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Since I suffered a whiplash injury some five years ago, I have been to numerous doctors and submitted myself to various physical therapy centers. They have been uniformly unsuccessful in relieving me of my pain except for brief periods, frequently with the liberal use of pain-killing drugs.

Generally, my experience has been that these doctors appear to find it difficult to accept that a patient in suffering acute pain especially after their recommended medication or exercises have been undertaken without beneficial results or, as is frequently the case, have actually exacerbated the problems.

Thus it was a revelation to find in Dr. Tong and his staff not only a deep understanding of the physical and emotional problems of a patient undergoing chronic pain, but a medical procedure that has been effective already in relieving the worst of my pain in the very first treatments. I can now turn my neck without pain for the first time in five years and have benefited immensely from each treatment given to me by Dr. Tong unlike previous practitioners who rely primarily on the efficacy of his treatment for the elimination of pain. Medication is used as part of that treatment and not as a last resort and a mere temporary relief when all else has failed.

The helpful and affirmative attitude of Dr. Tong and his staff in contrast to the distance and suspicion I have often encountered previously and the effectiveness of his course of treatment have for the first time in years provided me with the conviction that chronic and severe pain can be eliminated through his treatments.

I enthusiastically recommend him to anyone who, like me, has been suffering chronic bouts of pain.

Barbara S


I have had chronic pain in my neck and shoulders since approximately November of 1992. My first course of action was to see my primary physician, Dr. Scott D. Brunner. He prescribed a regimen of physical therapy for approximately three months. The treatment provided some temporary relief, however, as soon as it was discontinued, the pain returned. Dr. Brunner then prescribed an MRI which proved inconclusive. He then referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Lawrence Fiewell.

Dr. Fiewell, after reading the MRI and determining that surgery was not necessary, prescribed a series of stretching routines, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatories. None of this provided any relief from the pain, in fact it only got worse. Dr. Fiewell, became frustrated with my situation and referred me to Southland Pain Management Center and Dr. Steven Waldman.

Dr. Waldman subscribes to the theory that all pain is caused primarily by stress and that the key to eliminating pain is to lead a stress free life. This obviously is next to impossible, but I went along with his prescription of biofeedback therapy sessions and acupuncture twice a week. The acupuncture provided some temporary relief directly after the treatment, but nothing long-lasting. The biofeedback doctor prescribed a series of relaxation techniques and self-hypnosis. These procedures, while very relaxing, provided no pain relief whatsoever.

Dr. Waldman also prescribed the use of highly addictive pain medicine, which I refused to take after one dose because of the extreme side effects it caused. Next, Dr. Waldman along with his partner Dr. Marie Russman decided to try a procedure called Cervical Epidural Injection. This was a series of three injections, once a week. Dr. Waldman performed the first procedure with Dr. Russman performing the last two. The shots caused extreme soreness and immobilization for no less than three days after which the normal chronic pain was still present and in some instances compounded. Also, during the second in the series, the first performed by Dr. Russman, some sort of nerve damage was done which caused numbness and involuntary movement of my right arm.

Deciding that I was making no progress with Southland Pain Management Center and Dr. Waldman, I returned to my primary, Dr. Brunner. He ordered another MRI which showed basically the same results as the first performed approximately a year earlier. By this time my pain was so severe and constant that normal everyday activities were becoming more and more difficult to perform. I was, for the first time, considering a disability leave from my job.

It was about this time that I saw a public access broadcast about Dr. Yee-Wing Tong with testimonials from many patients claiming to have similar pain as mine and having gone through several treatment methods such as I have. They all said that Dr. Tong’s treatment method was the only thing that had ever provided any relief from their pain. I discussed the broadcast with Dr. Brunner, who said that he felt there was nothing more that he could do for me and suggested that I explore the possibilities with Dr. Tong.

I began receiving treatment from Dr. Tong in January of this year. Within six to eight treatments (approximately one month) I began to notice some improvement in my pain. By the second month of treatment, there was a significant decrease in my pain and my activity level definitely increased. For the first time in three years, my pain was not ruling my life, I was.

