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Around two months ago I broke my ankle and had to have surgery and have my foot and leg placed in a cast. Since my twenties I had been slightly bothered by claustrophobia, but somehow having the cast on my leg brought on a much sever case. When the cast was removed around three weeks ago, within a day I began to suffer severe panic attacks which caused me to be unable to sit or lie down for more than just a few minutes at a time. I had to be constantly walking, pacing back and forth. I didn’t sleep for a week or more, I was tired, but could not lie down for any amount of time, and had to get up and walk around.

The anxiety caused me to have a desperate feeling as though I needed to do something, but could not figure what to do. Pacing didn’t help much, but it was all I could do, I could not relax. Exercise didn’t help. I couldn’t even do that for a few minutes without getting up and walking. It is almost impossible to describe how uneasy I felt. Even riding in a car turned out to cause problems; if it got where the traffic was tied up for more than three or four minutes, I felt like I needed to jump out of the vehicle.

My appetite was also affected. I didn’t eat meals, only picked for two weeks, three or four days before I first visited Dr. Tong, I had to force myself to eat because I knew I had to or I might damage my body. I had lost fifteen pounds.

On my first visit to Dr. Tong’s office I had to pace back and forth in the reception room, I insisted upon a spacious room and had to have the blinds open. I could not sit still while the office worker took my history; she sat while I paced and answered questions.

The first treatment helped a lot, but the next day I had enough anxiety that I called the office for another appointment. I had seen enough improvement to warrant me driving to Long Beach (approx. 55 min. drive) to get another treatment. That helped, and I was able to make it through until my next appointment.

Since being treated by Dr. Tong the symptoms have subsided greatly. Even after the first treatment I was a lot better. After the third one, I even felt better than “normal”. My appetite increased and I was able to eat. In fact, I feel very hungry after each treatment. I now feel as though if I had continued the way I was I might have died of starvation My sleep is improving. I can actually sleep at night!

I still have a little anxiety, however I can sit and relax for longer periods of time and carry on conversations with people. I am able to stay in the treatment room and lie on the table for long periods of time without needing to jump up and walk around.

Being stuck in traffic doesn’t bother me like it did. Also the swelling left in my ankle from the break and subsequent surgery has decreased.

One incident which exemplifies my condition was that one week before my first visit to Dr. Tong, a friend invited me to go sailing, and after sitting in the boat for just a short time, I could no longer stand the tension and had to eject myself from the boat. We hadn’t even pulled away from the dock! I am now able to enjoy sailing alone.

William R.

Mitral Valve Prolapse, Panic Disorder, Tinnitus

Twenty years ago, I was diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse. During this time, I have sought help from many doctors, each agreeing that I have MVP, and prescribing different drugs for the problem. The drugs did not take care of it, nor did any therapy of any kind give me any relief. My irregular heart beat and panic attacks continued; my depression became worse, and life had no meaning.

Fortunately, I was referred to Dr. Yee Wing Tong, M.D., and after the first treatment, I experienced immediate relief. I was able to breathe quietly and comfortably for the first time in many years. I was so relaxed and I remember crying with relief. After so many years of complete despair, drugs, and depression, I am truly blessed to find Dr. Tong. Since receiving his treatment, my panic attacks have stopped, my heart beat is normal, I have more energy, and my depression is gone. As an added benefit, I have also no more bleeding from my gums , my dental hygienist is really surprised, and my last two checkups have been very good.

Recently, Dr. Tong introduced me to magnets. I began wearing the magnetic insoles and noticed increased energy. Then I purchased the mattress and my sleep has improved and my energy has been coming back better each day. I wear the magnets at different prescribed places, for example near my heart. This magnet completely calms me down, and if I do not wear it, I feel symptoms immediately. I am also very pleased with the electrical stimulation unit, as I have had a ringing in my ear for six months. The unit located it right away and stopped the ringing. I am so pleased with these products, along with Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Jacqueline F.


Since the treatments, all the pain in my foot is gone, my back doesn’t ache anymore, and my severe anxiety attacks have disappeared down to a little nervousness now and then. I want to keep taking treatments until I feel healthy and happy.

Vincent T.


