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I first went to my primary physician Adrienne Drake, MD in September 1998 for an examination. At this time, I was experiencing severe pain in my back with a noticeable, deep indentation and acute discoloration on my right side, and pain in my elbow and foot. I was unable to wear shoes without having severe pain with each step. Furthermore, I was experiencing high blood pressure.

Dr. Drake suggested I see a dermatologist for my back. I then saw Rolling Green, MD who made a diagnosis and prescribed cream medication. He did not feel a biopsy at this point was needed. I used the prescribed cream for two months with no improvement of my condition. The pain was so bad that I could not wear clothes with elastic waist-bands. More importantly, I was unable to perform my duties on the job without experiencing sharp severe back pain.

Dr. Drake also referred me to Alan Schenk, MD for diagnosis of my elbow and foot complications (I had a foot x-ray taken suspecting gout). Dr. Schenk recommended I wear a foot support and if that didn’t help, to have special shoes made. I purchased better shoes and also obtained the recommended extra support. Each was of some help but did not nearly eliminate my pain problem. As for my elbow, the doctor recommended I wear a brace (I was seeking a cure, not temporary relief).

In April, I was referred to Dr. Tong by a friend; along with blind faith and no other satisfaction in sight, I made the decision to go in for a consultation. My first visit April 22, 1999. I then entered into Dr. Tong’s De-Tox program. I have continued to visit twice a week up through June 8, 1999. With each visit I have realized noticeable improvement most especially in the area of my back. The pain is all but non-existent and the color has gone from the darkest brown to my natural skin color also- there is barely any indentation. I am now able to wear clothes of my choice including those with elastic bands. I also have gotten much relief from pain in the areas of my foot and elbow and I am now able to wears shoes without pain. I feel a great sense of alleviation knowing that I can receive aid and relief from Dr. Tong for my pain.

One added major accomplishment I have achieved with the De-Tox program is my blood pressure is back to normal! Before the program, I was taking 25mg of Tenormin a day with a an average level reading of 136/79. When I attempted to discontinue taking Tenormin, I felt on edge with a woozy feeling and clouded thinking. Two weeks into the De-Tox program I stopped taking with a Tenormin again and none of those previous side effects occurred and I have maintained an average reading of 120/79. These results were unobtainable using conventional medical methodology for treating hypertension. Upon finishing the program, I will be able to maintain normal blood pressure by taking vitamin supplements recommended by Dr. Tong.

I am in need of further treatments by Dr. Tong in order to eliminate all of my pain. I believe very strongly in the safe and proven methods of Dr. Tong’s treatment. I have had positive results in a short period of time without using any toxic material. I sought to receive pain relief from two other area specialists within your HMO network and was not at all gratified with the treatment prescribed or the results.

With this letter, I am requesting reimbursement for the treatment I have received from Dr. Tong. Would you please strongly consider the fact that the treatments I have received have effectively eliminated the symptoms for which I have initially sought consultation and are leading to a cure. Dr. Tong is a western physician trained at the U.S.C. School of Medicine. He has published his unique De-Tox method in medical conferences. Further information on his treatment can be found at his website Visiting Dr. Tong will lead to no further insurance funds being wasted on tests, examinations, or prescriptions that are ineffective in utilizing the traditional HMO network. The bottom line here is to save money for your organization and for me. It is obvious (to me) what the correct decision should be. However, your approval is the hurdle we must overcome. Please call me if you require more information to make a well informed decision.

Thanks you for your serious consideration and concern regarding this important matter.


Patricia M.


I am 68 years old. Six years ago, I had a stroke leaving me paralyzed on the left side. I thought I was in good physical condition at that time. I rode my bicycle 13 miles the day before my stroke. For the last six years, I have tried every known therapy, including biofeedback, herbs, and vitamins to regain that use of my arm and leg. I was still in bad shape with severe balance problems and couldn’t walk without a cane, until I met Dr. Tong through my medical doctor, and I have found a lot of improvements.

My left foot is constantly twisted inward from spasms despite wearing a brace. I trip and fall easily and at one time, broke my hip. After a total of 4 treatments, my foot is much relaxed. I am now able to walk without the brace and I am still gaining strength.

My hand was in a fist constantly. After the first treatment the swelling has gone down, and after three treatments, my hand is now open and relaxed. I am not able to move my fingers yet, but with my progress, I am very hopeful.

Moreover, in the first treatment, he eliminated my pain in the neck and thumb also using the magnetic products which after wearing in three days, has allowed me to sleep all night.

It has improved my quality of life. Thank you Dr. Tong and Staff!

Robert S


I have been suffering for 34 years with pain and instability in my spine. It stems from an automobile accident in which I was thrown through the windshield and another individual expired. I currently suffer from herniated and bulging disks from the cervical to sacral spine, confirmed by CAT and MRI procedures.

