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I woke up on Friday morning on August 4, 1995 and I immediately felt a gout attack starting in my left knee. I used to have these attacks frequently; even with medications, the attack lasted two to three weeks and sometimes spread to other joints.  I did learn to limit the attacks by not eating dairy products, citrus fruits, caffeine, and seeds and nuts.  It also helped to refrain from high fat meats and foods such as ice cream.

Well, on this Friday morning I realized I had been eating too much of the wrong foods.   I made an emergency call to Dr. Tong and was treated with nerve blocking and acupuncture by twelve noon on Friday. Within twelve hours, 90% of the pain was gone; the temperature in the knee joint had been reduced by 80%.

The next morning all the pain was gone and the temperature in the knee joint had been reduced by 90%.  The temperature was reduced to normal temperature in my knee 48 hours after my treatment by Dr. Tong.  No other joints became inflamed.

How did I know this treatment would help?  I knew because Dr. Tong had treated me for a gout attack in my left big toe two years ago. At that time, all the pain was gone in 12-18 hours, and no other joints became inflamed.

Seven years ago, I developed my first kidney stones.  This was before I knew Dr. Tong. When I passed the two stones from the kidney to the bladder I had heavy bleeding in my urine. I went to my general practitioner who sent me to a diagnostic center. I was told that I had already passed the stones and they were in my bladder.  Eventually after five to six weeks, I did pass the kidney stones from my bladder.

This year in May I thought I had strained my back causing muscle spasms on the lower right side of my back. After a few weeks of treatment, Dr. Tong decided to start treatment for kidney stones. After a few treatments, I passed the kidney stones from my kidney to my bladder. This time there was no bleeding. The nerve block treatment also reduced the pain I experienced. I continue my treatment with Dr. Tong to pass the stones from my bladder. My pain is gone except for a periodic couple of minutes of discomfort.

John M


I began treatment with Dr. Tong 3 months ago for pain in my knee, food allergies, low energy, lack of concentration, and fungus growth in my toenails. My knee pain was becoming acute and began to affect my ability to play basketball and even walk.

At this point I have no more pain. My energy has risen and at 35 years old I experience playing the best basketball of my life. My sensitivity to food has decreased. I no longer get an upset stomach, gas, or lethargy from eating certain foods. My craving for sweets has lessened. Mental concentration has increased. I remember more details and am more focused. I sleep better and even dream better than before. The fungus is disappearing from my toenails, where it has been for years. I actually have two new, healthy toenails where the old ones fell off. I experience less anxiety and nervousness now. As an added bonus, the wart I had on my left hand for years has completely disappeared.

I do not understand why Dr. Tong’s therapy works. I just know that it has helped me immensely. It is lucky for me that I did not have to go through years of ineffective “traditional” treatment, drugs, or possible surgery. I feel sorry for those who have not discovered Dr. Tong. They could have saved so much time and money and enjoyed their life more.

I had gone to supposedly “progressive” allergies years ago but got nowhere, even though I invested a lot of time and money. With the NBE treatment, I do not have to undergo lab tests, grueling rotation diets, endless “endpoint” allergy testing, or receive the antigen injections which I did every three days for two years! Thank you, Dr. Tong!!!




This letter is addressed to the health care community in hopes that if enough letters like this reach them, they will take notice of the incredible results Dr. Tong’s patients are receiving from his treatment.

I have insurance through Kaiser, so I can see their doctors at little or no cost. However, I choose to drive over 100 miles to see Dr. Tong, because I know he will make me feel better. If I should break a leg or need stitches, then I’ll go to Kaiser. But for problems that most of us go to the doctor for, like a cold, headache, allergies, lack of energy, etc., I would rather see Dr. Tong.

I used to get sore throats, colds, flu, and respiratory infections on a regular basis. My doctor would give me antibiotics. This would occur every other month and it did so for years, until I started seeing Dr. Tong. Since his treatments, my resistance was greatly improved and the frequency with which I “catch something” has dramatically changed. Now if I get sick, which is seldom, I don’t usually need antibiotics. The severity has also lessened.

