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** Trigeminal neuralgia Mary, a 69 year old female, was treated for four years for Trigeminal Neuralgia by two neurologists, two dentists, and her family doctor with no success. The neurologists recommended destroying the trigeminal nerve, but would not perform the neurolysis due to the unrelenting pain.
Despite her skepticism and dreadful hear of needles, the patient stated that the first NBE treatment provided “95%” relief. Her neuralgia was resolved with one year of periodic treatments. Except for rare exacerbations from stress, she has been symptoms-free on no medication for the past four years.


Dear Dr. Tong,

Had I known I would feel so much better after only one treatment, I wouldn’t have carried the advertisement around for a year before making an appointment. All because I was afraid of the needles.

Now I know that the little pain of the needles can not compare with the horrible pain of trigeminal neuralgia, and to the wonderful way I feel today after 6 treatments.

Thank you forever!

Mary Biernat 

After two MD’s, three dentists, an orthopedic specialist, a neurologist told me I had Trigeminal Neuralgia and that there was nothing he could do for me except operate, which he did not recommend as it was too dangerous. Excruciating pain would radiate from my ear down through the roots of my teeth. At times, I could not bear to touch my lips or cheek or brush my teeth, eating, or even talking was almost more than I could stand. Then I saw Dr. Tong’s ad, and now after eight treatments, I am almost back to normal. I cannot praise Dr. Tong enough for the wonderful work he and his very efficient and capable staff are doing in Long Beach.

Margaret Burgin


You have restored my faith in the medical profession. I wish that your style of doctoring was universal. Before coming to see you, I had endured much pain for three and a half years. I have felt great frustration with the many doctors whose care I had been under.

In September 1993, I had a Fight upper lobectomy. Since that surgery, I have had SEVERE pain under my right breast, causing shortness of breath, and the inability to walk fast or to sit no longer than 10 minutes.

 My lung doctor referred me to a pain management doctor in Newport Beach. I was under his treatment for two years, but no improvement. The drugs he used was Marcain, a steroid, and Morphine. My body was unable to tolerate the Morphine. I decided to try another pain management doctor, located in Santa Ana. On several different occasions, this doctor put me in the hospital to freeze the nerves under my right breast with Liquid Nitrogen. But the pain still returned.  I was under his care and treatment for seven months.

Someone had recommended another pain management doctor from Saint Joseph Hospital in Orange. I was under his care for three months. The last treatment he used was with a drug called, Phenol. For three weeks, I had severe headaches, burning sensation throughout my body, and I had swelling in my eyes and face. The pain was so severe that I couldn’t sleep at all. I couldn’t even sit for more than ten minutes. would be in tears driving home from work every night. While under his care I even consulted a Neurosurgeon. His recommendation was to go under major surgery to take out the damaged nerves. He said this would be risky and would have no guarantees. I am thankful I declined.

Because I couldn’t sleep from the pain, my family doctor prescribed sleeping pills, Termazepam. The side effects from this drug was headaches and body aches. By this time I was giving up all hope.

Then I found you, Dr. Tong. After six weeks of your treatments, I have no more headaches, shortness of breath; sleepless nights and I can work and walk fast without severe gain. My body is drug free and full of energy THANK YOU !

I feel blessed that God finally led me to the right doctor. I will highly recommend your services whenever possible.



I have suffered with Trigeminal Neuralgia, a very painful condition which affected my right eye and face since 1964. A neurosurgeon was able to stop some of the pain for a time , but over the years I continued to have eye pain, and the facial pain returned.  I finally decided to try Dr. Tong’s treatments.  To my surprise and delight all the pain has stopped.

Floyd G.

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