There have been times when I had to lie flat on the floor day and night for months while enduring pain that is indescribable. I only wish that I had known about Dr. Tong and his miraculous treatments. I was going to V.A. Hospital emergency facility and seeing a chiropractor twice daily and not getting relief. Then, I saw Dr. Tong on TV, and decided to give him a try. In just one treatment, I experienced crucial improvement, and in three treatments, I was back to normal life style. Dr. Tong has also improved my Crohn’s disease, high enzyme liver problems, Meniere’s Disease, Chronic Bronchitis, and overall health. The ability and luxury to have on physician treat me for all these medical deficiencies and to experience truly significant improvements in all areas is without precedent in my experiences with the medical profession.

But, the most dramatic event occurred when I woke up one morning and experienced a badly swollen tongue, so inflamed and crooked that my speech was slurred and I could not eat without biting it. I was experiencing violent and unrelenting headaches, and I could not get relief from narcotic compounds, or ice packs. I thought that I had a stroke so I went to the V.A. Emergency ward and they injected me with super aspirin compounds. I was examined by at least 15 doctors on Neurology Grand Rounds, and concurred that I had indeed suffered a stroke. I was hospitalized for 23 days and told that there was not much they could do for me!

Still having severe headaches to the point of tears, unable to eat properly, I decided to go back to Dr. Tong. In just one treatment, my headache subsided, the swelling in my tongue was reduced, and the tongue has straightened out. The next day, while talking to a friend on the phone, he stated that I was sounding like my old self. Now, my headaches are gone and my speech is back to normal. I had endured these horrible symptoms for one year prior to Dr. Tong’s success with my condition.

In closing, I would like to state that I had tried every avenue of medical treatment that was available, and I was desperately depressed, being treated by a psychiatrist for thoughts of suicide when I contacted Dr. Tong. It was with his miraculous treatment procedures and his elevating personality which emanates positive thinking and hope, these are the reasons I am still here today.

Tom L

Stroke, Diabetes, Hypertension 

** Stroke, diabetes, hypertension Robert is a 70 year old man with a history of more than 15 years of hypertension and diabetes, both of which were poorly controlled using various medications. He suffered a strokein 1980. In spite of conventional remedies, including aggressive physical therapy, he had difficulty ambulating with a leg brace, ankle support, and a cane. Moreover, over-dependent of the cane caused flare up of arthritis of the hand unaffected by the stroke.

The first NBE treatment alleviated most of his multiple bodily pains. Continued therapy eliminated the need of the leg and ankle brace. Medication for diabetes, hypertension and pain were all discontinued. His blood pressure and serum glucose have been normal for the past year. He is able to walk 1/2 of a mile and perform some house chores such as washing car and yard work, activities which he was unable to do prior to NBE therapy.



Part 1



By Rike G

He is haughty, self assured, and businesslike. Always in a hurry.

One gets the immediate impression that one sits on an assembly line, in danger of being cast aside or overlooked as the next patient jockeys into position. His nurse is at the ready to call him away at any time during the visit to answer a telephone or some other emergency.

When he manages to spend a few minutes with you after you have waited an hour past your appointment time, he looks mostly at your chart, asks questions you have answered many times before elsewhere but brushes off any attempt on your part to gain his attention. You want to tell him how much you hurt, that you can’t sleep. Your bed has not been touched for months because the only way you can grab a little rest is sitting upright or reclining in your overstuffed chair trying to keep your swollen legs elevated. You’ve been told long ago that you have edema due to poor circulation. You are depressed, alone with your pain and no one seems to care… but there is no time for any dialogue. The good doctor is simply not interested; he’s much too busy. So he does what he does best:

(1) Prescribes medication. You are already oversupplied with drugs. When your stomach gets systematically loaded every three of four hours with powerful painkillers, you eventually become zombie-like. If you’re lucky you sometimes vomit them out and the cycle starts all over again because the pain is so relentless and intense you have no other choice but to succumb to these drug-induced trance periods. (In the far recesses of your mind you recall hearing or reading that the big pharmaceutical companies supply doctors and hospitals with new and supposedly improved medication at little or no cost so they can be tried out on patients like me.)

(2) Scribbles a few comments into your chart. You would like to know what he writes but are told that charts are for the doctors, not the patients. So you never know what’s wrong with you: it’s confidential.

(3) Ah yes-the paperwork. Good Lord, I always think it’s the paperwork not a nuclear holocaust that will kill you. My chart has grown menacingly over the past six years. In 1976 I had lower back surgery (slipped disks) and developed arthritis, forcing me to retire ten years later. As my chart grew my health deteriorated accordingly. The doctor pats your back, nods good-bye and hurries out. His nurse sets up your next appointment and hands you your paper bag filled with your new supply of drugs.