There have been other results that no other doctors could help. I had a problem with lactose intolerance. Just a small amount of milk would ruin my day. The other doctors told me to take a pill every time I consume dairy products. It helped, but I still felt bloated after eating. But now I can eat ice cream, milk shakes, or whatever I want after receiving Dr. Tong’s treatments.

Another problem was that I had no energy. I was put through dozens of tests by UCLA and Scripps Clinic. Both said there was nothing wrong and nothing they could do for me. Scripps Clinic told me I was suffering from depression, so they gave me some mood elevators. I got so spaced out that I got lost on the way to work the next day. A lot of time, tests, and expenses, but no answers. I hate to admit this, but there was a time with my back pain, my lack of energy and good health, as well as the depression, when I really debated about turning off my own lights, so to speak.

Doctors had told me that my problems were caused by depression. They had it backwards. Depression that comes from feeling bad for so long is devastating. Now I am hardly depressed! Quite the opposite! Now I feel good–so good that I try to do too much and the problems I have today are from overworking as I try to realize my dreams that I have all but given up on. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for Dr. Tong, there is no way I would be doing these things in life today.

Steve B



Part 1



By Rike G

He is haughty, self assured, and businesslike. Always in a hurry.

One gets the immediate impression that one sits on an assembly line, in danger of being cast aside or overlooked as the next patient jockeys into position. His nurse is at the ready to call him away at any time during the visit to answer a telephone or some other emergency.

When he manages to spend a few minutes with you after you have waited an hour past your appointment time, he looks mostly at your chart, asks questions you have answered many times before elsewhere but brushes off any attempt on your part to gain his attention. You want to tell him how much you hurt, that you can’t sleep. Your bed has not been touched for months because the only way you can grab a little rest is sitting upright or reclining in your overstuffed chair trying to keep your swollen legs elevated. You’ve been told long ago that you have edema due to poor circulation. You are depressed, alone with your pain and no one seems to care… but there is no time for any dialogue. The good doctor is simply not interested; he’s much too busy. So he does what he does best:

(1) Prescribes medication. You are already oversupplied with drugs. When your stomach gets systematically loaded every three of four hours with powerful painkillers, you eventually become zombie-like. If you’re lucky you sometimes vomit them out and the cycle starts all over again because the pain is so relentless and intense you have no other choice but to succumb to these drug-induced trance periods. (In the far recesses of your mind you recall hearing or reading that the big pharmaceutical companies supply doctors and hospitals with new and supposedly improved medication at little or no cost so they can be tried out on patients like me.)

(2) Scribbles a few comments into your chart. You would like to know what he writes but are told that charts are for the doctors, not the patients. So you never know what’s wrong with you: it’s confidential.

(3) Ah yes-the paperwork. Good Lord, I always think it’s the paperwork not a nuclear holocaust that will kill you. My chart has grown menacingly over the past six years. In 1976 I had lower back surgery (slipped disks) and developed arthritis, forcing me to retire ten years later. As my chart grew my health deteriorated accordingly. The doctor pats your back, nods good-bye and hurries out. His nurse sets up your next appointment and hands you your paper bag filled with your new supply of drugs.

You feel powerless, defeated. You either give up or give in. Actually, this physician has been fairly civil. In the past, one doctor also ignored and cut me short when I tried to explain my pains to him saying he was transferring my records back to my other doctor who had requested a second opinion. I left his office on my walker in tears. Yet another M.D. wrote in my chart, “Morbidly obese white female” after taking one look at me without examining me. My chart wound up in the basement of the medical center. My neighbor — bless her, she’d kept an eye on me for days, even called the doctor many times without success — retrieved it for $10.00 because I was crawling on the floor at home, too sick to do it myself. I gained 100 lbs. over the years due to my forced inactivity aggravated by serious thyroid problems. Naturally I also suffer from hypertension. All of these separate ailments are treated with medication so that I ended up with an array of pills every pharmacy would be proud of. My saga of the drug-dispensing medics would have continued but I finally got lucky.


