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I came from Oklahoma on the recommendation of my son, who was a patient of Dr. Tong in 1985. He was disabled from open heart surgery with severe pain in his chest. Dr. Tong helped him so much that he was able to return to work.

I had severe pain in my right leg and hip for over 6 months. My trip to California was made by air in a wheelchair. After 5 treatments from Dr. Tong, I walked on and off the plane. It’s a wonderful feeling to be this much on y own again. I am very thankful, and I hope that I can influence more people to try his treatment and enjoy the painless feeling as I have.

Vergia H


Because I have received such beneficial results from the magnets, I feel compelled to share their almost miraculous benefits to all who suffer intractable pain.

I had left sciatic neuralgia for over a year. The pain was relieved by chiropractic treatment by about 50%. I then began treatments from Dr. Tong. There was very slow progress until I finally told Dr. Tong of the overwhelming emotional and mental stress I was undergoing which was causing severe depression and fatigue. At that point, Dr. Tong began treating the stress points along with the back points and prescribed the magnets. Within two days my energy returned, the depression disappeared, and the sciatic neuralgia greatly improved.

Before using the magnets, I could stand only half an hour before the pain became intolerable. I can now stand for eight hours and feel only minor pain and slight tingling. And, I can now effectively deal with the problem causing the fatigue and depression. The therapeutic benefits of the magnets are absolutely incredible and miraculous.

Thank you Dr. Tong. I am more grateful than any words could convey.

Zaida T.


I have been coming to you off and on since 1991 and each and every time you have been able to reduce my pain and cure my problem.

In 1991, I came to you after seeing a chiropractor for three months for a pinched sciatic nerve. I was going three times a week for electric stimulation and adjustments, neither of which helped. My husband finally suggested that I see you because you had done so much to relieve his Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. After just three visits, I was able to stand up straight, and my pain was greatly reduced. It took another seven visits before the pain was all gone, and I was able to fulfill my dream to travel across the US on a motorcycle with my husband.

In 1993, I returned to you with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This time I did not even bother to go see a neurologist. The repetitive motion as a manicurist, along with being very depressed about my job, contributed to the problem. Your treatments helped reduce my pain and surprisingly also lifted my depression. It took four visits before the numbness and shooting pains began to rescind. After that it was a matter of several visits and one month off work before I had full control and no more pain. What was so great was that I did not need surgery or drugs to deal with this problem.

In January of 1995, I was in “full blown” menopause. I had hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, and bouts of the blues. I was irritable, had memory loss, sleeplessness, and vaginal dryness. The skin on my face became dry and, at the age of 42, I had pimples and a facial rash. My gynecologist put me on estrogen and progesterone. I decided to go see you. You said that the hormones were not good for me because they cause the female organs to shrivel up and die. For the first month I took the hormones while being treated by you. I was afraid to go off them because of the relief they had given me. You reminded me of all the good you had done for me and that I had to trust you. So in the second month, I terminated the hormones. I was pleased that none of my symptoms had returned and my menstrual cycle had begun again. The third month I further reduced your treatments. Still, none of my symptoms have returned and I am still menstruating on my own. I am now in my fourth month and down to one treatment a week. I feel great and I am very pleased that I am in control of my body. I did go back for a three month review with my gynecologist and told him what had been happening. You can believe his response.

Tina C.


I had Sciatica Pain in my leg where it joined my Gluteous Maximus for two years. Being extremely athletic, I was devastated that at 29, I could no longer continue my normal activities. I went to an orthopedic surgeon, a neurologist, a back specialist, and had all the expensive tests they suggested. Each had theories, but none offered any relief, and all told me to quit exercising indefinitely.

After 6 weeks of treatments with Dr. Tong, I’m back at aerobics, bike riding, and driving for hours without pain. I consider myself 90% cured, two or three more treatments and I’ll be 100%. I carried the magazine clipping about Dr. Tong and his treatments for over two months, too nervous and pessimistic to call. I write this so that others won’t wait as long. Thank you Dr. Tong!

Carrie Dickie


I have been treated by Dr. Tong for the past 3 years. When I went to see the doctor the first time, I was not able to walk, I had candida, and had a gastrointestinal condition which no doctor was able to help me. Today with Dr. Tong’s help, I’m 73 years old still able to work, and feeling so much better. Why should a medical doctor get paid for pumping you up with medication and one doctor even wanted to operate on me, because I couldn’t walk, when the treatments that I got from Dr. Tong helps me going.




I am glad that Dr. Godes called Dr. Tong. I had a severe pinched nerve. I could not walk. I went in on a wheelchair and I walked out after just one treatment by Dr. Tong. Later on, I asked Dr. Tong to also treat my breathing problem. I had metal poisoning from my job. I needed to use oxygen every night for years. After 3 treatments, I no longer need to use oxygen anymore. It is so wonderful. I can now go to the mountains without my oxygen. I highly recommend Dr. Tong for anyone.

Alicia S.



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