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I have heard Medicare may ban nerve blocks from treatments they pay for.

I am a senior citizen that must depend on Medicare for help.

I became a patient of Dr. Tong in 1988, and found the only relief from Chronic Headaches I had suffered with for twenty years. Before, doctors had only prescribed the strongest of drugs, such as percodan.

Since then, he has treated me successfully for Acute Sinusitis and Back Problems from falling on a bus and lately has got me through an especially difficult case of Shingles and the painful neuralgia that followed.

If you would talk to the many patients that he has helped, after they had gone from one doctor to another therapist treatment, before they came to Dr. Tong. You would agree that his unique treatment is very important and try to help him keep it.

June C.


**Migraine Margaret, a 34 year old female with a long history of Migraines, which was refractory to conventional and unconventional therapies including acupuncture. She presented with nausea, vomiting, photophobia, and dizziness from the headaches. Four months of NBE treatments alleviated her problems. Despite the stress from working in a stock brokerage firm, she has had only one major recurrence in nine years which required additional NBE treatments.


I have suffered from severe headaches for many years. Recently they became so severe, that I was hospitalized. They were diagnosed as migraine headaches and drugs were prescribed. I have a family and I couldn’t live on these drugs forever. My uncle had been going to Dr. Tong and he advised me to try him.

I am very glad that I did. After a few treatments, I began to feel better. My headaches are disappearing and I am using very little medication. I sincerely thank Dr. Tong and his terrific staff for all their help and I recommend him highly.


I have experienced incapacitating migraines for 5 years. There were increasing in frequency to the extent I could not count on being able to work regularly. I grew to a place where I was always aware and afraid that one might be imminent. I began to be cautious and fearful all the time.

I tried everything I would hear of that might prevent or alleviate migraines all to no avail. Even the available medicines could not stop my devastating migraines. In mid summer 91, one medicine became available that did work (Midrin). It worked to the extent that it could sometimes knock out the migraine, but most of ties just reduce the intensity of the pain.

When I got my worst migraines I would vomit, pass out, become extremely cold to the point of shivering almost convulsively; I had to stay in a very dark room with no movement around me and not noise – for up to 24 hours. Then after coming out of it I would be worn out and sick and sore all over for the 2 or 3 days following. Life was not worth living during a migraine. Anyone who experiences severe migraines knows this. You just go to bed and pretend you are dead until it passes over.

So when my pharmacist suggested acupuncture with Dr. Tong, I was most open to giving it a try. I was OK with the acupuncture needles but Dr. Tong’s injections were intimidating. I reasoned that nothing could be as bad as another migraine, so I consented to follow his lead. When I started treatment with Dr. Tong, my head had been sore for several weeks, a residue of the migraines. And I was walking around fearful all the time of another one coming on. I felt weak, helpless to assist myself, and I wondered if I would ever be able to count on my body again.

It was only this summer that I made up my mind I was going to “lick” them and I began asking for guidance and looking for real answers to the migraine problem, not just drugs. I wanted a real cure and this is what I asked for. When acupuncture was suggested I considered it to be divine guidance and I acted on it immediately. The results were almost immediate and on the 3rd treatment the bulk of the work was complete and I was a very, very appreciative woman.

In the two months since then I have had 2 very light migraines– The worst part of them was my fear that they would go into full migraines. Neither one was at all severe, but merely a reminder of how very much I have to be thankful for. (Perhaps that was their purpose!)

I thank you, Dr. Tong, for your skill, for your insight and for your warm, abundant sense of humor. I will always be thankful for what you have done for me.

Pat B.


I have been plagued with chronic headaches and migraines for the last 20 years of my life. Daily headaches and a migraine every few months became a normal part of my life. My doctor recommended aspirin, or course, for my everyday headaches and fiornal with codeine for my migraines. I got to a point where enough was enough and I thought of alternative methods of treatment. My doctor recommended a chiropractor in August of 1992. I remained in his care for one year receiving treatments 2-3 times per week. I received relief to a certain point which we couldn’t overcome. My headaches were not totally gone but I did have some relief. At this time he suggested I see an acupuncturist for further help. He recommended Dr. Tong. After a few treatments my pain was greatly reduced. I slept better without pain in the middle of the night or without waking up in the morning with a headache. It feels so good to be able to go through a day without a headache. Through continued care we hope to completely dismiss this pain. His treatments have really benefited my life for the better.

Pamela K


I suffered from chronic migraine/sinus/cluster headaches, as well as pain in both of my ankles and lower-back. I could not sleep at all or only one to two hours before I was awakened by the pain. I could not stand for any extended length of time. I had seen foot specialist, neurologist, and ENT specialists. Nothing helps. I was generally prescribed antibiotic, pain killers and anti-depressants.

