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Dear Dr. Tong,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my progress. I am your patient who had a profuse hair loss problem. I came to you for four sessions, once a week between March 24 and April 13. After the second/third session, my hair loss was not as profuse as before and this situation h=’ continued so far, as long as I do not get too tired and watch myself carefully. I would have continued my session with you in the subsequent weeks, except that my body had a reaction to the accumulation of the procaine. I felt extreme lethargy for a week after the fourth session. Therefore, I had to stay off the treatment for a while. That explains my absence in all of this time. At some point in time in the future, when I should return for a follow-up treatment, I would like you to take into consideration my body’s sensitivity to “drugs”, by perhaps adjusting the dosage so that I will not have the same reaction that I have had. Or, perhaps you may have other alternatives.

I hope it is not too soon for me to “rejoice” the result of your treatment. But truly, I feel much relieved that the rate of my hair loss is not as profuse as it was. I would like to share this experience with the rest of the people who may be interested to know by telling my story on your v web site How do I write my story to claim the benefit of your treatment? You do not have a “hair loss” category on your web site and I may be the first.

Just to assure you that in order to retain as much as possible the benefit of your treatment, I have been practicing Tai Chi and Qigong everyday for the past month and a half, in addition to taking nutritional supplements.

Thank you Dr. Tong.


Chiow C.

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