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I came to Dr. Tong February 25, 1997. I limped into his office with a walker and a leg brace. I could hardly walk, and the pain was so bad, constantly, even with all kinds of pain medication.

At age 72, I started having back pain and pain in my right side and leg. I had diabetes for many years (approximately 25 years) which I had no trouble with pain all these years till July of 1996. I washed my car one-day, and afterwards I developed severe lower back and leg pain.

I went to Dr. P… and he gave me medication for pain, without any relief. Then I had to go to the hospital and the pain was so bad I was unable to stand it. He had many tests ran and none showed what was wrong. He even called other doctors in, like Dr. B…, who took more tests and thought I should have my leg amputated and before the year ended he thought I’d have to lose the other leg. I also had Dr. D… run many, many tests and still no one could help me. Even though I kept telling each doctor I was diabetic, but they said that had nothing to do with it. Then my right foot dropped. I couldn’t move or control it, it made me fall frequently and hurt myself.

I had been in two different hospitals for 13 days and treated by 9 specialists, each one telling me they couldn’t find what was wrong. After all the painful tests they sent me home with no improvement and unbelievable pain day and night. I tried acupuncture eight times. I even went to San Bernardino five times a week with someone to drive me back and forth, and went into a hyperbaric chamber for 45 minutes each day, and spent $8000 and unbelievable number of treatments. It didn’t help.

Then the last doctor I went to said it was so bad he would be amputating my right leg. By the end of the year I would lose the left leg. I told him, even if he was a specialist, I didn’t need him for a doctor–nor did he need me for a patient. I left his office thinking of only one thing–I must do away with myself because the pain was so severe and I knew I couldn’t expect living with such awful pain nor the loss of my legs.

The tests and drugs prescribed for me were so many I can’t name them all, plus many, many X-rays. I had a myelogram, a discogram, and etc. I was given Mexitil, Elarul, Lortab, and numerous other drugs, plus my diabetic medications. I was in such a pain and my blood sugar was out of control, I can’t tell you how wonderful life is now that Dr. Tong has treated me.

The lady I work for found Dr. Tong and asked me to please come and see him. Thank God I listened. He told me from the very first visit that I would not lose my legs, and with his treatments, I would walk without a walker or a cane, and he said the pain would go away.

I have to say Dr. Tong has kept his word. I cannot praise him enough. I am so thankful I came to Dr. Tong for my treatments. For the past two years, I walk great without the brace, cane, or walker, and no more pain in my leg and hip and back. And, last of all, I still have both my legs.

Also, my diabetes was cured by Dr. Tong’s treatment. I have not needed my diabetic pills for the past two years. My blood sugar stays quite normal, even though I must be honest that I do not always follow Dr. Tong’s dietary recommendations. Before his treatments, my blood sugar levels were 180-200 or more with the two pills prescribed by other doctors. Now it is 100-120, and goes up to 140-150 when I have really indulged on my diet.

I am back now August of 1999 but, it’s because of stress concerning my life and I’m sure he will help me get rid of this also.

Daisy B.


Eight and a half months ago I could hardly walk and could not climb nor descend stairs at all. The pain in my hips and legs was almost unbearable, and pain killers and muscle relaxers were not working. A friend told me that she thought it was poor circulation and recommended acupuncture. That was the day that I discovered Dr. Tong and he changed my lifestyle. I will soon be 72 years-old and feel like I did when I was 52. I can take the stairs and can keep up with the teenagers in the mall. Dr. Tong and his acupuncture have increased my circulation to a point where I breathe better, it has cured my dry eye condition, and I can do exercises! I sleep much better and don’t have that frequent call to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Thank you, Dr. Tong from a grateful patient,

Maggi D

I saw Dr. Tong on cable TV in Long Beach. In the past I had seen my own family doctor for my diabetes which was causing numbness in my feet. My family doctor suggested that I see a neurologist which I did not follow, is getting worse. I started to see Dr. Tong in August of 1994 until December of 1994, at which time I moved to New Mexico where I bought a house. I stayed there for a year. I had to sell my house to return to California because I could not find anyone to treat me with nerve block injections. Since my last treatment with Dr. Tong in California, I felt a great deal of improvement and I wish to continue until the pain is gone. Also, I am using the Solitens that Dr. Tong recommend highly, and am finding it very helpful.

Charlotte A. I

The first day I came to Dr. Tong, I could not drive. I could hardly walk. I have had severe leg and foot pain for years because of neuropathy. I tried everything, even the famous Scripps Clinic. All they did was prescribe pain killers. The pills made me lose my balance. They did a lot of tests. Some made me very sick. It was a total waste of time and money!

The first treatment Dr. Tong did made me feel very good right away. I did not have to take any more pain pills. Now, I can drive. I can even put on my good lizard boots from Texas. I’m very thankful.

Frank H


Since the treatments, all the pain in my foot is gone, my back doesn’t ache anymore, and my severe anxiety attacks have disappeared down to a little nervousness now and then. I want to keep taking treatments until I feel healthy and happy.

Vincent T

  Diabetic Neuropathy

I have had Diabetes (Type I – juvenile onset) for 34 years and have suffered with various complications of the disease for at least 20 of those years. My neuritis and neuralgia and circulatory pains and problems seemed to be the most debilitating of my condition.
I noticed marked improvement with Dr. Tong’s treatments even from the first day, when he worked on unblocking areas especially in my shoulders and arms. Then he worked on the complete lack of feeling (numbness) in my feet and beginning numbness in my hands. This has improved measurably. My hands are not numb and my feet are beginning to have feeling again. I appreciate feeling warmer through my body too. It’s a nice feeling to be well! Thank you, Dr. Tong.

Being in constant pain is difficult enough. But having to constantly fight, call, and beg for necessary treatment is extremely frustrating and stressful. It produces extreme anxiety which increased my pain. I have been forced to spend hours on the phone and writing letters daily and weekly for two years, in a desperate attempt to receive care.



Diabetes seems to be under control – not quite down to normal. Have discontinued diabetes pills. Watching diet an daily exercise along with treatments works well.

Walter S.

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