Dr. Tong is the first doctor that has been able to offer any help at all with my chronic pain. Though I still feel pain at times, it definitely is not at a level that would hinder me from working or living my life. I feel that this treatment is vital to the continued improvement of my condition and that the charges for this treatment should be satisfied by MetLife.

Enclosed please find the answers to your billing questionnaire. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

Dena L. M.


Dr. Tong has turned my life around. I was a total mess after a car accident last year. I was in constant pain, even sitting down or sleeping hurt. I limped like a sick duck, and everything was a painful effort. I went to a chiropractor, a neurologist, and 2 orthopedic doctors; one of whom refused to see me unless I was willing to have surgery. The second diagnosed a herniated disc but couldn’t help me!

Finally I met Dr. Tong . . . a USC graduate with knowledge and motivation. Most importantly, he truly cares. Care, skill, and knowledge are a rare combination these days. He talks to you and he listens. He believes you when you tell him you are hurting, and does something about your pain. He doesn’t run for X-rays, or pump you with drugs, but starts to help you right away. East meets West with Dr. Tong–you have the best of both worlds. I’m 80-90% free of the pain I had. I have more energy, and a better quality of life lies ahead. Best of all, I have a caring, fun doctor who knows what he’s doing and does it. Dr. Tong is the greatest. He is number one in my book!

So if you are in pain, call Dr. Tong. You can enjoy life again too. All you have to bring is a positive attitude and your insurance (ha, ha). If you don’t have a positive attitude, Dr. Tong will show you how to get it while he gets rid or your pain.

Betty K


First I would like to stress the point that I have suffered spinal pain starting in my Cervical through the Thoracic and extending to the Lumbar Sacral areas for approximately 35 years, after having been involved in an auto accident that rendered me in a Coma for a period of three and a half weeks.

I have been examined by four Orthopedic Medical Specialist over the many years of pain that I have suffered with related to my unstable spinal condition. Dr. Curtis Spencer of the Sports Medicine Group that is related to Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. Dr. Andrew S. Frankel, M.D. Brandywine Orthopedic Associates, 486 Thomas Way, Suite 110, Exton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Samuel Kim of the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Group, Long Beach, Ca.; and finally the pain management and Orthopedic Department of the Veterans Hospital, Long Beach, Ca.

All of the evaluating Doctors concurred with my symptoms of Chronic Pain that I have endured for such an extended period time. In almost every evaluation of my damaged spinal condition, the consensus was that surgery would only increase my existing pain and compromise further the structural integrity of my already weakened spine. To quote the many examining Doctors, “Mr. LeFevre your spinal problems do not respond well to surgery.”

I have exhausted all the avenues open to me with my spinal problems, Chiropractic, Epidural Injections, physical therapy and trigger point injections administered to me other then by Dr. Tong. The trigger point injections and Epidural injections were performed in the Brandywine Hospital located in Coatesville, Pa. as well as the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. with very little relief, as well as Memorial Hospital, L.B. Hospital.

When I saw Dr. Tong on television and listened to the many Testimonials of his patients I decided to give him a chance. Dr. Tong not only has gotten me out of bed so I can walk a fair distance without my cane, but; he has reduced my Chronic Bronchitis to the point that I no longer need to rely on antibiotics. Dr. Tong’s treatments have helped my severe Crohns Disease of both my small and large intestines remarkably. Dr. Tongs treatments have improved my Meniere’s Disease to the point that it can be controlled by his expert approach to this disabling cycle. His treatments have brought my liver enzyme levels back to normal. But, most of all; he has all but corrected the debilitating stroke that I suffered approximately two years ago.

I am being treated for psychiatric problems at the V.A. Hospital, L.B. Ca. by Dr. Marvin Galinsky. He has stated that he has noticed improvement with my mental state since being treated by Dr. Tong. I realize that I could never again hold gainful employment with all my medical problems, but; Dr. Tong has given me back a quality of life worth living for.


Thomas F. L.


Dear Dr. Tong & Staff:

Just a note to express my appreciation to all of you for the time, patience and skill accorded me in helping eliminate the pain in my shoulder, upper back and neck. When one considers the shoulder trouble began some 20 years ago due to an accident and a back and neck pain resulted from a severe stroke five years ago, I compliment you for what you have accomplished.


C. Douglas C.

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