I came to Dr. Tong three weeks ago, and went home after two weeks of NBE therapy. All of my pain and headaches were alleviated, and I was sleeping five to six hours per night by the end of two weeks and able to sleep through the night now. It is a miracle. It’s the first time I have freedom from pain in the last four years.


Note: Nguyen has been free of pain and headaches since then.


Dear Dr. Tong:

I am so grateful to you and your treatments. The combination of the acupuncture, shots and herbs have given me my health back. Prior to seeing your commercial on the cable channel, I was so ill and in such acute pain from TMJ and associated headaches that I thought that I was going to have to quit working. This had been going on for about six (6) years. I felt hopeless I was getting worse.

Oh yes, I had tried all of the traditional therapies; tests and more tests, physical therapy, pain killers, anti inflammatories, dental work, bite plates etc. Nothing even remotely touched the pain or relieved the problem.
After just one visit with you, I felt so much relief that I slept for the first time all night in years. After six weeks of treatments, I was back to being a normal healthy person – pain free and grateful every day for having found you and your treatments.

Thank you Dr. Tong and staff. Each and every one of you contributed to my recovery. I am a total believer that your treatments have given me my life back and I really can’t begin to thank you enough.


 Lori P.

Fibromyalgia, Hashimotos, Migraines

This letter is in response to your review of my treatment by Dr. Y.W. Tong. I went to Dr. Tong because I was in constant pain. For over then years, I was having debilitating migraines, muscle spasms and unable to sleep because of pervasive pain. I have been diagnosed by my physicians with Hashimotos and Fibromyalgia. I have had thyroid surgery in 1985 (my antibodies are still test high).

In order to alleviate my pain I have tried muscle relaxers, tranquilizers, pain medications, chiropractic and orthopedic doctors, and physical therapy with the usual side-effects and little in lasting results or pain relief. My condition was not improving. My life was controlled by pain. I was not able to continue any exercise without pain and bruising. I was going to a chiropractor and/or physical therapy every week. I have had orthopedic surgery on my foot in order to alleviate pain. It was ineffective. My right knee was going to be next. In addition, the medications I tried gave poor results, plus adverse side-effects involving poor kidney function. The costs were getting prohibitive.

After my first treatment with Dr. Tong, (anesthetic injections into trigger-points) my muscle spasms stopped. I was able to sleep without interruption from pain or spasms. In continuing the therapy, my migraines became further apart, less intense, and shorter in duration. Instead of a debilitating migraine every week, I now go for several months without a symptom. An additional benefit is that my bruising has noticeably lessened, my kidney function improved, as my other doctors have observed, as well as improvements in circulation and healing. Overall, my pain is relieved from Dr. Tong’s treatments.
Furthermore, because of my treatment by Dr. Tong I have discontinued physical and chiropractic therapy and don’t feel the need for knee surgery. I have also had major changes in medications. I no longer take Naprosyn, Voltaren, Flexeril, Fiorinal, Midrin, Ergostat, Ceftin, Vicodin; decreased are estrogens, synthroid and capoten.

Other therapeutic measures have been grossly inadequate for controlling my pain, muscle spasms and inflammation. No other therapy has allowed my pain-free rest, enabling me to heal and keeping me from getting progressively worse. I am able to moderately exercise and not experience the extreme pain and discomfort I had prior to my treatments.

I feel that not continuing this therapy would adversely affect the quality of life and interrupt my improvement. My primary care physicians will confirm this as well. I am enclosing a synopsis of an article from the American Academy of Pain Management (94), to that further explains the benefits of Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Due to the relief from pain and stress I have been able to achieve through this therapy, it is my request that your consideration be favorable in your assessment of my case. If you need a more detailed medical history please let me know.

Thank you,



Before coming to Dr. Tong, I was having headaches and sinus problems and low back pain. I had taken for sinus (1) Augmentin, (2) Penicillin (3) Ceclor (4) Amoxicillin. None of these were able to help. I was taking Halicon for sleep and Florinal for headaches and Lastex for kidneys. Since coming to Dr. Tong, I have been able to function without all these medications and I feel stronger and able to do much more. My reason for trying Dr. Tong is that my ENT Dr. wanted to do a surgery on my sinus, because I was constantly having infection and it caused me to have very bad headaches. Thanks to Dr. Tong things are getting better and I have taken the herbs and they also seem to help. I want to continue with treatments to see if this can help me even more. I was also on Felixril for pain. I also had a myconeurodyanatic test that said I also had the beginning of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I also had surgery on both feet for heel spurs and my feet hurt especially after a days work and Dr. Tong treatment has also helped this as well as being able to help digest food better.

