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I woke up on Friday morning on August 4, 1995 and I immediately felt a gout attack starting in my left knee. I used to have these attacks frequently; even with medications, the attack lasted two to three weeks and sometimes spread to other joints.  I did learn to limit the attacks by not eating dairy products, citrus fruits, caffeine, and seeds and nuts.  It also helped to refrain from high fat meats and foods such as ice cream.

Well, on this Friday morning I realized I had been eating too much of the wrong foods.   I made an emergency call to Dr. Tong and was treated with nerve blocking and acupuncture by twelve noon on Friday. Within twelve hours, 90% of the pain was gone; the temperature in the knee joint had been reduced by 80%.

The next morning all the pain was gone and the temperature in the knee joint had been reduced by 90%.  The temperature was reduced to normal temperature in my knee 48 hours after my treatment by Dr. Tong.  No other joints became inflamed. 

How did I know this treatment would help?  I knew because Dr. Tong had treated me for a gout attack in my left big toe two years ago. At that time, all the pain was gone in 12-18 hours, and no other joints became inflamed.

Seven years ago, I developed my first kidney stones.  This was before I knew Dr. Tong. When I passed the two stones from the kidney to the bladder I had heavy bleeding in my urine. I went to my general practitioner who sent me to a diagnostic center. I was told that I had already passed the stones and they were in my bladder.  Eventually after five to six weeks, I did pass the kidney stones from my bladder.

This year in May I thought I had strained my back causing muscle spasms on the lower right side of my back. After a few weeks of treatment, Dr. Tong decided to start treatment for kidney stones. After a few treatments, I passed the kidney stones from my kidney to my bladder. This time there was no bleeding. The nerve block treatment also reduced the pain I experienced. I continue my treatment with Dr. Tong to pass the stones from my bladder. My pain is gone except for a periodic couple of minutes of discomfort.

John M

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