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I suffered from incontinence for over two years, and had to wear pads. I had surgery for this condition, but that did not cure me completely so I came to Dr. Tong. After 3 treatments I tapered off also taking kidney pill#3. Today 06/10/94, I am completely dry day and night and look for this to continue.

Mary S.


I have had glaucoma for 30 years. I’ve seen many ophthalmologists. After 4 cornea transplants and cataract removals, they were unable to lower the pressure in my eyes. My vision decreased rapidly, and the last ophthalmologist informed me that there was no further treatment available. Then by the grace of God I found Dr. Tong. He has greatly improved my sight while lowering my blood pressure and cholesterol (315) to normal range for the last 3 years.

I no longer take Catapress and Diamox. I am off of all eye medications, and my peripheral vision has come back. Before I could not watch TV or read the newspaper. Now, on and off, I can read and watch TV without my glasses. The treatments helped me tremendously. They even helped my tension and sleep.

Two years ago, I had a very bad incontinence problem.  There were leaks frequently and I was afraid to go out and find myself unable to locate a restroom.  With a few treatments from Dr. Tong, the problem was resolved.  It recurred recently and Dr. Tong’s treatment again helped to relieve it.

Toby S.


I came to Dr. Tong 3 years ago for severe sinus problems. Prior to seeing him, I suffered from chronic sinusitis for 3 years, and had been treated by numerous specialists. I have had six sinus surgeries, three MRI’s, and many CAT Scans and x-rays. I have even had a bone scan by an orthopedic surgeon due to the severity of my symptoms. All the frustration, time, and expense gave me no relief as I continued to suffer with increased pressure and pain from scar tissue and nerve damage from the surgeries.

My condition worsened when I got pregnant. My pain became more intense with excruciating migraines. Other doctors refused to see me due to my pregnancy. I was also suffering from severe nausea, water retention, and facial blemishes. I had been disabled for three months when I first saw Dr. Tong. After two weeks of his treatments, I was able to return to work. Within six weeks of treatments, all symptoms including the nausea and the rash disappeared. I was able to have a normal pregnancy.

My sinus problems recurred fifteen months ago. My ENT specialist treated me with antibiotics and strong narcotics, but failed to control the pain. He recommended another sinus surgery with neurolysis. However, a possible complication would be numbness or even paralysis of my face. I went back to Dr. Tong. Again, my pain completely disappeared within two months of his treatments. My breathing, sinus, and face felt better than ever!

I have had no recurrence of the problem, until a week ago when I went back East for a funeral. The stress caused a mild recurrence of my symptoms. A local physician attempted to duplicate Dr. Tong’s treatments with injections to my face. My pain got much worse, and my eyes and face became swollen. After returning to California and getting one treatment by Dr. Tong, the pain and swelling was substantially reduced.

Having been educated in Western medicine, I do not fully understand how Dr. Tong’s treatments work, but he has helped in more ways than curing my sinus pain. Because of the many trials of antibiotics I received for my sinus problem, my immune system has been weakened. I have had frequent upper respiratory infections. I went to Dr. Tong during one acute episode of bronchitis and within two treatments, it was completely gone! I also had frequent yeast and urinary tract infections. Last year, I was treated by my gynecologist for three months with antibiotics, C&S, Papp smear, VDRL, and more. Still, the burning and dysuria persisted. He then performed two urethral dilation surgeries on me, but I was worse afterwards. Dr. Tong gave me two treatments, and I was 100% relieved, without a recurrence since that time.

Last year, my eighteen month old son came down with a severe middle ear infection. He was treated with weeks of antibiotics plus drainage tubes in both ears. Still, the infection failed to subside. After one treatment by Dr. Tong, his pain and irritability was immediately alleviated and has had no problem since then!

With the current health care mess, it would be most appropriate for the medical profession to recognize Dr. Tong’s accomplishment as well as to learn his method of treatments.

Christine M.


Eight and a half months ago I could hardly walk and could not climb nor descend stairs at all. The pain in my hips and legs was almost unbearable, and pain killers and muscle relaxers were not working. A friend told me that she thought it was poor circulation and recommended acupuncture. That was the day that I discovered Dr. Tong and he changed my lifestyle. I will soon be 72 years-old and feel like I did when I was 52. I can take the stairs and can keep up with the teenagers in the mall. Dr. Tong and his acupuncture have increased my circulation to a point where I breathe better, it has cured my dry eye condition, and I can do exercises! I sleep much better and don’t have that frequent call to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

Thank you, Dr. Tong from a grateful patient,

Maggi D.

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