Tella B.


Easily one senses that he cares and wants to help you. The staff is exceptional. I can’t praise them enough. Each one is so helpful and caring. Very happy relaxed office atmosphere.

I am improving slowly, but I am improving which gives me a very hopeful attitude for the future.



My menstrual cramps are 75% better, sinus problem is 50% better, constipation is 100% better, back pains are 50% better, and asthma is 75% better. Noticed improvement immediately.

I want to continue treatments because progress towards 100% recovery is within a few months.

Mary S.


I am writing you to request your consideration in helping me obtain additional Medicare benefits. Recently, my pain management physician, Dr. Yee Wing Tong, has informed that Medicare benefits have changed. I am only allowed one visit every ten days. My doctor has informed me that I need a minimum of at least two visits per week to obtain maximum beneficial treatment for may conditions.

I have an expanding Hemangioma, that is a benign blood tumor, but mine is rare…it is growing, making my tongue swell and grow and also my neck underneath my jaw. It creates intractable pain. I am also afflicted with constant headaches that develop into migraine headaches which in the past have required many hospital emergency room visits to stop me from throwing up and to stop the torturous pain. Recently, I have also been diagnosed with endometriosis.

Dr. Yee-Wing Tong has been treating my conditions for about one year now. His treatments have helped me in dealing with the overwhelming amount of pain that I suffer on a daily basis. Dr. Tong has been the only doctor that has significantly reduced the severity of pain and reduced the need for emergency room treatment. The other doctors that I have seen prior to Dr. Tong, only ordered expensive, multiple ultrasound tests, MRI Scans, Cat Scans and never addressed a possible curative approach. Multiple emergency room visits and multiple hospital stays are more expensive than the treatments that Dr. Tong provides me. Dr. Tong’s treatments have also reduced my need for such emergency services, which in the end ultimately saves money. I noticed an increase in emergency room visits when the new Medicare, once every ten day policy, went into effect. I have more pain therefore I have had to seek emergency aid more frequently. No treatments may keep me away from hospital stays or emergency room visits completely, however I feel in the long run if I am allowed to have treatments Dr. Tong recommends it will save money and add to the quality of my life by relieving a greater amount of the pain I endure.

I am fearful that the current Medicare cuts and the upcoming Health Care Reform Package and Medicare cuts will only cost me my health and welfare and increase my suffering to a progressive state.

I will appreciate your consideration in the matter. I have previously written to Congressman Stephen Horn of the 38th Congressional District of California who has forwarded my inquiry to Medicare.


Lauren M. F.


I am sincerely grateful to Dr. Tong for helping me when the neurologists told me there was nothing that could be done about the “cluster headaches” I had the past two years.  My evenings were always spent crying and screaming for up to 4 hours and I had contemplated suicide many times.  The doctors had told me I would have to live with this probably the rest of my life.  My headaches were the evening type – always after 5:00 and I dreaded that time to roll around.  I could never make plans as I always knew where I would be.  My life was being ruled by these headaches.   I wasn’t really living.  I was just existing.  all my friends were aware of my problem and one suggested a visit to Dr. Tong.

After five weeks of sessions with Dr. Tong I have had only one bad headache that lasted only about 30 minutes.  From that first session with him I noticed relief and my friends and family agree that I am again the person I used to be.   I am back to living again and I feel as though I owe him my life as I don’t know where I would be today if I had not found him.  So to the doctors and books that say there is no cure, the war is almost over as I now have an ally and do not have to fight alone.  My thanks to Dr. Tong and his caring staff.

Norm P.


When my chiropractor could not help me anymore, I only had one resource left – Dr. Tong! He is the fifth doctor that I have seen. True, the nerve blocks that he gives me are excruciating, but I can go back to work and use my eyes now. I don’t have the 24-hour headache that I suffered with for more than 7 months. Prior to his treating my back, I had to lie flat in bed for 3 days when I lifted something reasonably heavy.

Kiem J.


Prajin won a golf competition because of NBE treatments.  For four years, he suffered from depression, fatigue, headaches, and lack of concentration due to stress and work.   Conventional treatments were ineffective.  Two months of NBE treatments alleviated his symptoms, enabling him to win the LA-Thai Championship and a free trip to Bangkok.



I have tried so many other treatments but none have made me feel as well as Dr. Tong’s.  My primary doctor did absolutely nothing for me.  I was so frustrated because of getting nowhere with other treatments (other treatments I had to seek our on my own since my primary doctor didn’t seem interested in helping me).

Sandra T.

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