You feel powerless, defeated. You either give up or give in. Actually, this physician has been fairly civil. In the past, one doctor also ignored and cut me short when I tried to explain my pains to him saying he was transferring my records back to my other doctor who had requested a second opinion. I left his office on my walker in tears. Yet another M.D. wrote in my chart, “Morbidly obese white female” after taking one look at me without examining me. My chart wound up in the basement of the medical center. My neighbor — bless her, she’d kept an eye on me for days, even called the doctor many times without success — retrieved it for $10.00 because I was crawling on the floor at home, too sick to do it myself. I gained 100 lbs. over the years due to my forced inactivity aggravated by serious thyroid problems. Naturally I also suffer from hypertension. All of these separate ailments are treated with medication so that I ended up with an array of pills every pharmacy would be proud of. My saga of the drug-dispensing medics would have continued but I finally got lucky.


Part 2



About two months ago I met a pleasant young man in a wheel chair as I waited to pick up my regular supply of drugs at the pharmacy. I had progressed to the stage where I no longer needed appointments because the pharmacist called the doctor’s office for renewal of prescriptions.

This young fellow, Dan, asked me, “Are you in pain?” and I said, “YESI” It must have shown on my face. Dan told me he had been to numerous doctors, had tried everything from hypnosis to relaxation to biofeedback had even contemplated suicide after coming out of a coma in 1980, paralyzed from the waist down suffering excruciating pain-a wheelchair victim at age 23. He was hit by a truck while driving to work. After many drug-consuming agonizing years he finally found a physician who relieved his pain to such a degree that he now is back at work, drives a car, has a most positive outlook on life, all thanks to this miracle doctor who USES MINIMAL OR NO DRUGS. Oh, he still uses his wheelchair, but this fazes or hinders him not a bit. (Last I heard, the girls at the college where he is chief editor of the campus paper are scrambling to win his attention.) I told Dan I was reluctant to try yet another medic. I know that my Medicare insurance pays only a fraction of the fees physicians normally receive and, being on a fixed disability income, my share is disproportionate too. He asked about my background and I said that I am a college-educated individual who raised her son alone, being widowed for many years. That my son is also college-educated, a wonderful father, and married to a lovely girl, a teacher. I just became a grandma for the first time last year, I miss my family because they live and work abroad. That I have lived on four continents, speak six languages and worked for 30 years in this country. I am a German immigrant a naturalized U.S. citizen, a registered absentee voter and paid my share of bills and taxes.

Dan sympathized with me but was firm in arranging my first appointment, even drove me to see Dr. Tong. He said I owed it to myself, in spite of my fear of uncaring, rude doctors who humiliated me in the past. I prayed that this Dr. Tong would not criticize, be arrogant or condescending. This time… I was not disappointed.

My new physician believes that effective treatments are the only things that matter to his patients. He needs to refer to no chart. At the Physicians Pain and Rehabilitation Center where he is Medical Director here in Long Beach, he and his assistants use a combination of Eastern and Western medicine for treating chronic pain. Anesthetic nerve blocks and acupuncture are the most employed treatments. For more difficult disorders, advanced techniques such as Epidural Morphine or Steroids and nerve destructive procedures such as Cryosurgery and Phenol Neurolysis are used. Herbal medicine is prescribed to treat the underlying physiological abnormalities, improve energy, and reduce stress. To achieve optimal health, regular lectures, and educational programs on nutrition, exercise and stress reduction are provided.

Case histories and testimonies line the walls of Dr. Tong’s Rehab Center such as asthma, allergies, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, back problems, arthritis-all successfully treated with the unique combination of Eastern and Western medicine.
Dr. Tong believes that chronic drug therapy often does more harm than good with which I most heartily agree. After only four treatments, my pain pill intake has diminished to 10 percent and then only if I overdo my physical exercise due to my newfound freedom from pain. The treatments I receive now are also remarkably free of unpleasant side effects such as rashes, itching, and upset stomach The swelling in my legs is reduced ever so gradually with of acupuncture needles and infrared heat with each visit. The pain ebbs away accordingly.

I am happy and thankful for each new day. It is the rare physician who knows and treats every one of his patients’ aching body as well as the soul together. A doctor willing and able to go that extra mile to inspire confidence and cooperation. Fortunately for me, Dr. Tong is one of them.

Thank you, Dan. A most grateful thank you, Dr. Tong. Last but not least, a big thanks to your friendly, caring staff.


I have been carrying this problem around for nine years, and it feels good to finally attain some lasting relief. Also, my wife just passed away on September 1st which is a very stressful experience in itself. Yet I am still making good progress I feel. My blood pressure and pulse rate also going down.



First I would like to stress the point that I have suffered spinal pain starting in my Cervical through the Thoracic and extending to the Lumbar Sacral areas for approximately 35 years, after having been involved in an auto accident that rendered me in a Coma for a period of three and a half weeks.

