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For approximately 26 years I have been taking medication for high blood pressure in ever increasing doses. The M.D. I was seeing at the time wanted to give me another medication in conjunction with the prinival I was already taking. Now, under Dr. Tong’s care, I have been able to reduce the medication to 1/4 the original dosage and my blood pressure has stayed within normal limits. In the future, I expect to be able to drop the medication totally. I also had a serious problem with insomnia and would be awake for 3-4 hours a night therefore making it very difficult to accomplish any activity.

Natalie J. B.


As the wife of Richard T, I brought my husband to see Dr. Tong as a last resort.  He had seen many doctors over the past year and a half with no results.   I truly believe that he was dying.  He had been a healthy, happy, hard working man with a true zest for life.  He loved to laugh and joke – but no more.  He became very depressed, couldn’t eat, couldn’t sleep and had a weight loss of 40 pounds in just one month.  His mental condition became so bad that he had confusion, no concentration, could not even do the simplest of tasks.  His day usually consisted of pacing in circles or from room to room.  He would follow my every move as if he were my shadow.  He was also sleep deprived.  No matter what I gave him, such as Melatonin, Velerium, and as a last resort even sleeping pills.  Still, nothing worked until after two treatments with Dr. Tong.

His driving skills were no longer sharp but slow and he was not sure of himself.  It was also hard for him to have a conversation with me or anyone.  I now see improvement in all these things.

This was all very hard on me and at times, I no longer had the desire to live.  The stress was just too much, causing my health also to break.

My father had Alzheimer’s and I felt my husband was also going that way.   I am very grateful to Dr. Tong for his concern, his miracle treatments of NBE, and giving me back my husband.

Thank you

Jean T.

I have been to many doctors in the past year.  All they wanted to do was prescribe strong medication with hundreds of side effects that may subdue the symptoms but do nothing for the real cause of my problems.  Dr. Tong’s treatments are quick and treat the cause.  I noticed improvement right away.  His treatments are all natural with no side effects.  My condition only worsened with all the other doctors.   With Dr. Tong, I can see and feel the difference

Richard T.

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