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I have been battling with ulcerative colitis and/or Crohn’s disease for 13 years now. I have seen doctors in the navy, at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center-Torrance Kaiser Hospital-Harbor City Mullikan Medical Center-Hawthorne Little Company of Mary Hospital-Torrance Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. In all I have seen 9 gastroenterologists, 3 surgeons, and 5 general practice doctors. I have been prescribed several drug over the years-Azulfuloine, Cortizone Enemas, Prednisone, Azacol, Pentasa, Flagyl, Keflex, Cipro, Dipentum, and an experimental drug called Gmp or Purinethol. Since 1982, my symptoms have been uncontrollable bowel movements, mostly bloody diarrhea.

In October of 93, I had my colon removed in a surgery called Ileo-Anal Pull-Through. Basically they remove your colon and connect your small intestine to your rectum. Afterwards, after all the healing is done, you should only have about 5 or 6 movements a day. That never happened! My average was 30 to 40 times a day (uncontrollable) sometimes 100 or more a day! Since my surgery I’ve been to the emergency room several times about once a week from Jan 94 to Aug 94 for mainly rectal pain in which I was given an injection of up to 150 mg of Demerol each time and sent home with a prescription of Vicodin E.S. I was hospitalized over 50 days between Oct 94 with no real solution to my problem. In February of 95, I decided to get a permanent ileostomy but my family suggested I look first at other alternatives. A family friend suggested I see you. So reluctantly I made an appointment. My very first treatment cut my bowel movements down to below 20 a day. And as of this letter I’ve had 11 treatments and I am averaging about 7 to 10 bowel movements with a heck of a lot more control.

I have failed to mention the really amazing thing that happened to me since I’ve been treated by Dr. Tong. I broke my back in a motorcycle accident in February of 93 and again in November of 94, compression fractures of 1st time l-2 in which I had a back surgery and 2 plates and 4 steel screws installed. The second time I had a compression fracture of L-3. No surgery was needed since I already had plates in that spot. So for the past couple of years I’ve had a very weak back I couldn’t lift anything over 20 pounds. By the end of every day I would walk “hunched” over. I would go to bed with a very stiff back. My very first treatment with Dr. Tong I could bend over and touch my toes with no stiffness, no pain and I had the best night of sleep I’ve ever had in years.

Dr. Tong has turned my life around. I’m no longer taking any prescription drugs and I can move around without pain. Soon I will have beaten my bowel disease.

Thanks, Doc.

James M.


For 3 years I had suffered from diarrhea, stomach cramps, and back pains. I was unable to drive my car without taking medication. I consulted several doctors without relief. A friend suggested I call Dr. tong, as he had experience with treatments for pain. After two and a half weeks of treatments by Dr. Tong, all my symptoms disappeared as did the need for medication. I recommend Dr. Tong’s treatment to all suffering pain.

Eda C


Dear Dr. Tong:

    I must be honest and tell you that you were my last resort.  After suffering with Crohn’s Disease for the last several years, my next step was surgery.  I had a fear of waking up to a Colostomy and at the age of 31, I didn’t think I could handle that.

    To avoid the surgery, I tried an alternative therapy at a hospital in Mexico.  The therapy included a very strict vegetarian diet, coffee enemas, fresh hourly juices, and countless pills.  The therapy helped.  I felt better, but I had no quality of life because I was a prisoner of my own home.

    My brother, a patient of yours, finally talked me into coming to see you.  I couldn’t believe it!  After just 3 visits I was able to eat regular food.  My stomach pain is gone!  I did have a fear of acupuncture.  Now, I can’t wait for my next visit!  I still eat healthy foods and drink fresh juices but now I get to choose my meals.

    Thank you so much for giving me back my life!

Kenna S.



I thank God for a meeting of Dr. Tong and my youngest son in Acupuncture Herb class. My son was so impressed with Dr. Tong that he encouraged me to seek treatment with him last summer by giving me a copy of the Dr.’s newsletter.

At the time I belonged to an H.M.O. which did not accept Acupuncture anymore, although they had at one time if they were an M.D. I knew Dr. Tong was an M.D. and had called my H.M.O. about, and they would not accept. Then I turned 65 this past year and inquired about Medicare’s acceptance and was told it was O.K. I was familiar with acupuncture, but not Dr. Tong’s nerve block. By this time I had become so depressed with pain and medications that friends thought I vas being anti-social. They were concerned, as was my family. I had told my Allergist, who was treating me for environmental allergies and tested me for food allergies, that I thought everyone should die at 65. He thought I was kidding, I’m sure. He was so amazed at the change in me when I visited him after 2 treatments with Dr. Tong that he encouraged me to go on.