I have been examined by four Orthopedic Medical Specialist over the many years of pain that I have suffered with related to my unstable spinal condition. Dr. Curtis Spencer of the Sports Medicine Group that is related to Memorial Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. Dr. Andrew S. Frankel, M.D. Brandywine Orthopedic Associates, 486 Thomas Way, Suite 110, Exton, Pennsylvania. Dr. Samuel Kim of the Pacific Orthopedic Medical Group, Long Beach, Ca.; and finally the pain management and Orthopedic Department of the Veterans Hospital, Long Beach, Ca.

All of the evaluating Doctors concurred with my symptoms of Chronic Pain that I have endured for such an extended period time. In almost every evaluation of my damaged spinal condition, the consensus was that surgery would only increase my existing pain and compromise further the structural integrity of my already weakened spine. To quote the many examining Doctors, “Mr. LeFevre your spinal problems do not respond well to surgery.”

I have exhausted all the avenues open to me with my spinal problems, Chiropractic, Epidural Injections, physical therapy and trigger point injections administered to me other then by Dr. Tong. The trigger point injections and Epidural injections were performed in the Brandywine Hospital located in Coatesville, Pa. as well as the V.A. Hospital in Long Beach, Ca. with very little relief, as well as Memorial Hospital, L.B. Hospital.

When I saw Dr. Tong on television and listened to the many Testimonials of his patients I decided to give him a chance. Dr. Tong not only has gotten me out of bed so I can walk a fair distance without my cane, but; he has reduced my Chronic Bronchitis to the point that I no longer need to rely on antibiotics. Dr. Tong’s treatments have helped my severe Crohns Disease of both my small and large intestines remarkably. Dr. Tongs treatments have improved my Meniere’s Disease to the point that it can be controlled by his expert approach to this disabling cycle. His treatments have brought my liver enzyme levels back to normal. But, most of all; he has all but corrected the debilitating stroke that I suffered approximately two years ago.

I am being treated for psychiatric problems at the V.A. Hospital, L.B. Ca. by Dr. Marvin Galinsky. He has stated that he has noticed improvement with my mental state since being treated by Dr. Tong. I realize that I could never again hold gainful employment with all my medical problems, but; Dr. Tong has given me back a quality of life worth living for.


Thomas F. L.


For approximately 26 years I have been taking medication for high blood pressure in ever increasing doses. The M.D. I was seeing at the time wanted to give me another medication in conjunction with the prinival I was already taking. Now, under Dr. Tong’s care, I have been able to reduce the medication to 1/4 the original dosage and my blood pressure has stayed within normal limits. In the future, I expect to be able to drop the medication totally. I also had a serious problem with insomnia and would be awake for 3-4 hours a night therefore making it very difficult to accomplish any activity.

Natalie J. B.


It has been brought to my attention that you have decided not to pay for some of my medical bills that were incurred from Dr. Tong. I would like to take this time to inform you that I only went to Dr. Tong after conventional medications did not help my medical problems.

When I first went to Dr. Tong suffering from pain in my arms and legs, his treatment not only helped me with my joint pain in these areas, but also improved my range of motion, relieved my headaches and lowered my blood pressure. As you can see this treatment was very beneficial.

In addition, not only were my ailments cured, I feel that Dr. Tong has saved my insurance carrier countless amounts of money due to previous non-healing techniques that resulted in thousands of dollars in medical costs. Furthermore, medications previously taken are no longer necessary. These medications include: Calan, for high blood pressure, and Kalonopin, for anxiety and stress and countless over-the-counter antihistamines for sinus conditions.


Randy S.


I am writing this letter to say what I (we) have done to try and stop the pain that my husband Andrew suffers. He has been treated for several years with pain medications and chiropractic treatment. This year in April, he was at UCI Orange, Ca. hospital put to sleep and had shots in his forehead, temple and chin to partially kill or deaden the nerves, but always pain has returned. No pain medication can help as he can not take strong pain drugs, because of brain trauma from strokes.

We are now going to Dr. Fong for pain management and are seeing results after 6 treatments in his face, left hand and shoulder and also legs.

It is helping his nervous system to where he seems to be resting better. No other help has lasted. This treatment is giving him much relief. UCI has stated, an implant of an electrode in his brain to stop the pain, but this could be dangerous and maybe Andrew would be an invalid. This risk I won’t take. This condition has been treated for some time and this is the only relief.

Eleanor K. (wife of Andrew K.)


Dear Dr. Tong & Staff:

Just a note to express my appreciation to all of you for the time, patience and skill accorded me in helping eliminate the pain in my shoulder, upper back and neck. When one considers the shoulder trouble began some 20 years ago due to an accident and a back and neck pain resulted from a severe stroke five years ago, I compliment you for what you have accomplished.


C. Douglas C.

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