Part 2



About two months ago I met a pleasant young man in a wheel chair as I waited to pick up my regular supply of drugs at the pharmacy. I had progressed to the stage where I no longer needed appointments because the pharmacist called the doctor’s office for renewal of prescriptions.

This young fellow, Dan, asked me, “Are you in pain?” and I said, “YESI” It must have shown on my face. Dan told me he had been to numerous doctors, had tried everything from hypnosis to relaxation to biofeedback had even contemplated suicide after coming out of a coma in 1980, paralyzed from the waist down suffering excruciating pain-a wheelchair victim at age 23. He was hit by a truck while driving to work. After many drug-consuming agonizing years he finally found a physician who relieved his pain to such a degree that he now is back at work, drives a car, has a most positive outlook on life, all thanks to this miracle doctor who USES MINIMAL OR NO DRUGS. Oh, he still uses his wheelchair, but this fazes or hinders him not a bit. (Last I heard, the girls at the college where he is chief editor of the campus paper are scrambling to win his attention.) I told Dan I was reluctant to try yet another medic. I know that my Medicare insurance pays only a fraction of the fees physicians normally receive and, being on a fixed disability income, my share is disproportionate too. He asked about my background and I said that I am a college-educated individual who raised her son alone, being widowed for many years. That my son is also college-educated, a wonderful father, and married to a lovely girl, a teacher. I just became a grandma for the first time last year, I miss my family because they live and work abroad. That I have lived on four continents, speak six languages and worked for 30 years in this country. I am a German immigrant a naturalized U.S. citizen, a registered absentee voter and paid my share of bills and taxes.

Dan sympathized with me but was firm in arranging my first appointment, even drove me to see Dr. Tong. He said I owed it to myself, in spite of my fear of uncaring, rude doctors who humiliated me in the past. I prayed that this Dr. Tong would not criticize, be arrogant or condescending. This time… I was not disappointed.

My new physician believes that effective treatments are the only things that matter to his patients. He needs to refer to no chart. At the Physicians Pain and Rehabilitation Center where he is Medical Director here in Long Beach, he and his assistants use a combination of Eastern and Western medicine for treating chronic pain. Anesthetic nerve blocks and acupuncture are the most employed treatments. For more difficult disorders, advanced techniques such as Epidural Morphine or Steroids and nerve destructive procedures such as Cryosurgery and Phenol Neurolysis are used. Herbal medicine is prescribed to treat the underlying physiological abnormalities, improve energy, and reduce stress. To achieve optimal health, regular lectures, and educational programs on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction are provided.

Case histories and testimonies line the walls of Dr. Tong’s Rehab Center such as asthma, allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, back problems, arthritis-all successfully treated with the unique combination of Eastern and Western medicine.

Dr. Tong believes that chronic drug therapy often does more harm than good with which I most heartily agree. After only four treatments, my pain pill intake has diminished to 10 percent and then only if I overdo my physical exercise due to my newfound freedom from pain. The treatments I receive now are also remarkably free of unpleasant side effects such as rashes, itching, and upset stomach The swelling in my legs is reduced ever so gradually with of acupuncture needles and infrared heat with each visit. The pain ebbs away accordingly.

I am happy and thankful for each new day. It is the rare physician who knows and treats every one of his patients’ aching body as well as the soul together. A doctor willing and able to go that extra mile to inspire confidence and cooperation. Fortunately for me, Dr. Tong is one of them.

Thank you, Dan. A most grateful thank you, Dr. Tong. Last but not least, a big thanks to your friendly, caring staff.



I am writing to you for your support for AMTA S. 1035 and H.R. 2019, which will allow a patient to obtain medical treatment from a doctor of their choice for treatment that has no side effects nor requires additional surgery from conventional Western medicine.

