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Deborah has been suffering from tendonitis in both hands which severely limited her daily functions. She was unable to move her hand at all without experiencing excruciating pain.  With no improvement after 5 months of treatment from her physician, she came to Dr. Tong for NBE treatments.  After 2 NBE treatments, she was able to move her wrist. She felt like she was able to perform her regular duties including washing the dishes.

Deborah also suffers from TMJ disorder for the past 8 months. Her jaw had been adjusted multiple times, yet it was still very painful to chew. After her second NBE treatment, she was able to chew steak again with minor pain. In addition, she was also treated for her lactose intolerance. She obtained great improvement, allowing her to eat cake and ice cream without any negative effects.

Masi has been quadriplegic for about 6 years, preventing him from any movement besides a shoulder shrug. In addition to being paralyzed from the neck down, he has been suffering from severe muscle spasms and itchy skin. After Masi’s first NBE treatment, he was able to slightly move his hand and arm, which he was not able to at all prior to his first NBE treatment. His muscles spasms have also improved and he is less sensitive to touch.

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