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I wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for introducing me to the magnetic products. When I was in the office last Friday, I was experiencing some discomforts with a sore throat and chest, and lower back pain. The next day, I wore the magnets all day while doing some errands. By evening, my sore throat was gone, my chest felt normal, and the lower back pain had significantly decreased.

When we first talked about the magnets, I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical and concerned about the cost; however, now that I have experienced firsthand relief from body aches without taking medications, I think this therapy is a much faster and safer way for the body to heal itself, naturally, with magnets. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable information with me.

Melodee P


This letter is addressed to the health care community in hopes that if enough letters like this reach them, they will take notice of the incredible results Dr. Tong’s patients are receiving from his treatment.

I have insurance through Kaiser, so I can see their doctors at little or no cost. However, I choose to drive over 100 miles to see Dr. Tong, because I know he will make me feel better. If I should break a leg or need stitches, then I’ll go to Kaiser. But for problems that most of us go to the doctor for, like a cold, headache, allergies, lack of energy, etc., I would rather see Dr. Tong.

I used to get sore throats, colds, flu, and respiratory infections on a regular basis. My doctor would give me antibiotics. This would occur every other month and it did so for years, until I started seeing Dr. Tong. Since his treatments, my resistance was greatly improved and the frequency with which I “catch something” has dramatically changed. Now if I get sick, which is seldom, I don’t usually need antibiotics. The severity has also lessened.

There have been other results that no other doctors could help. I had a problem with lactose intolerance. Just a small amount of milk would ruin my day. The other doctors told me to take a pill every time I consume dairy products. It helped, but I still felt bloated after eating. But now I can eat ice cream, milk shakes, or whatever I want after receiving Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Another problem was that I had no energy. I was put through dozens of tests by UCLA and Scripps Clinic. Both said there was nothing wrong and nothing they could do for me. Scripps Clinic told me I was suffering from depression, so they gave me some mood elevators. I got so spaced out that I got lost on the way to work the next day. A lot of time, tests, and expenses, but no answers. I hate to admit this, but there was a time with my back pain, my lack of energy and good health, as well as the depression, when I really debated about turning off my own lights, so to speak.

Doctors had told me that my problems were caused by depression. They had it backwards. Depression that comes from feeling bad for so long is devastating. Now I am hardly depressed! Quite the opposite! Now I feel good–so good that I try to do too much and the problems I have today are from overworking as I try to realize my dreams that I have all but given up on. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for Dr. Tong, there is no way I would be doing these things in life today.

Steve B


May 27, 1994

Earlier this year I contracted a persistent cold/cough and sore throat and two treatments from Dr. Tong provided total relief. Recently I developed some arrhythmia and one treatment cured the problem. Dr. Tong’s treatments have reduced both the quantity and the sight of the floaters in my eyes.

Bill B.


To the potential patients of Dr. Tong:

Feeling trapped and swollen, my symptoms of sinusitis and muscle tension bring me without haste to Dr. Tong. He is a healer beyond modern medicine, a teacher of mind spirit and body emphasizing their role in daily life. I want to feel 100%, but I am far from my mark. I can think of various sources for my persistent head colds and mental depression, but I know the fastest way to cure it.

Dr. Tong is the first doctor I want to diagnose my case and offer me wisdom from two schools of medicine. The effects of the office visit lasts far beyond the day you see him. This doctor’s advice should enrich your mental, physical, and spiritual qualities. Dr. Tong has successfully pinpointed my nutritional deficiencies, which are the primary cause for acne, cramps, muscle tension, sinusitis, etc. Dr. Tong reduced my physical suffering in addition to shortening the time I spent out sick from work or school. Most importantly, Dr. Tong has focused my attention on preventative medicine and the uniting of my mind, spirit, and body to create healthy energy. Grateful to the wisdom and care of Dr. Tong, I know in the future I will maintain good health and avoid the down time of illness.

The serious responsibility of guiding my personal health is something I no longer take for granted, I do not know of any doctor who cares for his patients like Dr. Tong. I relate to others’ fear of needles, but I cannot think of a more effective method for instant relief from pain and suffering. However, this relaxation only develops if the treatments are received with an open mind that can conquer the unknown and learn about the personal sensitivities they battle. I had to alter my diet and increase my level of physical activity, but it is all worth it as I live life pain-free!



Jessica M. H.

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