I have suffered with chronic illness since 1992, and I am now disabled. My condition is Chronic Myalgia Encephalomyelitis with cognitive dysfunction fibromyalgia hyperglycemia, hypothyroidism, and extreme esophageal reflux (which was caused from traditional medicine which burned and damaged the lining in my esophagus).

Since becoming ill I have gone to over 20 different doctors. I have tried everything from traditional medical doctors including generalists, neurologists, metabolic disorder specialists, cancer specialists; as well as, chiropractors, physical therapists, dietitians, biofeedback, yoga, psychologists, and vitamin/metabolic clearing therapy. I have also had a large number of expensive tests and participated in various studies that could only validate my condition, but could not provide treatment to help me recover.

Because I wasn’t able to get any relief from traditional medicine, I elected alternative treatment which synergizes Eastern and Western medicine, known as Neuro- BioEnergetics (NBE) with Dr. Yee Wing Tong which included acupuncture and trigger point injections. For the first time in three years, I have felt some relief from pain and feel more optimistic about my future. I still have a long ways to go, but I feel without being able to select this type of treatment, I would be suffering more than I am now.

I feel by your support of these two bills you will be giving me access to treatment that is more cost effective and has fewer or no side effects from traditional treatment regimes I have undergone in the past. I have supported and voted for you and would like you to vote for this AMTA in congress. You are my voice, so as part of your body, I want you to hear my message that alternative medicine works!


Deborah B.


I’ve had a serious weight problem the majority of my life.  I’ve consulted bariatric specialists.  But none were profitable until I started treatments with Dr. Tong.  I’ve lost more than fifty pounds and I feel like a new person.   I have more energy, self-esteem and confidence in myself than I have had in years.

Donald H.


I’ve seen so many doctors. I’ve done so many blood tests and I’ve been on so many drugs without results for approximately ten years. In one (1) week from my initial visit to Dr. Tong “three” (3) treatments improved and results was just wonderful. I’m amazed of the treatments and improvement in my hands.




I can’t believe the change Dr. Tong made on me. Now my friends cannot recognize me! I was FAT, lazy, and depressed about life in general. My husband suggested I see Dr. Tong. Am I glad I did! I have lost a lot of weight and regained a lot of energy and self esteem. I am now going back to school to further my new career. I owe my million thanks to Dr. Tong and the whole staff of wonderful people in his office.  Their support has helped me tremendously.  It has made every trip to the office a very pleasant experience.

Dorothy D



I have gone to many doctors over the past nine years trying to get some relief from the constant pain in my lower abdomen and back. This all started after a surgery in 1990. There appears to be a blockage in my intestines and eating causes great pain there.

After your treatment and physical therapy my stomach is softer and free of the “knots” there. The back is better also. The therapy has enabled me to begin eating more foods and not limit myself to a liquid diet.

I hope I can continue the therapy as I know this is only a beginning and it is going to take more time before my body stabilizes so eating and elimination become a normal process again.

Before coming to you, various doctors tried many different pills to try to get my system functioning properly again. Nothing worked. There was still always the pain even when the constipation was helped with a laxative. It is such relief to finally find a doctor who can help me, Dr. Tong. You give me hope for a return to good health. Thank you for caring.


LaVeta S.


I first came to Dr. Tong in October 1993. I was scheduled for a hysterectomy in November for a fourth stage uterine prolapse. I had a lot of pressure and discomfort from my bladder. I had to get up every hour at night to urinate, or I would lose control and wet my pants. I had to bend over the toilet with my hands on my knees to empty my bladder. After one treatment with Dr. Tong, I had significant relief from my bladder problems. After five treatments, my uterus was back inside, and I was able to control my bladder, sit on the toilet normally, and sleep for eight hours without going to the bathroom. My uterus has remained inside my body for the last five months. Dr. Tong has taught me that proper rest and stress reduction all keep my energy level up and keep my uterus in. It fell out again when I was ill, but I was able to bring it back inside with proper diet and rest. Now I know I will never need the hysterectomy that I was scheduled for before I came to Dr. Tong. Dr. Tong has also helped me with my diabetes. After one month of treatments, my blood sugar dropped fifty points and my cholesterol forty points.




