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My pain from RSD brought me to see Dr. Tong and thank God I did.

I broke my small finger playing tennis and needed surgery.  Following surgery, all my problems began.  I was in unnerving pain from the cast and constantly wanted it removed for some relief.  After about six weeks, the cast and pin were removed and I went to physical therapy.  During therapy, my system shut down and could not send any energy to my hand.  The skin turn dark leather brown; I had constant pain and my hand was sensitive to air movement, cold and any movement.  I felt I would lose all functions.  I held my hand against my body for constant protection.

At this point I was diagnosed with RSD. I went to paying clinics where I was given pain injections in the ganglia and spine for about 20 to 40 minutes relief.   During those sessions, I would work on the range of motion exercises so that I would not lose complete function of my hand. At home I did hot wax treatments, warm and crude water bath all day long to create circulation.

At this point, I was having success in controlling the dystrophy but certainly not in improving it.  This is when I went to see Dr. Tong and he gave me much hope and encouragement.

Due to my pain level and fear, I would not initially allow Dr. Tong to inject my hand.  He worked on the related systems and I saw some improvement.  I then realized that there was synergy between his treatments and my home and physical therapy treatments.  That is when the healing occurred

I continued to improve over the next year and am now pain free, with over 90 percent range of motion and 60 percent hand flexibility.

Dr. Tong under stay is the healing process and how it works from a “whole body point of view,” physical, emotional and spiritual.  This, you cannot find in traditional medical practices and has been the key to the success in my healing

Carole P


I would like to thank Dr. Tong for all his help. He has been very kind, considerate, and most of all very patient in my recovering.

In February of 1992, I was diagnosed with RSD in both legs and the left arm. I was in a wheel chair for four weeks. I was treated by an Internist doctor, an anesthesiologist, a rheumatologist, a cardiologist, and an orthopedic surgeon. They decided to give me an epidural. I received a series of three epidurals within a three week period. I was then able to walk and recover 70% of my illness, but my hands were all the time swollen, and then after four months, I started with acupuncture treatments, it started to relieve the swelling in my hands but then I began with pain in my leg again, she couldn’t treat my hands and leg at the same time.

Then in July of 1994, I started with a severe pain in my leg that I wasn’t able to sit down or stand up for four days. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Tong. After the first treatment, I felt 70% better, after the third treatment, most of the pain was gone. In some of my treatments with Dr. Tong, I was very depressed and he relieved my depression with one shot.

Sometimes I have had ups and downs emotionally because the treatments are painful, but after the treatments I feel much better. I have amazing results in other areas, my back was very dark with different spots and through the treatments, my face has been clearing out.

I highly recommend Dr. Tong with any type of illness; he will be able to tell you if he can help you or not.


Sara T

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy

Dear Dr. Tong,

Hello … and just a quick note to let you know of the progress of my hand. Just to refresh your memory, I’m your R.S.D. patient from the “KAISER” system, -Dr. Ho. He requested that I NOT use your services, and I did come back to you, .and your staff.

My hand is about 85% pain free, although it does HURT when I do have my physical therapy sessions twice a week.

I cannot write (type with my left hand here), I cannot eat, and other things I am unable to ‘do’ for myself, although my wonderful therapy person, Michelle Wong (also oriental ancestry) helps me so much, and we do concentrate on what I can do, rather than what I cannot do.

Mrs. Wong is familiar with REFLEX SYMPATHETIC DYSTROPHY. She has studied this area, and has had other patients with R.S.D. — although she has indicated that my hand situation was and is the most challenging to her, and I am her patient with the least mobility she has encountered.

My accident happened Feb. 1st 1990 and by Feb. 1st 1991, I do expect to have full use of my hand, should all continue as expected. At this time, I shall come in to ‘show’ off my hand to you, and bring a letter testimony and a copy of a letter to Dr. Ho, of Kaiser (I have not seen him since he was upset that I had your services).

I do know that you and your staff have been the most helpful in the treatment

Kind regards,


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