In order to get me there my son had driven up from Capistrano, I’m sure he thought I would back out, and taken me himself for the 1st treatment. Up to this time I had been taking various medications for pain and spasms that I really did not feel safe driving at busy times of day, and my activities were very curtailed, except for the essentials of groceries etc. I was very impressed with Dr.’s staff and their efficiency and friendliness. Then when I met Dr. Tong, with his ready smile, I was immediately impressed and at ease. He began by diagnosing a 33 yr. old chronic ailment which I felt was a “pinched nerve” from the removal of a non-malignant breast tumor surgery. It had been diagnosed by our Family Dr. and my GYN as related pain from a hiatal or diaphragmatic hernia, which was found in X-RAY. Dr. Tong injected the area with his NERVE BLOCK, and miraculously the spasms left. At that point I had reached the point of taking antacids which were prescription, but the spasms had persisted, and I had to take medication for that, and for sleeping, and was on a limited diet for the hernia and the food allergies.

At the age of 45 I had undergone an emergency hysterectomy followed by abscess and Vein Stripping, which vas not very successful, had become used to drinking hot water for breakfast and only water with my meals, and was very tired of hospitals.

Then began a syndrome of Neuromas in my left foot, accompanied by inflammation in the neck area following a fall down a stairway and over a few things during which I had suffered a fracture in the left foot. That was diagnosed as hairline. Then came the cortisone injections and medication and exercises in the shower–I finally got into the Jacuzzi and steam bit with the chronic pain persisting. That is when I went to a chiropractor whose treatment was long and drawn out because it resulted in irritating the hernia and pinched nerve and I was put on his “stretching machine”.

Then it was back to the Family Dr. for a diagnosis of the Neuroma in the left foot and referral to a Foot orthopedic Surgeon, the cortisone try again, and finally more surgery, followed by Staph infections for a year, crutches, and back to the arthritis syndrome, along with irritation of the stomach. I just did not realize the pain connected with foot surgery, but I could walk again and do some gardening and drive. Then came another neuroma for which the cortisone was not tried again, but the podiatrist that I went to made a special insert for my shoe with a metatarsal support built in. It finally came to more surgery because the pain was unbearable–this time in his office with local anesthesia. This was much easier, but still the after effect of being off my feet or on crutches led back to the arthritis syndrome, Physical Therapy, Jacuzzi, until my GYN said that I had High Blood Pressure and couldn’t use the Jacuzzi; at which time I went back to the hydrocolater which you boil and use for a warm wrap –by this time my back was irritated from the showers.

Through an accidental treatment of what I thought might be a callous on the bottom of the same left foot, I brought it to Dr. Tong’s attention while he was treating me for my other “problems”. It appears to be another Neuroma, and Dr. Tong and I both agree–“No more surgery” Dr. Tong says “I will be dancing again–just to be able to not go through that whole surgery, P.T. arthritis syndrome again rnakes me think of dancing. All this thanks also to his Herb “pills”, I have been off of the heavy pain and stomach medications occasionally Tylenol or Ascriptin, sleeping much better, have a better diet etc — still taking my Estrogen and my favorite vitamins. and, you believe that I am typing this myself, all due, I’m sure to the Dr.’s NERVE BLOCK, and his excellent acupuncturist—Dr. Qi.

I still know there were a lot of prayers which led me this way, so God Bless YOU, DR. TONG, MEDICARE, AND MY YOUNGEST SON for making this all possible.

Evelyn I.


Dr Tong’s treatments have greatly reduced symptoms of lactose intolerance. In addition, my chest, back pain, and neck pain have improved over 80%. With the above listed improvements I am no longer depressed. Stress management and proper diet are now the top priority since stress plays a major factor in creating the above listed problems. At this point I have reduced my medication by over 50%.

Kevin C.


I have suffered from severe pain in my lower back, legs, and feet due to Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. The pain became excruciating following back surgery in October, 1984. I found it nearly impossible to walk or stand for any length of time.

After consulting orthopedic specialists who informed me they had no help for my condition, I returned to my internist, Dr. Dennis Clark who suggested I contact Dr. Yee Wing Tong. My first visit to Dr. Tong was October 7, 1986, since then I have had acupuncture, epidural morphine, and nerve block. My condition has greatly improved and the pain in my legs, feet, and back has nearly diminished.

I also have ulcerated colitis for many years and after being treated by acupuncture. I am without pain and discomfort that is associated with it.

Needless to say, I am eternally grateful to Dr. Tong and his conscientious staff. And also to Dr. Clark for his realization that the combination of Western and Eastern Medicine can achieve phenomenal results.

Ardeane M. R


When I first came to you, I came for pain in back, neck, chest breathing, abdominal pain, lump in throat pain in kidney area and depression.