You say the reason for this study if for the purpose of ensuring that claims have been processed correctly. From my observation of your billing copies for Dr. Tong’s services, I am shocked and appalled by the extremely small payments that Medicare allow for Dr. Tong’s services. I find your low payment schedule to Dr. Tong for treatment received is most intimidating to me because without Dr. Tong’s treatment, I cannot function and would be unable to write this letter.

I am 66 years-young alert male. The past (10) ten years, I have been treated by “fifty or more” physicians who have diagnosed my condition “trigger-finger”, “hyperlipidemia”, “fibrositis” “gout” and the list goes on and on. Until I found Dr. Tong, I felt that none of these other doctors ever really addressed my problem. Anti-inflammatory drugs and other drugs were prescribed for me which only added to my further discomfort, pain and depression due to the many side-effects, and Medicare/Insurance companies paid these physicians handsomely, while my progress grew worse.

My medical problem, a “circulatory” condition manifests itself with the most excruciating pain imaginable, starting with the knuckles of both hands, moving up through my wrists, forearms, shoulders, neck and down my back which at times leaves me immobile and unable to perform such normal functions as walking, putting on clothing, driving, etc. to loss of nightly sleep, not to mention the depression it causes me.

I was forced to take early retirement in 1988 because of this medical condition which cost me thousands of dollars, part of which was co-payment from a medical plan at my job while employed.

Having left my job of five years, I was admitted to Dr. Bingman’s internationally known, Desert Hot Springs, CA Arthritis Clinic for ten days to undergo extensive tests and treatment all ending up with drugs being prescribed that did not help me.

In sheer desperation, I reluctantly succumbed to another Los Angles physician’s suggestion to have some cortisone shots for the pain. I limped along with this specialist, but soon realized that this “band-aid” solution did not honestly address my condition.

In October 1991, I was referred by a friend to Dr. Yee Wing Tong, M.D. and made a trip to San Clemente for a consultation. I could barely walk into his office. After a brief conversation with him I instinctively felt that I had found “the doctor” who could help me and I had my “first treatment” that day, followed by two more that week.

For the first time in ten years, I felt like I was alive and that there might be some hope for me to live a fairly normal life again. Within a few weeks, I was feeling like a new person, resumed running three times a week, and doing things I thought I would never be able to do again.

Subsequently, I began receiving my Medicare statements and realized that Medicare was paying “little to nothing” to Dr. Tong for his effective treatments that gave my life back to me, and was forced to stop treatments, because I could not afford to pay the bill myself. Naturally, my condition began to worsen again, and when I phoned your office for help with what I felt was a Medicare Administrative error, the person who took my call was indifferent and refused to let me talk with someone in charge.

When I first went to Dr. Tong, he agreed to accept Medicare Assignment since I am on Social Security without any co-insurance. In spite of the small fee Medicare was paying to him, Dr. Tong urged me to come back for treatment, because he felt that continuity of treatment at this point was crucial to my progress because he was more concerned about my well-being than his fee. His caring dedication and sensitivity to his patients is rare in today’s medical community.

In view of the above, I would hope that Medicare would (1) be “more fair” when allocating Medicare payments to providers like Dr. Tong who practices effective preventative medicine and supports President-Elect Bill Clinton’s concern with rising health care costs; (2) monitor and curtail payment allocation to those medical providers who abuse the system by excessive/unnecessary drug prescriptions, lab tests, and other useless treatment modalities, etc. that contribute to an already out-of-control, skyrocketing economy and nation deficit.

I trust that this information will help you in your study. If you need further information please feel free to contact me.


Quentin J. B.

Happy Birthday Dr. Tong!   I hope your birthday will be as “special” as you are special to so many people.  My life and health are much richer for having met, known, and experienced you.  I have you like a son and pray and wish that you will always find the peace and contentment of life you so richly deserve.

Quentin B.

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