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My treatments with Dr. Yee-Wing Tong began in June of 1994. I was looking for an alternative to Western medicine since Western medicine could only control my symptoms through medication, without stabilizing my condition for any length of time. The prednisone that I was required to take to control my platelets from dipping to a dangerously low rate had given me tremendous side effects during the periods of time I took it.

I had first started taking prednisone approximately twenty years ago when I was diagnosed with a condition called ITP. The side effects that I incurred after being weaned off of this medication were tremendous. I experienced side effects that no medical doctor could give a physical diagnosis. My symptoms became so severe I searched out help at the University of San Francisco Medical Center before ending up seeing a Psychiatrist. It took months before I was relieved of all of my symptoms.

Again, approximately four years ago I had a serious reoccurrence of ITP, and went back on prednisone. I was on and off of prednisone for the next three years. I had switched from the Oncologist I was seeing to another Oncology Specialist, hoping that I could find another solution to my ITP problem. The new specialist that I saw in June of 1994 ran me through extensive, costly testing. When I stopped seeing him, approximately six months later, he wanted to repeat some of the tests, in addition to new testing.

During this time, as I had mentioned before, I had been looking for an alternative method of treatment. Western medical doctors could only offer me two solutions: (1) continue on with the prednisone or (2)surgery, which could only guarantee a 60-70% success rate. If surgery did not work, then I would be required to take prednisone the rest of my life.

The side effects that I experienced while on prednisone included: sleeplessness, stomach problems, pressure on my eyes (glaucoma) to tremendous anxiety. These are just a few of the problems I incurred. Add these to the numerous physical and mental side effects I incurred twenty years ago, while on prednisone, my list would be extensive. Both my physical and psychological well being were greatly jeopardized while on prednisone.

I discontinued prednisone in the latter part of March, 1994 and started seeing Dr. Tong the first part of June 1994. I have not taken prednisone since beginning Dr. Tong’s treatments. This is certainly a notable contrast to the three prior years when I could not stay off of prednisone any length of time.

I have monthly blood tests and when there is a notable dip in my platelets, I return to Dr. Tong for treatments. Each time, my platelets have risen and my condition stabilized without what I consider a very dangerous drug (prednisone).

Dr. Tong has helped my condition and has made me feel better about my health, both physically and psychologically.

I am grateful for his insight and approach to medicine.

Kathy R


In 1994. with symptoms of exhaustion, swollen legs with purpura (red spots), and shortness of breath, a blood test showed a platelet count; of 10,000. The next day I saw a hematologist and my platelets were at 2,000. The diagnoses was thrombocytopenia or ITP.

For much of the next two years the standard treatment has been gamma-globulin and steroids to depress the immune system to prevent my body from destroying platelets. In 1995 I saw an ayurvedic doctor who referred me to Northwestern University. They agreed with the accepted treatment plus the recommendation o f splenectomy since the standard treatment provides only temporary relief. Splenectomy d1d not seem feasible since it is deemed to he only 60 to 70 percent successful in adults.

In 1996 my doctor found a stronger type of prednisone called Decadron, which when taken at 4.0mg daily for four days, produced higher platelets but also produced zombie-like after effects. In desperation I began to search the literature and saw Dr. Tong’s entry on the Internet. I called his office, not really thinking of traveling from Indiana to So. California and hoping to hear some new ideas. He was very friendly and confident-sounding, and insisted I should not need a splenectomy. After all, he said the thrombocytopenia is a symptom of my entire system going awry. So we traveled to San Clemente and Dr. Tong treated me for two weeks. At the end of the two weeks I felt like my old self again, had gained back a few pounds, and had a much higher platelet count, all without any drugs. I would recommend Dr. Tong to anyone I know.

A grateful patient,

Paul S.


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