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My sister, Helen introduced me to Dr. Tong and strongly recommended him.   I was injured at work.  I couldn’t walk without extreme pain in my lower back and legs.  I had many other problems for 30 years.  I was a cigarette smoker and tried many methods of giving it up without success.  I went from doctor to doctor, the last doctor I went to 66 times.  I wasn’t getting any better, instead I was getting worse.  My sister kept talking to me to go to Dr. Tong.  So finally, I went and after the first treatment, I had no pain.  I went into the hospital for the epidural injection and feel like I am beginning to live again.  He cured me of my pain in the back and legs.  He also cured me of addiction to cigarettes.  I no longer smoke.  He helped me with all my medical problems such as my nervous stomach and chronic sinus problem.

Dr. Tong is the most remarkable doctor, I have ever gone to in  my life.  Dr. Tong, Dr. Qi and Dr. Lu, I thank God for each one of these caring remarkable people, who have really given me freedom from pain.  I can now get out and enjoy life again.  The staff is as remarkable and efficient too.  My deepest gratitude to each and every one of them.

Leone F.


Dear Dr. Tong,

    As I told you last week, I started that old “American line,” “Gee, doctor.  You’ve given me back my life.  No amount of money could pay you for what you’ve done for me.  But I’ll pass it on and do something for someone else.”  I no sooner got the words out when I suddenly remembered the time you asked me what I spent on “drugs” each week.  I didn’t tell you because you might have asked me to pay you, and after all, I was the one who vowed to be your servant.  Remember?  You said, “What would you give to be healed?”

    I believe you are a man whose task was set before him and you took up that task and have not wavered.  Not only that, but the responsibility of your words and claims are staggering.  You are truly a remarkable MAN.  To call you a MAN is the biggest compliment I can ever give someone.  You are one of maybe 10-15 MEN I have known.

    I thank you for raising me from the dead.  Please accept my good thoughts and this very poor gift for just payment.  I have no money but I give you the biggest and brightest, except my car, of all the valuable assets I own.   I have been waiting for three years to give this to you.

    Dr. Tong, please do not discuss this with my mother or anyone who knows me.  Likewise, I will respect you.  Also, respectfully, do not try to return the gift as it is more truly yours than you have time to read. 

    I will answer any questions you feel you need to know to be comfortable.  However, doctor, we both know it is truly no more than a third prize ribbon compared to the GIFTS you have given me.

    And . . .all you really need to know is that it was bought at “Michaels” in Mission Viejo Mall, paid for in cash and given to me to do with what I wished.  In other words, it’s legal.  Now it is yours to do with as you wish.  I have the original box but haven’t found it yet.  When I do I will also enclose the receipt if you wish.

    Please respect my privacy – our secret – but only my family.  You can certainly tell anyone else you want to.  Although I would feel very uncomfortable if anyone else said anything about it to me.

    It is not money for the doctor.  It is respect for the man.





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