I last took a medical class medical care – terminology and body systems and medical front office in 1985. I could not continue with school as I became to ill mentally and physically. I had not been able to function properly since this time. From 85-87 I was having B-12 shot from my other Dr. Dx- Pernicious anemia – Irritable Bowel Syndrome, depression, chest pain, back pain, could not sleep, was afraid to eat so many foods upset me. My first visit to Dr. Tong M.D. was August 23, 1989. Within three weeks of my first visit I had enrolled back at medical school full-time. One school class in the morning and one in the afternoon. My depression gone. One injection only – 1 visit only and my G.I. tract problem – irritable bowel syndrome cleared up and did not bother me again. I had this problem for 15 years. After the accident on 10/11/89 my stomach problem returned. My back pain eased and got better with every visit. My breathing completely improved at the time of accident, and was no longer bothering me. I lost approximately 15 lbs. in weight, swelling in my internal organs abdominal – GI stomach went down. I lost 8 inches in my waist measurement, and I can now wear clothes that fit, prior to this it had been uncomfortable to have anything tight around those organs, because of my sensitivity and not feeling good.

Once Dr. Tong started treating me, with his therapies, diet, exercise, concern I had improved tremendously and I felt that it wouldn’t be too long before I would only be paying him a maintenance call. Before the accident, my back was only bothering me a little in T4 only. Apart from this the only other problem my breast were a little sore. Colitis which comes and goes and Dr. Tong had just started to treat me for this.

Jackie B.


May 26, 1994

Initial treatment caused significant decrease in neuropathy, stress and depression. Subsequently I experienced a decrease in Irritable Bowel Syndrome. After several more treatments my symptoms have essentially left me. To date I can say I have complete faith in Dr. Tong’s treatment. It has helped me significantly.

Ronald P.


Easily one senses that he cares and wants to help you. The staff is exceptional. I can’t praise them enough. Each one is so helpful and caring. Very happy relaxed office atmosphere.

I am improving slowly, but I am improving which gives me a very hopeful attitude for the future.



June 17, 1994

I came in originally for considerable pain in my lower abdomen and left side. I had been living on laxatives for the previous two to three weeks. This was the fourth time over a period of about two years that I had experienced these problems. A renowned internist was seen on each of these occasions. Cipro was prescribed for intestinal infection. Eventually relief was obtained. After only two visits to Dr. Tong’s office I live have remarkable relief through treatments and herbs. He is now working on my tinnitus problem I have had for a number of years. I am looking forward to its relief in the near future. When I first came to Dr. Tong, I was skeptical. Now I am convinced his method of treatment is effective and cost conscious.

Clifford K.


First I would like to stress the point that I have suffered spinal pain starting in my Cervical through the Thoracic and extending to the Lumbar Sacral areas for approximately 35 years, after having been involved in an auto accident that rendered me in a Coma for a period of three and a half weeks.

I have been examined by four Orthopedic Medical Specialist over the many years of pain that I have suffered with related to my unstable spinal condition. Dr. Curtis Spencer of the Sports Medicine Group that is related to Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. Dr. Andrew S. Frankel, M.D. Brandywine Orthopedic Associates, 486 Thomas Way, Suite 110, Exton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Samuel Kim of the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Group, Long Beach, Ca.; and finally the pain management and Orthopedic Department of the Veterans Hospital, Long Beach, Ca.

All of the evaluating Doctors concurred with my symptoms of Chronic Pain that I have endured for such an extended period time. In almost every evaluation of my damaged spinal condition, the consensus was that surgery would only increase my existing pain and compromise further the structural integrity of my already weakened spine. To quote the many examining Doctors, “Mr. LeFevre your spinal problems do not respond well to surgery.”

I have exhausted all the avenues open to me with my spinal problems, Chiropractic, Epidural Injections, physical therapy and trigger point injections administered to me other then by Dr. Tong. The trigger point injections and Epidural injections were performed in the Brandywine Hospital located in Coatesville, Pa. as well as the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. with very little relief, as well as Memorial Hospital, L.B. Hospital.

When I saw Dr. Tong on television and listened to the many Testimonials of his patients I decided to give him a chance. Dr. Tong not only has gotten me out of bed so I can walk a fair distance without my cane, but; he has reduced my Chronic Bronchitis to the point that I no longer need to rely on antibiotics. Dr. Tong’s treatments have helped my severe Crohn’s Disease of both my small and large intestines remarkably. Dr. Tongs treatments have improved my Meniere’s Disease to the point that it can be controlled by his expert approach to this disabling cycle. His treatments have brought my liver enzyme levels back to normal. But, most of all; he has all but corrected the debilitating stroke that I suffered approximately two years ago.

I am being treated for psychiatric problems at the V.A. Hospital, L.B. Ca. by Dr. Marvin Galinsky. He has stated that he has noticed improvement with my mental state since being treated by Dr. Tong. I realize that I could never again hold gainful employment with all my medical problems, but; Dr. Tong has given me back a quality of life worth living for.


Thomas F. L.



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