus has remained inside my body for the last five months. Dr. Tong has taught me that proper rest and stress reduction all keep my energy level up and keep my uterus in. It fell out again when I was ill, but I was able to bring it back inside with proper diet and rest. Now I know I will never need the hysterectomy that I was scheduled for before I came to Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong has also helped me with my diabetes. After one month of treatments, my blood sugar dropped fifty points and my cholesterol forty points.



I started seeing Dr. Tong June of 1992. I started having problems with my body. My leg was having pain where I couldn’t go up or down stairs without being in pain or going to the bathroom when I go up stairs. When I go down stairs I went to the bathroom. My leg was very weak. I was thinking I would need help later going up and down. I try to walk and exercise to make my leg much stronger and get rid of the pain. A friend told me about Dr. Tong and I figured what do I have to lose. When I saw my friend at work and he told me about Dr. Tong I was feeling like my body was falling apart. Short-winded, nerves, and tension headaches. I don’t know exactly what happened to me, but since I was seeing Dr. Tong, everything is so much better. I feel a lot better. I also have so much faith in Dr. Tong that if I could continue my treatment he could solve my problem. I am getting results. I feel the pain every now and then if I move incorrectly, but not as often as before. My head is not aching, hot or cold. A little sore, but not until I touch it.

Betty D.


The treatments that I received were for an on-going procedure for treatment of chronic pain. I received a combination of injections, electrical stimulation, heat treatment, etc. for this condition. I feel these are generally accepted medical procedures meeting professionally recognized standards for treatment of chronic pain. Also, I was referred to Dr. Tong by Dr. L. Cutner (gynecologist) and Dr. Kent Azaren (surgeon) who are with excellent and reputable physicians.

Because of severe abdominal pain caused by a cyst, adhesions from many previous surgeries and nerve involvement, I have been unable to work full time since April of 1991. I have seen approximately 4 other doctors (gynecologist, surgeon, gastro-intestinal specialist, pain-management) seeing relief from this problem. I had a cyst drained twice, surgery, and medication. I had surgery in August, as well as a variety of treatments to alleviate this pain. None have helped to reduce the pain to a point where I can resume a normal life. Dr. Tong’s treatments have helped substantially to reduce pain and I feel my condition will continue to improve. When I started treatments I was very inactive and taking narcotic type pain killers: Percodan, Darvocet, Codeine. I rarely left my home and needed others to shop and drive me to appointments. After 2 weeks of treatment with Dr. Tong, I no longer take these pain killers, but now only need Motrin a mild pain-killer. Also my physical activity has increased to where I go for hour walks and have begun a series of exercises to strengthen my lower back and abdomen. I also am able to work at home for approximately three to four hours per day. My emotional condition has also improved considerably. I am less depressed, sleep much better and can do more physical activities, such as shopping and driving. I believe all these improvements will continue until I am able to resume full-time work if I can continue with Dr. Tong’s treatments. Dr. Tong’s therapy for pain management requires office visits on a regular basis to maintain improvement in my condition.

Please advise me as to what procedure we can pursue to receive payment of this claim. If you need more information, call me or Dr. Tong’s office (714) 556-8664.

Thank you for your help.




I have an expanding Hemangioma, that is a benign blood tumor, but mine is rare…it is growing, making my tongue swell and grow and also my neck underneath my jaw. It creates intractable pain. I am also afflicted with constant headaches that develop into migraine headaches which in the past have required many hospital emergency room visits to stop me from throwing up and to stop the torturous pain. Recently, I have also been diagnosed with endometriosis.

Dr. Yee-Wing Tong has been treating my conditions for about one year now. His treatments have helped me in dealing with the overwhelming amount of pain that I suffer on a daily basis. Dr. Tong has been the only doctor that has significantly reduced the severity of pain and reduced the need for emergency room treatment. The other doctors that I have seen prior to Dr. Tong, only ordered expensive, multiple ultrasound tests, MRI Scans, Cat Scans and never addressed a possible curative approach. Multiple emergency room visits and multiple hospital stays are more expensive than the treatments that Dr. Tong provides me. Dr. Tong’s treatments have also reduced my need for such emergency services, which in the end ultimately saves money. I noticed an increase in emergency room visits when the new Medicare, once every ten day policy, went into effect. I have more pain therefore I have had to seek emergency aid more frequently. No treatments may keep me away from hospital stays or emergency room visits completely, however I feel in the long run if I am allowed to have treatments Dr. Tong recommends it will save money and add to the quality of my life by relieving a greater amount of the pain I endure.

I am fearful that the current Medicare cuts and the upcoming Health Care Reform Package and Medicare cuts will only cost me my health and welfare and increase my suffering to a progressive state.

I will appreciate your consideration in the matter. I have previously written to Congressman Stephen Horn of the 38th Congressional District of California who has forwarded my inquiry to Medicare.


Lauren M. F.


April 10, 1992

It’s been many years since I was able to sleep at night without getting up 5 to 15 times with so much pain and pressure on my shoulder back and insides. For once only after two weeks of treatment, the pain has gotten so much better. When I walk for short distances the pain is not so bad on my back, bladder and ovarian. One night I slept until the morning without getting up. That’s a miracle. It was a wonderful feeling and now with all the trouble I’m having. I know there’s hope for me. Thank God for creating natural healers as Dr. Tong and his assistant.

Paula M.

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