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Dr  Streebig,
My name is  Billie   F,  I am 54 years old.   In 1986  I began dragging my left leg and after a period of time  I went to a Neurologist, who ordered an  MRI.   The finding was I have Syringomyelia.  Because this is very rare not much research has been done and the only thing that had been tried would probably leave me paralyzed 90 % chance and that was not a consideration. I saw numerous specialists, and they all said same thing;   I would be in a wheelchair in 2 years. Usually   Syringomyelia affects the arms and hands, but mine is my left leg.

In 1987,  I started going to  Dr. Ha an acupuncturist who told me he could not cure me but would keep me walking as long as he could.  For 12 years  I have gone faithfully twice a week, once a week, and then once every other week, and had to pay for it out of my pocket because he is not an  M. D.  As far as  I am concerned he knows more than most doctors and specialists insurance companies pay for without a second thought.

Through the years  I have seen many specialists, because the insurance company says I had to see a specialist to confirm my needs.  To me this has been money wasted.  When   I needed a wheelchair I had to have a specialist say it was a medical necessity.   When  I needed a leg brace because the new doctor said it would help me walk,   I had to see a specialist.  This doctor recommended  I have physical therapy so  I went and the first treatment   (which was my last ) the therapist hurt my knee and it still hurts.

A friend of mine told me about  Dr. Tong, and wanted me to go see him because, he prevented her through his  NBE  treatments from having her leg amputated.  She had seen many doctors and they told her it was due to her diabetes and the leg had to be removed.  She had other problems also, but today she has no brace, no crutches, and she has no pain.  The most important thing, Dr. Tong has her diabetes under control.

Do you realize how frustrating it is not to be able to do simple things you have done all your life because you know the pain will be so much you cannot stand it?  I am able to walk very painfully around my house with a cane, but when we go out I have to go in a wheelchair.  I have had to give up so much because,  I need someone’s help to do basic simple things.  My mind says yes, but my body says  NO ! The specialists   I saw many years ago, and the ones  I have seen recently  ask me how I’m still walking and when I tell them acupuncture they just poo poo the idea because they were not taught this in medical school.

When it got to be too hard on me driving to Santa  Monica where Dr. Ha has his office, I changed to an acupuncturist who was also an  M D that the insurance company would pay for, and all he wanted to do was give me pills and that is not the answer.  I decided to go back to Dr. Ha. so my husband took half days off to drive me there, but his work said no more, so I had to stop going.

In 1993,  I applied for disability because  I just could not work any longer.   It was awarded to me the first time my
attorney sent in the information about me and  I didn’t have to go to court one time.   My attorney said that never happens, you usually have to go in for one evaluation.   The judge knew what  Syringomyelia was and knew there was no hope and just gave it to me.

My friend kept after me to make an appointment with  Dr. Tong, so  I called and went in.  He explained the NBE treatments and what all he does and I knew this is my last hope so I went ahead and had the treatment.  I won’t lie, it (the shots ) hurt,   I screamed, cussed, and cried, but after I got home  I knew it helped, because the pain  was less.  On  Thursday,  I had my second treatment , and the shots didn’t hurt as much,  I did not need my leg brace and the pain was gone.   We
went shopping over the week-end, and for the first time in years  I WALKED ! !!

I know the acupuncture works,   I’m still walking, but with straight acupuncture the pain was never really gone all the way and I know if  I can continue to see  Dr. Tong this will be the answer to my prayers.

I hope you will allow Dr Tong to continue treating me by insurance coverage for however long he says I need to see
him.  If 3 treatments has allowed me to take off the brace, get out of the wheelchair and walk up steps how can you say I can’t have any more treatments.  Please do not do that to me.  Give me a chance to be normal again.

My wish is for Western medicine to acknowledge that  Eastern medicine has worked for thousands of years in their country, why not give it a try.

Thank you so much for reading my letter, and I hope you believe me that this is my last chance of leading a normal life and  I plead with you to give me a chance.


Billie  Jean  F.

    Billie was referred to us by one of our patients, Daisy, a 70 year old lady who had suffered from a dropped foot syndrome and diabetes. Daisy was completely unable to flex her right foot.  She dragged her foot walking despite her use of a leg brace and a cane. Her blood sugar was  180-200 or more on two different diabetic pills. The conclusion from exhaustive conventional treatment by 9 different specialists was that her right leg needed to be amputated, as did the left, eventually.

    NBE treatments completely cured Daisy’s condition. She has been walking normally without any assistance for the past year and a half. Her blood sugar also has been normal (between 100 to 120) without the use of any drugs or any further NBE treatments. It occasionally goes up to 140 or 150 when she fails to watch her diet.  Daisy needs to return for more NBE treatments and herbal/nutritional supplements.

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