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I came to Dr. Tong with an infected left thumb. It was red, tender, and swollen. He gave me shots, and it was completely better by the next day. Three months earlier, this same thumb was infected and a different doctor gave me shots and took half the nail off, nicking a nerve in the process. It was the most painful procedure I’ve ever had. I don’t normally take pain pills, but I had to in order to get through the next several days. There is no question to which doctor and to which method I prefer.

Delanie C.

Fulminant herpes infection of the eye unresponsive to conventional drugs also cleared withNBE treatment.


I began treatment with Dr. Tong 3 months ago for pain in my knee, food allergies, low energy, lack of concentration, and fungus growth in my toenails. My knee pain was becoming acute and began to affect my ability to play basketball and even walk.

At this point I have no more pain. My energy has risen and at 35 years old I experience playing the best basketball of my life. My sensitivity to food has decreased. I no longer get an upset stomach, gas, or lethargy from eating certain foods. My craving for sweets has lessened. Mental concentration has increased. I remember more details and am more focused. I sleep better and even dream better than before. The fungus is disappearing from my toenails, where it has been for years. I actually have two new, healthy toenails where the old ones fell off. I experience less anxiety and nervousness now. As an added bonus, the wart I had on my left hand for years has completely disappeared.

I do not understand why Dr. Tong’s therapy works. I just know that it has helped me immensely. It is lucky for me that I did not have to go through years of ineffective “traditional” treatment, drugs, or possible surgery. I feel sorry for those who have not discovered Dr. Tong. They could have saved so much time and money and enjoyed their life more.

I had gone to supposedly “progressive” allergies years ago but got nowhere, even though I invested a lot of time and money. With the NBE treatment, I do not have to undergo lab tests, grueling rotation diets, endless “endpoint” allergy testing, or receive the antigen injections which I did every three days for two years! Thank you, Dr. Tong!!!


Infected toe nail fell off with complete growth of new nail during 2 months of NBE treatment.


The following is a brief description of Margaret’s condition prior to and during your treatment.

In Nov. 1995 she was diagnosed as having idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, her symptoms being a persistent cough and shortness of breath. She was put on the prescription drug Prednisone and started using supplemental oxygen with the use of a concentrator at home and portable tanks when going out.

With the use of prednisone the cough decreased but continued. The dosage of prednisone was increased and the cough stopped but her weight increased significantly. The cough started again and another drug was substituted, but it caused nausea and loss of appetite. That was discontinued and returned to prednisone.

By May 1998 her coughing increased. She had to urinate 3-4 times per hour. She could not walk more than a few steps without assistance, and had to use oxygen continuously. She developed severe back pain, extremely swollen ankles and feet, and a rash on legs and back. She lost her appetite and could eat very little at mealtime.

In June 1998 she came to you on a wheelchair, continuous nasal oxygen, and began your treatment on the average of 2-3 times a week. Within 3 treatments she no longer needed the use of the oxygen concentrator and portable tanks and was able to walk a little without assistance. After several months she could walk short distances without assistance. After 3-4 months her kidneys and urination was back to normal and her cough almost gone. After 5-6 months her back pain stopped and the rash cleared up. Her ankles and feet were back to normal (no swelling). Her appetite was back to normal. Her weight had dropped.

At present, after almost 8 months under your care, she is doing exceptionally well. She goes for short walks. She is receiving your treatments once every 3 weeks. She uses no prescription drugs, only the food supplements you prescribe. Please pass this information on to Medicare and GEHA. We are concerned about the arbitrary decision of Medicare to limit the number of treatments. If they had made this decisions last June, Margaret would not have recovered. She needs your professional treatment when you see her need.


Hugh S.

P.S. In Nov. 1998, we moved from Las Vegas to Huntington Beach to be near you for treatment. (No small expense!)

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