My name is D. M. and I recently started to see Dr. Tong for my debilitating depression and anxiety. Since childhood I’ve had an anxiety problem which is almost always accompanied by nausea. This problem of mine has kept me from normal interaction with the world because the nausea would come whenever I came across people. This narrowed down my “comfort” zone virtually to just my home. I was a prisoner of my “chronic anxiety.” I had few friends, my relationship with my family was very poor, and my academic life suffered greatly.

When I entered college, this problem miraculously subsided for about 3 months which I believe to be a precious spiritual experience sent to me from God. All my physical and mental problems disappeared for this duration of time. I was able to do the normal things that most people take for granted. I was in heaven being able to shop at grocery stores and eating at restaurants with friends, and simply just walking down the street without being scared. This was truly a miracle. But soon after, all of my old habit of mind and body started to reappear. I was once again trapped in my own world of fears. Sometimes it would get so bad that I would not be able to answer the phone or even talk to my own parents. Going out with friends was out of the question. I had become worse than before. Sometimes I felt so deeply depressed about the condition that I had fallen into that I wanted to end my life. But somehow I was able to overcome these feelings. I soon realized that if the illness had once gone away miraculously, there must be a way to re-attain that condition My heart was filled with the desire to become normal again. This has kept me going.

For the past 5 years I have been searching-for a way to become normal again.

My whole life has been devoted this endeavor. I started by seeing a psychiatrist, who prescribed me Prozac I’ve tried acupuncture, foot reflexology and all types of Chinese herbs. I’ve studied many religions and ideologies concerning enlightenment. I’ve tried meditating. I’ve tried self-examination. I’ve tried to live a sinless life. I’ve even tried vegetarianism. I’ve tried everything possible that I could think of. At times these things have made me a better person and calm me for short periods of time, but never have I experienced the calmness and normalness that I experienced my freshman year in college. This quest for mental health had naturally evolved into a search for “enlightenment.”

But recently, my physical and mental health began to worsen again. I saw that my depression and anxiety that I have been experiencing was worse than ever. I felt as though I was out of options and my hope slowly started to disappear. It was at this time when I was hitting rock bottom that I saw Dr. Tong on television. His philosophy on Eastern and Western medicine really made sense to me. I thought to myself, “this guy really knows what he’s talking about.” My 5 years of researching all types of medicine and relationship of mind and body help me to see the correctness of Dr. Tong’s medical ideology. I was once again filled with hope. I soon made an appointment.

My experience with Dr. Tong and his staff was therapeutic from the very start. Everyone has been treated me very kindly and always make me feel welcome. This is the only doctor’s office where I have cared to know the names of everyone that worked there. Dr. Tong, Share, Anthony and Dr. Chi have been very nice to me. This honestly is the only doctor’s office that I enjoy going to. Actually, this is one of the few places that I look forward to going to these days.

When I first talked to Dr. Tong about my history with chronic anxiety, he was very empathetic. He was unlike any doctor I have ever met. He treated me like a friend from the start. He even shared his life experiences with me so that I could once again have hope. He described my condition as not living my life at my full potential. His words gave me hope again. I once again had faith that I could become normal.

Ever since this first visit, Dr. Tong has been helping me on my road to recovery. He has been like a caring father to me. He not only treats me with Neuro-BioEnergetics. He fills my mind with vital information that will help me to keep the “traffic jams” away. I’ve learned the fundamentals about the vital organs like the heart, kidneys, liver, and spleen. He’s taught me about vitamins, fresh fruit, vegetables, and aromatherapy. He’s even shared his spiritual philosophies with me. Right now, he’s one of the most important figures in my life. I’d like to thank him so much for his help. Thank you Doctor Tong.

If you are wondering whether his treatments have been helping, they have. I would never have had the energy to write a letter to Dr. Tong like this one if it wasn’t for his treatments. I would be sleeping in bed badly depressed if it weren’t for the NBE treatments. I cannot say that I am fully recovered yet, but I am doing much better than when I first saw Dr. Tong’s infomercial. I now have the energy to interact with my family, and I am not as scared and depressed as before. I actually catch myself smiling again.

PS. I’d also like to say Thank you to Dr. Chi for her help also. Dr. Chi is very kind and has also been giving me advice on how to be less stressed, and has been preparing the Chinese Herbal mixes for me. I’d also like to say Thanks to Anthony for his help, and Share for being so funny!

Yours truly,

D. M.

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