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I am writing this letter in support of the extraordinary work that you have been practicing. I know of its results not from testimonials from your patients, but first hand, from my own experience and that of my family. I am sorry that your paper was not accepted by the NEJM for publication; it seems that Western medicine is not ready to accept your theories. However, I can only speak for myself that your treatment had made a difference in my life. As a physician myself, I am especially critical of new or unusual modalities of treatment, but I decided that I would try your therapy since my previous treatment in Western medicine was unsuccessful.

As you know, Chronic Active Hepatitis B can be a recurrent condition, which I suffered from for a number of years before I came to see you. I initially tried your therapy, but was impatient with the results and wanted to start Alpha-interferon because it offered the only hope of a cure. After the course of the treatment, my liver function tests improved; unfortunately, this was only a short-term effect and I relapsed two or three times afterwards with increased LFTs and a reappearance of the HBe Ag. The chronic fatigue that I suffered from these bouts of relapse was quite debilitating. I returned to you as a last ditch effort. The few treatments that you gave me definitely improved my clinical status and my LFTs have been completely normal since that time although the HBe Ag is still positive. I cannot explain why your treatment worked, but it did; how needles place in specific parts of the body can affect other parts of the body is a mystery to me.

Desmond L, MD

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